Lionheart: Part 3 – The People

IEN Flag by John "Paladine" Baxter.  Used by permission.

IEN Flag by John “Paladine” Baxter. Used by permission.

By Adam “Night Druid” Miller

The NPCs of Lionheart

Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque “Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”
LG grey elf female R12 Grand Admiral of the Elvish Imperial Fleet

Grand Admiral Lylanna is a middle-aged elf and a career officer. She is a grey elf from the world of Ladethvanna “Forest of Eternal Night,” a small elvish colony in a distant sphere. Lylanna is quite small, even for an elf. She only stands 4’ 11” tall, and weighs a meek 87 lbs. Her silver curls are cut pageboy style, still thick, lustrous, and match her steel gray eyes. Lylanna’s face is small and triangular, defined by tiny worry lines about her eyes. Her appearance is deceptive; despite her size, she is extremely imposing and confident. She is very proud and carries herself with an air of dignity and power.

Lylanna’s father was a Fleet captain, and her older brother was a battle mage aboard the armada “Arrow of Justice.” Even so, Lylanna was reluctant to join. Instead, she joined an adventuring band of elves that roved the world of her birth. For two decades Lylanna and her fellow adventurers explored many forgotten ruins and temples. Eventually, they took to the stars in a stolen neogi spelljammer and continued their adventures for another decade. It was to be their undoing when, while following a rumor to a great treasure, they discovered something. Whatever they encountered, it must have been incredible, for only Lylanna returned. After that adventure, she became very serious and took her new name, Nuliaque. She joined the Fleet and rapidly rose through the ranks, gaining her admiral commission in a mere four decades. Grand Admiral Yelzul, impressed with the young woman’s determination, skill, and leadership, appointed her as his successor when he retired a century ago. Despite cries of outrage from some older admirals, Nuliaque had enough support with the Elvish Council and the younger admirals that her promotion was assured. Since that time she has ruled with a fair and even hand, and even her most vocal opponents must concede that she is an excellent leader.

Since taking the position of Grand Admiral, Lylanna has worked to halt the encroachment of other races into traditional elvish territories through trade embargoes, making powerful alliances, and the occasional use of force. Because of her efforts, at least two powerful dwarvish kingdoms have formally allied themselves with the Elvish Nation as have a human nation. Though it cost the Fleet greatly in trade concessions, these allies have proven themselves extremely valuable when the Second Unhuman War broke out. They helped stop the advance of the scro in at least two spheres and did much to turn back an attack in Twilitespace.

Though Lylanna has not been in personal combat in over a century, her experience from hundreds of skirmishes, fights, and battles has not faded. Any opponent would find her a cagey warrior and an expert swordswoman. She wields Ark-Flame, a sentient longsword +4, into battle. Ark-Flame has the abilities of a 12th level Invoker, able to cast spells with a word. Spells cast by Ark-Flame return to it at the rate of 1 per turn per spell level (thus a 3rd level spell takes 3 turns to return after being cast). In addition, Lylanna has numerous magical items at her disposal, including an artifact or two.

Eilaviawyn (Azurazenthorne)
LG “moon elf” (blue dragon) female B6 Senior Librarian of Lionheart

To virtually every elf on Lionheart, Eilaviawyn is a cheerful, bright, and extremely lovely young moon elf. She has stands 5’ 6” tall and her waist-long, sapphire-blue hair dances about her delicate form. Eilaviawyn’s smile is said to warm the heart of any lonely soldier on duty, and her deep blue eyes can alone force secrets from those same hearts. While overly protective of her books, Eilaviawyn can still be the life of any party. She enjoys a good song and has done many solos at the Theater. Those handsome young soldiers that please her gain a much more intimate relationship with her. She does not seek any kind of permanent relationship, and her romances die out after a few weeks of passion. To her, relationships are welcomed distractions from her work.

