A brief study of Syndarh cultures through Known Spheres

by Erlend Yosel , Meisten of the Aetheric Cartographers Guild

As far as we can go back in the history of the ancient Ages, the presence of elven tribes has always been proven . Of course, at a time when the Ancient peoples prevailed, this presence was limited to a few marauding tribes very similar to the Syndarheem tribes of the Dreyk Sphere, however intriguing even the Reigar and other conquerors, by their relationship with the forces of Nature, later known as Kuraa-Vacuu.

At the height of the Sixty Spheres Empire, the name Syndarh is mentionned by the remaining At’Uru warriors and some of the oldest enemies of the Conquerors. He describe peoples unified in the Sehonid system, in the Ancients Spheres. Gathered under the numerous banners of legendary lords sorcerers, they worship Powers embodying a wide range of concepts and ideals. Other elven races exist throughout the Spheres then, but Syndarh are the first to expand widely through the Known Spheres.

We point three notable elements allowing to understand how the animistic tribes, riding Kindori beasts and mostly ignorant of the old ways have spread throughout the Known Spheres and lead the Great Uprising.

The Nariac influence

Although the Void Gardeners existed long ago before Syndarh, their Kuraa-Vacuu principles were sent to the primitive elves who lived in worlds bursting with life. According to ancient frescoes engraved on petrified bark, it appears that people surely related to the Eladrins served as an intermediary in this knowledge transfer. Anyway, since tribal times, Syndarh have always followed the principles of life similar to those of Ancient peoples who worshiped Life, and sought to spread through the Void.

In large forests of the Corellon’s throne planet, in the Sehonid system, exists traces of a primitive worship linked to the Void Gardeners, at a time when only a few tribes were able to venture into the Wild space, on Kindori back. It is possible that the desire of these ancestors to rejoin the fabulous beings who were living beyond the sky was the impetus that made ​​possible the spread of the Syndarh culture through Known Spheres .

The Seldarine

Of all time, Syndarh people were protected and guided by powerful spiritual forces. To the most primitive tribes identified to date, even in the Crimson Sphere, entities related to the corrupted elements and nature watch over the Elves. Today, this protection gives Syndarhaan the certainty of being a chosen people, which leads to a certain kind of arrogance. But mostly , protected by Seldarine people follow the precepts embodied by the Powers of Arvandor, precepts of justice , kindness and preservation of Life.

Note that the oldest elven tribes of the Known Spheres are aware of the major deities of Arborea , but are choosing to link their destiny to more ancient forces. Again , the Kuraa-Vacuu philosophy affix its stamp on these tribes, which are still guardians of vegetal worlds or shrines dedicated to Life. The striking example is that of Syndarhonayaat that after migrating from Sehonid Sphere to the Upper Canopy, somehow abandoned his spiritual guides Seldarine to embrace a wider worship forces of Nature.This example is found frequently throughout the Known Spheres, and the Powers of the Seldarine are then often referred to as Synadashiele, the Rainbowed Guides, a term who point the transitional status between Nature belief.


Syndarh witchcraft

The very nature of Syndarh makes them creatures imbued with ancient magic, inspiring fear and respect the people of the Pretendants Age. Associated for millennia with fairy spirits, guided by Seldarine and older forces, Syndarh knew through the History of Known Spheres learning from their mistakes, sharing their mystical knowledge and assimilating the arcana of long-gone allies. The term Syndarh witchcraft include actually a multitude of writings and very different practices, often conflicting philosophies in the underlying .

This great variety of rites appear clearly in the Armada, depending on what ethnic group predominates onboard Syndarh vegetal ships; The Syndarhaan of Sehonid more generally promote complex enchantments involving strategies developed while Syndarhiriin born in the spheres of Five Dragons will use an elemental magic barely channeled. It must also turn to people like the Syndarhuun, rejected and corrupted by the Abyss, ruling over the ancient Illithid worlds of the Nocturne Sphere. Their magic is identical to that of their Syndarhaan ancestors but draws from the dark forces who mocked the ancient ways of the Syndarh.


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