1 Month and 100 Subscribers!

I just want to extend a quick note on behalf of all of us here at Wildspace thanking you for such overwhelming support from the fan community!  We’re delighted to have you aboard and we hope that all of you will continue your voyages with us.  We welcome your submissions and your comments; please see our Submission Guidelines page.  Next month: It Came from Deep Space: the Weirdness of Spelljammer is our theme.  Spelljammer is fun and a little crazy, and sometimes a little campy, and we want all of that weirdness, from talking merchant penguins who were doing the Ferengi gig before Deep Space Nine, to talking mercenary hippos, to bugs who perform extreme surgery for pay, to squid-faced telepathic aliens who eat your brain!  Basically, if you can imagine it in a bad 1950s sci-fi movie, and it fits in Arcane Space, we want it!  Thanks again for your support!


Out with it then!

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