Eilaviawyn’s carefully guarded secret is that she is, in fact, a blue dragon. Her real name is Azurazenthorne, Azure for short. Azure came from a desert world heavily populated by dragons. For most of her life, Azure was an abused and neglected child. She was the runt of her family’s litter, and they never let her forget it. Her only friend was Lithyin, an elf that she secretly met with to play games with. Eventually, her family discovered her playmate, and plotted his demise. Azure was fortunate enough to learn of the plot and saved Lithyin, at the cost of becoming an outcast. For years, the two wandered the world, finding much magic and gaining a reputation as fierce warriors. Eventually, they booked passage aboard a spelljammer (Azure’s family was making their lives difficult), Azure disguised using her Crown of Humanoid Form. The two joined the Fleet fifty years ago, which broke them up due to different assignments. Azure landed a position as librarian at Lionheart while Lithyin earned a captain’s chair. The two occasionally meet to tell stories and reminisce

The Crown of Humanoid Form is a draconic magical item that grants the wearer any humanoid form he or she desires. Included in the list of forms are humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs, goblins, kobolds, ogres, and any other humanoid shaped creature. An unusual side effect of the magic of the Crown is that it makes the wearer genetically compatible with the chosen race, and thus children can result. Because of her wild lifestyle, Azure has had no less than 12 children to a variety of elvish fathers. All but one of these children are being raised on Wryn, an elvish world in the Drakenstar system that has acquired a fair sized minority of half dragons. Her oldest daughter, Iludrimdul, is a member of the Skymen, and is stationed at Lionheart. Though she has had a number of spats with her daughter, she is still very proud of her and defends her fiercely if anyone dares make a comment about her.

LG “gold elf” (gold dragon) male W18 Chief High Mage of Lionheart

Sar’Casualik looks every bit the gold elvish High Magi. He stands an imposing 6’ tall (a head over most other elves) and rarely smiles. He has deep golden hair and green eyes flecked with gold. His stare is quite intimidating, and any that know him would do his bidding readily rather than face his wrath.

As Chief High Mage, Sar’Casualik’s duties are many. He must advise the Grand Admiral on all matters magical, see to the maintenance of the many magical defenses, and work to repair any damage done to the Mythal surrounding the base. He is quite skilled as a High Magi, and is able to tap into that magic better than every other elf on the station. He staff of office is a mithral rod with a golden dragon snaking about it. It has the powers of a Staff of Striking and a Staff of Magi.

Sar’Casualik is not what he appears. His true form is that of an ancient gold dragon. How he gained the ability to cast high magic is unknown, but is somehow connected to Corellon himself. In any case, Sar’Casualik, who has no dragonic name he shares, is able to cast spells as if he were a High Magi of 18th level. He leads the High Magi of Lionheart as the head of the Circle and any spell cast by a circle he participates in gains in power (by how much is left up to the DM). He gets along with most of the other dragons on Lionheart except Azure; he thinks of her as a tramp but does not dislike her enough so to move against her.

Kannis Koehtriaque “Eagle Dawn, Dancer of the Forgotten World”
LG “grey elf” (silver dragon) female P9 Admiral

The youngest and least ranking admiral permanently living on Lionheart is Kannis, a grey elf from a distant sphere. Kannis is a strong warrior and an excellent tactician, very skilled with a blade and a confident commander. At 5’ 2”, Kannis is deceptively powerful for one so small. With shoulder length pale golden hair and deep purple eyes, Kannis has been called Faerie by her subordinates. Her sunblade is always kept at her side.

The truth behind Kannis’s strength lies in her true nature: that of a silver dragon. Not only is she a dragon, but she is also a paladin of Bahamut. For years she battled against the evils of her homeland until her god ordered her to “seek those fairies of the stars and earn their trust.” With this cryptic message, she sought out those fairies and found the Fleet. Confident in her abilities, she joined the Fleet and steadily rose in rank. Now an admiral on Lionheart, she is content and at peace with herself and her deity. Her stoic nature has slowly melted away and a much more kind and understanding personality has emerged. Kannis is on excellent terms with all the other dragons on Lionheart, but finds Sar’Casualik to be a bit of a bore. She has tried to get him to “lighten up” but has had little success.

