The Aetheric cartographers Guild

Release date tomorrow! Here’s a little taste of things to come, Spelljammer fans!

ImageCreating a fanzine about Spelljammer, that’s a good idea, but if you’re here, that because you know a little bit about wildspace, phlogistic theory of our old friend Plato and how-many-neogi-are-useful-to-take-your-party-down. So, like a big bang said long time ago ; «How to start ? »


For me, old barked oak, Spelljammer is more a journey in a long long story of the universe than a bunch of fancy adventures. It’s a discover of ancient civilizations, where players are in search of treasures, but even more, in search of knowledge. My Planescape team is built in the same way, but it’s in my Spelljammer campaign that I breathe my ideas about knowledge seeker parties. And you surely know that in the Complete Spacefarer’s handbook, there is an organisation named The Seekers, who gather knowledge around the Know Crystal Spheres. That’s the idea. But I guess you know the old Highlander…

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The Spelljammer Fanzine!

Deryn Naythas, one of our contributors/editors, giving us a mention at his own blog.

ImageEh bien voilà, j’ai été invité par des auteurs que j’apprécie à contribuer à la vie de ce nouveau fanzine traitant de Spelljammer! Je ne sais pas encore quelle forme prendra ce nouvel espace consacré à l’excellent setting de feu TSR, mais vu les noms qui se sont joint à l’aventure, gageons qu’il y aura de bien bonnes choses à découvrir! Je crois que tous les poids lourds du monde amateur de Spelljammer sont là, Sable Aradia, mais également Paul Westermeyer ou David Shepheard… Que du beau linge donc, et j’espère pouvoir partager des articles intéressant au milieu de ce qui deviendra rapidement une référence!

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Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine Promo (Take 2)

Here’s a more polished version:

Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine Promo – promotional video for the brand-new, community created and supported Spelljammer Fanzine at Sign up today! Our launch is in March! Art by John “Paladine” Baxter, Silverblade the Enchanter, and Jeff Easley; buy a print at


Welcome to the New Spelljammer Fanzine!

Welcome to the New Spelljammer Fanzine!

Our new Fanzine will be a multi-contributor blog that will feature articles of interest to Spelljammer fans everywhere! Each month will have a new theme and will feature all sorts of items from the Spelljammer fan community. Now accepting submissions. March’s theme is the legendary campaign setting the Rock of Bral. See our Submission Guidelines on the About page.

Art: “Spelljammer” by Silverblade the Enchanter. Copyright (c) 2014; used by permission.