The Loxoth of Wildspace, Part I

Introduced in the second Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium Appendix (MC11), the loxo is an eight foot tall humanoid elephant with two trunks. They were introduced as spelljamming immigrants to the southern plains of Faerûn, but never received mention in any of the Spelljammer materials. This series of articles endeavors to change that, starting with a small enclave of loxoth (plural of loxo) on Bral.

The small enclave of loxoth that makes Bral their home are a reclusive group. They have only been on the Rock for a short period of time, arriving quietly early in Prince Andru’s tenth year on the throne. Their arrival raised little interest amongst the populace, as unusual creatures are always coming and going on Bral; most citizens assumed they were some relative of the giff, despite their apparent aversion to smokepowder weaponry. Shortly after first arriving their leader, lox-ukur1 Meduk Githir, presented himself to Prince Andru as ambassador for his people, but since that day, he has never made any sort of request of the Bral administration. One of the only things known for sure about them is that they operate as a central point for a search for “lost tribes,”2 loxo who left their sphere generations ago. While nothing is known about their home sphere, they apparently are familiar with the hurwaeti, and for their part, hurwaeti familiar with their own race’s history tell of a world whose inhabitants match a general description of the loxoth. No record of the location of the sphere remains, however. The ship the loxoth arrived in resembled a wasp, although slightly larger (similar plan, but 25 Hull Points and about 20% larger overall), although whether this is indicative of their favored ship designs is unknown.

The loxoth reside in a large building next to the Green Galley restaurant3, and according to the landlord, have paid a full five years in advance. They frequently have loxo visitors who arrive as passengers on various ships; as yet no full loxo vessels have docked at Bral besides the one that brought the enclave. The loxoth apparently receive funding from their homeworld, but they supplement this by having a small shop on the ground floor of building that sells a variety of fine, intricate jewelry and carvings, small knives and throwing blades, and an assortment of large bludgeoning weapons. In particular, the throwing blades are popular with the humans of Shou Town, and the bludgeoning weapons are prized by lizard men and giff. One member of the enclave also does a small trade in exotic magic paraphernalia, but her clientele is small and by reference only.

The loxoth enclave on Bral totals 15 in number, consisting of two families and a number of young, unattached adults. Their leader is lox-ukur Meduk Githir (LN male loxo F4), a middle-aged loxo warrior who favors books and words over fighting these days. His first wife is tunnuk4 Jaanth Githir (NG female loxo W15), and mother to two of his children. Jaanth was once considered quite a beauty by loxo standards, but an unfortunate encounter with a dracolisk left her with significant scarring, although it has not impacted her wizardly power or relations with her husband. Meduk’s second wife is Rilla Githir (LG female loxo W7). Rilla is Jaanth’s younger sister by some 30 years and has one child with Meduk. The second family of loxoth in the enclave is that of fithik5 Tirkith Rannor (N male loxo F5) and his wife Ithi (N female loxo), cousin of Jaanth and Rilla. They have no children as of yet, but are relatively young. Tirkith serves primarily as defender of the loxo enclave, although he rarely has to employ his fighting skill in that regard. Outside of that, he is a smith, and forges the large bludgeoning weapons sold by the loxo. Ithi functions much as a secretary and records-keeper for the enclave. In addition to the two families, there are two young, unmarried female loxo in the enclave, both cousins of the other females, who do much of the jewelry work that they sell, and there are five young male loxo, who do additional smithing and metal work for the enclave, as well as serving as warriors under Tirkith. These males sometimes rotate out with the occasional new loxo arrival, leaving Bral to return to their homeworld with messages or to follow up on leads to the lost tribes.

1Lox-ukur is a title reserved for those leading diplomatic envoys; roughly meaning ambassador.
2One such group colonized the Shaar region on Toril, circa the mid-1100s DR.
3The Green Galley (building number 103) on Bral is a restaurant that caters exclusively to herbivores. It serves a wide variety of exotic plants as well as much that is mundane, including dishes that would be inedible to most omnivores, including bark and grass stalks.
4Tunnuk is the title for the matriarch of a family group, who is always a powerful wizard. While males are generally the political leaders in loxo society, it is the female familial ties that determine inheritance and kinship.
5Fithik most closely means lieutenant; it is used typically for any warrior in charge of other unranked warriors.


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