Interestingly, Kannis has taken to worshipping Eilistraee, and has passion for dancing. Once every few years, she takes shore leave to a distant world, where she performs elaborate dances at moonlight to her goddess in her true form. She does these dances either alone or with fellow worshippers of Eilistraee.

Tahlonnis “Keeper of the Dawn Blade”
NG high elf male F2 Supervisor of Supply Docks

A middle aged but still physically powerful elf, Tahlonnis is likely the first person that most visitors to Lionheart will meet. He stands 5’ 4” tall and is very muscular, a result of his life of hard labor. He has been in charge of the docks of Lionheart for forty years and is quite good at his job. He must get a vast amount of cargo moved each day, and has little time for chatting. A firm believer in honest and hard work, Tahlonnis has a low opinion of many of those in power. His main agenda is to move cargo and get better wages for his workers. One will find few people as “down to earth” as Tahlonnis on Lionheart.

Maivin and Raererl “Storm Slayer” and “Unicorn of Winter”
CG high elf male and female F12/W12 F11/W12 Grand Admiral’s Bodyguards

Maivin and Raererl are a rarity among elves: twins. They have lived much of their lives together, due to the actions of the Fleet. They were orphaned early in their childhood by a rampaging horde of orcs, and rescued by the Fleet. At the age of 12, they were introduced into a secret program run by the Fleet. This program’s purpose was to train future bodyguards for the Grand Admiral and his or her staff. Until they hit the age of maturity, Maivin and Raererl were trained in the arts of war and magic. They became expert bladesingers, combining powerful magic with the art of the blade. Now well seasoned, the pair have served as twin bodyguards for the last two centuries. Unless spoken to, they are utterly silent. In battle, it seems as if they can anticipate each other’s moves and as a team, virtually unbeatable.

Maivin has chosen the longsword as his primary weapon and the lion as his totem animal. Raererl’s choice of weapon is a mithral spear and the unicorn as her totem animal. Both have Bracers of AC 2, Broaches of Shielding, and both of their weapons are enchanted to have a bonus of +4 to hit and damage. They know many offensive spells and a number of defensive ones, which they will use to the fullest to defend their charge. They are willing to die in the defense of the Grand Admiral, and wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves if it saved the Grand Admiral’s life.

Iludrimdul “Flyer of the Misty Glade”
LG “moon elf” (blue half dragon) female F6 (windrider) Skywoman

Iludrimdul is a calm and fiercely loyal member of the Skymen. She has only recently (in the last ten years) been assigned to Lionheart, an assignment that her mother helped her get. At 6’ tall, Iludrimdul is the tallest member of the Skymen. Her eyes are a deep blue color, which matches her close-cut, sapphire blue hair. If not for her height and hair length, many would mistake her for her mother. Iludrimdul’s hands have developed into dragon-like claws, which Iludrimdul hides with thick leather gloves that she never removes. She fears that if her true heritage were learned, she would be expelled from the Navy. The only person she truly confides in is her eagle mount, Sskreech.

Iludrimdul’s mother is, of course, Azurazenthorne. Only a handful of people knows that fact, and Iludrimdul is in no hurry to inform anyone of it. Iludrimdul has spent her entire life in the company of elves, and as a result, has a very elvish attitude and even considers them to be “her people.” Her childhood was spent at the castle of a noble elf, and she has developed a sense of duty and honor. She has a classic knight code of honor, and always tries to follow that code to the letter. This has led her to some conflict with her mother, who shames Iludrimdul with her lifestyle. Despite it all, Iludrimdul loves her mother deeply and will always defend her tarnished honor.

