What is the Rock of Bral?

Picture Port Royal in space.  Or Mos Eisley in a world of magic.  The Rock of Bral is a notorious port of ne’er-do-wells, where the law is made by the people with the fastest swords, crossbows and wheellocks.  It is a crossroads of the Universe where you can find anything and everything (except maybe neogi), up to and including a friendly, bartending beholder.

Nominally, the Rock has a Prince named Andru, the descendent of the original pirate who declared himself king a couple of generations ago.  He came to the throne, as you might expect, under questionable circumstances following his brother’s “untimely accident.”  But the real power on Bral is among the Underbarons, leaders of criminal syndicates who control various activities of major sections and industries on the Rock.  Some power is also held by the Bralian nobles, and the Council of Captains, who are ship Captains who control a fleet of at least five ships and own at least one major piece of property on Bral (and therefore pay taxes.)

The city is divided into the Low City, the Middle City and the High City.  The Low City is the providence of the poor and the outsider.  Closest to the docks, it is divided into racially and culturally-segregated barrios.  The Middle City is a local economic center and the site of most of the administrative buildings.  The High City is the almost exclusive territory of the nobles, the royal family, and the most powerful Captains.

The Rock of Bral is built on an asteroid that is able to travel under its own power, so it literally could be anywhere in the Universe that you choose to set it in your campaign.

For more information on the Rock of Bral, keep reading this month’s posts; or get yourself a copy of the SJR5 Rock of Bral Accessory and the War Captain’s Companion Boxed Set.


Out with it then!

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