LG gold elf female W25 Lady of Lionheart

Seljuril is, officially, dead. However, her “death” was not so much as death as apotheoses. Seljuril became the mythal surrounding Lionheart, given almost limitless energy by the elvish gods. Her physical form was completely consumed by the process, but her mental capacities and her personality remained intact. She is literally part of Lionheart now, able to see and hear everything that goes on in the station. She works against corruption in the Fleet by leaving clues and evidence that cause the offending elf to straighten up or be arrested. She is fair, and is more than willing to give elves with potential a second or even a third chance. Those that somehow anger her (such as plotting to assassinate the Grand Admiral) are never seen again.

Though Seljuril’s physical form is forever gone, she can still use the mythal to magically project her image anywhere in the station. Such a magical projection has all the powers of a ghost, but the aging power of her ghost works only when she wants it to work. In addition, her ghostly projection can use magic as a 25th level caster, including High Magic spells. Since the projection is literally part of the mythal, the only way to destroy it forever is to destroy the mythal. No magical spell will affect the ghost; such spells are harmlessly absorbed by the mythal. Magical weapons of +3 value or better cause normal damage. If 100 hit points of damage are dealt to the ghost, it dissipates for one day. At the end of that day, Seljuril has regained enough power to project another ghost and will seek out those who destroyed her projection.

Laflaser, Feramyn, and Calryl “Wild Winter Moon”, “Chapion, Bringer of Strider”, and “Faith Hunter”
LG grey elf, high elf, gold elf males W15, W17, W18 Baelnorn of Lionheart

At the heart of Lionheart is a secret series of chambers. These chambers hold the most powerful defenders of Lionheart, three Baelnorn. These three elvish liches were, in life, exceptional wizards who believed in the Elvish Navy so strongly that they resisted the call to Arvandor and remain in the mortal world as Baelnorn. All three are centuries old, Laflaser and Calryl have served as Baelnorn long before the start of First Unhuman War. Feramyn was a powerful High Magi that served as Head of the Council of Mages during that war, and underwent the process to become Baelnorn shortly after that war ended. These three liches answer only to Seljuril herself, but generally support the Grand Admiral. Like many secrets of Lionheart, only a handful of elves even know these Baelnorn exist, though a number of ranking admirals suspect that the bowels of Lionheart hide a Baelnorn or two.

Each of these three Baelnorn are equipped with a magical staff, each unique and powerful. At least, each staff has the powers of a staff of power along with a number of unique powers, including high magic spells. They are also each equipped with a magical longsword of at least +4 enchantment. These Baelnorn have developed unique magics that allow them to use blades. Together, the have a number of magical items and defenses that makes assaulting their inner sanctum suicide. Such defenses include magical floating skulls that scream cones of cold on opponents, deadly vines that enwrap enemy legs and drain the blood from them, and no less than four golden metalgolems.

The Baelnorn also guard a secret chamber with perhaps Lionheart’s greatest defenses. A company of no less than two dozen Reverend Ones, magically held in stasis, sleep in this chamber. The Reverend Ones were dispatched to Lionheart during its construction to serve as permanent guardians of the station. They wait until they are needed; when that time comes, they will awake and defend the station. All are expert warriors equipped with magical weapons and armor. Each Reverend One has a number of magical items at its side; these were crafted over the centuries by the Baelnorn.

At the center of the chamber is Lionheart’s greatest treasure, the Lion’s Heart. This magical artifact appears as a great gemstone five feet across and nine feet high. It was a gift from Corellon himself to the first Grand Admiral, and has been present at all five Lionheart stations. The Heart is a powerful artifact that allows the elves to use High Magic while aboard the station, even if the station is located in a sphere that normally doesn’t permit such powerful magics. The Heart also has become key in maintaining the mythal and the magical defenses of Lionheart. It can never be stolen or lost; if it removed from its chamber, it teleports back to Arvandor and the Court of Corellon. It flashes with intense magical power, and any but high magi that touch it must save vs. death or be consumed in a ball of fire.

Captain Evlian Ilkirad “Master Stag of the Misty Leaf of the Void”
NG high elven male F9/W8 Captain of the Spirit Warrior Squadron

A tall, imposing elf, Captain Ilkirad is a strong warrior and a mage of skill. He has short brown hair and green eyes. His features are more muscular than those of average elves and has thick, corded muscles. Ilkirad stands about 5’ 3” tall and weighs 155 lbs. He has a few scars marring his body and a thin white scar just above his left eye, a parting gift of a dying scro captain. This elf is about two centuries old, and has been in the Fleet for nine decades.

Captain Evlian is a skilled warrior but an untested high-rank leader. He fought in the Battle of Borka, where his zwarth earned great glory when it single handedly boarded and destroyed a scro mantis ship with a concentration of spells at critical joints of the ship. Over eighty scro warriors died with their ship, and Captain Evlian earned a medal and an assignment to Lionheart. So far, Evlian is not comfortable with his assignment. There are too many feuding factions under his command, and he is being worn ragged trying to keep his squadron under control.

Ari-Saeanisala “Maiden of the Dawning Woods of Spring”
NG high elven female W4/P4 (of Sehanine Moonbow)

A young elven maiden of a mere nine centuries, Ari-Saeanisala (Aris for short) is of rare beauty. She has long, thick brown hair and deep green eyes. Her features are sharp and her eyes speak of an innocence rarely seen these days. Her only weapon is a non-magical staff, but keeps it only as a momento of her earlier adventures. She feels perfectly safe on Lionheart.

Aris is not, and has never been, a member of the Fleet. Instead, she provides merchant goods to soldiers with money to spend, and is well-liked by virtually everyone on the station. She has no enemies and many friends, and can pretty much count on everyone for protection if she is attacked. Aris is the granddaughter of Malvanhal and the proprietor of the Twilite Surpluses store. She is very skilled in business, and is slowly taking over the business as her grandfather gets older. She handles almost all of the paperwork, and Malvanhal does little any more other than sign a few papers here and there. Because of her skill, Aris is fairly rich for such a young woman.

Aris’ love interest is a young elven warrior named Cirrus, also from Twilitespace. The two met years ago, but Aris was soon kidnapped and taken to Outreach, with Cirrus in pursuit with his friends. He rescued the maiden from scro and drow kidnappers, which turned out to be a wild adventure in the heart of Mechanism.

Private Huian
CG high elven (bionoid) male F6

A tall elf from the distant Wraithspace, Huian is a private who works in the docks. He has honey-blonde hair, lean muscles, and an eternal smile. A pleasant elf, Huian is a hard worker and is well praised by his superiors. He has many friends in the docks but has little respect for most members of the high-ranking elite of Lionheart. What no one knows is that Huian is a bionoid warrior, a descendant of bionoids that served the Fleet loyally in the First Unhuman War.

Huian has worked for the Fleet for two decades, first serving as a marine before being reassigned to dock duty. The reason was that Huian was a poor warrior, and the duty was meant to be a punishment for an infraction. However, despite the demotion and loss of pay, Huian is much happier as a dock worker than as a marine. He was always uncomfortable with killing others on moral grounds, and finds the work on the docks as honest and noble in its own way.

Ambassador Ceelia Nightstar
NG moon elf female R8

A bright-eyed, pale-skinned moon elf from Toril, Ceelia Nightstar is the ambassador from Evermeet. She has long blue-black hair, a small face, and bright blue eyes. She stands little over 5’8” tall and weighs about 135 lbs. When not in court, she prefers a simple but brightly colored outfit of a free-flowing skirt and a tunic. She has a tattoo of a rose on her left thigh and another small tattoo of her house’s symbol on her chest. Her clothing is decorated with beads and the bright feathers of exotic birds. It is rumored that the yellow and orange feather that she has braided into her hair is a phoenix feather.

Ceelia was chosen for the duty as ambassador by the Queen of Evermeet herself. Ceelia was always a loyal agent with a keen mind for politics and constantly worked for the good of Evermeet. The Queen dispatched Ceelia for this duty for those reasons, and because Ceelia was one of a minority that believed the future and salvation of Evermeet lay in the stars. Thus far, Ceelia has made few gains for her nation other than securing a trade deal with an elvish nation in another sphere. She hopes to convince the Fleet that Evermeet is a vital and strategic point in space, and it needs more protection from the humans of Toril. So far, her efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Ambassador Michel Neogislayer
LG human male Pal9

Michel Neogislayer is a human male of 6’ 2” in height and weighs over 240 lbs. He is a monster of an individual, towering over most elves on the station and is almost solid muscle. Short, sandy-brown hair frames his squarish face. He has green eyes and a tanned complexion. His built leads some to underestimate his sharp mind and quick wit. As a paladin of Tyr, he is rarely without holy symbol clearly displayed and his bastardsword, a sunblade, at his side. When attending council meetings, he usually dons his suit of plate armor, which is used mainly for the intimidation factor.

Michel is the ambassador for the Company of the Chalice, which is one of the few human organizations with strong ties to the Elvish Fleet. The two navies have similar outlooks and ideals, and the elves invited the Chalice to send an ambassador to Lionheart. Michel is the fourth ambassador to date, as each of his predecessors served out their terms in office. Michel is on good terms with most of the Admirals on Lionheart, but has run into problems with hard-liners who dislike or even hate humans. His quick wit and slow temper has kept him in check, and he has even impressed the Grand Admiral on the few times he had words with an admiral or two in her office. An ugly rumor about Michel, particularly pertaining to a supposed tryst with the Grand Admiral, was spread two years ago, not long after Michel came aboard. The rumor was proven false, but the perpetrators were never caught. The truth is that Michel is happily married and would never dishonor his wife or his family.

Sergeant Ruaam “Star Strider”
CG wood elf male F4 (archer)

A rare wilder elf, sergeant Ruaam is a ship trimmer and dock supervisor. He has short green hair, hazel eyes, and copper-tanned skin. Ruaam stands 5’3” tall and weighs about 140 lbs. He has a lean built and a narrow face with a hawk nose. Somewhat a loner, Ruaam is a dedicated worker but prefers working alone or in charge of a small group. When working, he wears a pair of protective canvas pants and a brightly colored cotton shirt. His off-duty attire is lighter and decorated with bright beads and feathers.

Sergeant Ruaam works in Dock F, the dry dock. He is a ship trimmer and repair worker. He likes to work alone when work begins, as it allows him a chance to “feel” the pain of the ship being repaired, so that his men may better enact repairs. Ruaam is naturally able to empathically communicate with an elvish spelljammer, which makes him a prize in the Fleet. He is a native of the Dusk Herd, a migrating herd of hundreds of kindori with wild elf tribes dwelling on their backs, and as such, as a natural feel for space and the creatures dwelling within it. Though Ruaam rarely enters combat or even gets into fights, he is skilled with the short bow and spear.

Battlepoet Nyn’Antasmah “Hand of the Mage of Ritual Wards”
NG high elf male B9

A elf of middling years, Battlepoet Nyn has served the Fleet for one and a half centuries. He is a high elf with long, light brown hair that is gradually going gray. His hair is kept long and in a ponytail, but it is slowly creeping up his forehead. His once strong face is now slightly wrinkled, but his blue eyes are as strong and brilliant as ever. Despite his advancing age, Nyn has considerable charisma and has a voice that can seduce many a woman. His singing voice is still strong, but Nyn is more famous for his poetry, acting skills, and his flute playing. He is also quite skilled in the blade, and has a finely crafted rapier at his side at all times. To many, it seems that his charisma and sex appeal has only increased as he has gotten older. Nyn’Antasmah is a stage name, after a character in a play popular in Lionspace.

Nyn has been a bard most of his life. He enjoys acting, and is happiest on the stage. He hails from distant Lionspace, where he is hailed as a great actor and musician. He joined the Fleet to “See the Spheres,” using the Fleet to journey to other spheres. Nyn has preformed in countless spheres and has earned the acclaim of actors everywhere. He has “retired” to Lionheart, where he entertains the troops and trains new, younger battlepoets. As he has become less active, Nyn took up poetry to fill in his spare time. He is good friends with Lamruil Skyflower, the Storyteller, and the two trade tales when they meet once a decade in their favorite bar somewhere in Greyspace.

Commandant Geyrrin
LN high elf male F5

Once a bright, hopeful recruit for the Fleet, Commandant Geyrrin lost much of his enthusiasm when he was assigned to security on Lionheart. Years of breaking up fights, fighting red tape, and of having his investigations buried by higher ranking officers have left him jaded and tired. Geyrrin is a high elf with long blonde hair and a handsome, chiseled face. He has a strong and solid frame, with broad shoulders and thick muscles. Geyrrin is always in his uniform when on duty, but is not diligent in taking care of it or himself. He likes to drink when off duty, and is slowly developing an alcohol problem.

Geyrrin is head of security on Lionheart, but has few actual duties. His staff is small, consisting of four men, and he spends most of his time breaking up fights, hunting down deserters, or retrieving stolen money pouches. He is not well-respected, and is little more than a pawn to the old-guard captains and admirals. They use him and his staff to cover up the nasty side of the cut-throat politics of Lionheart. He is a bitter and broken man, who sometimes takes his frustrations out of those he arrests. Complains of abuse submitted by soldiers are slowly piling up in his office, as he handles such claims by signing them, seal them, and file them away. He spends most of his time relaxing in his office, trying to forget his lot in life.

Lieutenant Trielle
NG grey elf female F4

Lieutenant Trielle is a tall (5’8”), middle-aged grey elf female from Greyspace. She has a well-toned physique, a stern face, and steel-gray eyes. She has long dark hair that she keeps straight. A devoted member of the Fleet, Trielle has served for the better part of two centuries. She is a career woman who has had numerous bad experiences with the Fleet.

Several years ago, Lieutenant Trielle was serving Commandant Geyrrin as his third. However, during an investigation into the death of a colonel, she was reassigned to a remote and largely barren sphere. Thinking her career was finished, she considered leaving the Fleet to find work elsewhere. Before she could complete her letter of resignation, she was ordered back to Lionheart, this time to serve as a low-ranking aide to the newly appointed Grand Admiral Nuliaque. The Grand Admiral simply told her that retired High Captain Al’Nuoth highly recommended her. Since then, she has been an excellent aide for the Grand Admiral.

Corporal Siltanis
CG wood elf male F3

A young recruit to the ranks of Lionheart, Corporal Siltanis is one of the rare wood elves of the station. He has short dark hair and green eyes. His tanned skin has a green tone to it, identifying his wilder heritage. Siltanis is usually in uniform and serves as a liaison for newcomers to the station. He is proud to serve on Lionheart, and has a very businesslike attitude.

Corporal Siltanis came to the attention of many high level officials on Lionheart several years ago, during the same incident that sent Lieutenant Trielle into exile. Corporal Siltanis did not escape retribution, either. His life since then has been difficult, and he has been assigned the lowest of duties. Once Nuliaque was assigned to the position of Grand Admiral, the harassment ended and he resumed his normal duties. He is a loyal officer and continues to serve as a liaison for new arrivals to Lionheart.

On Level Limits

Level limits are a tricky subject. A lot of gamers like them. A lot of gamers hate them. Personally, I’ve never really dealt with the issue; my games never last long enough for characters to reach their limits. Hence, I’ve never really developed a solid position on them. I’ve thought about doing away with them entirely, raising them, or even keep them. The latest idea I had was to keep limits as was, but impose limits upon humans, as well. Limits could be busted by characters with high stats (up to +6 levels above the limit). In a way, limits serve as a good guideline to the max. level that an NPC should reach. Thus, an elvish mage, greatly aged and wizened, could reach a level as high as 21. Given that my game centers around lower level characters (3-9), this isn’t a problem. Only the greatest of the great reach such levels (21 or 22 being the max for any character). In all classes, humans have a limit of 15, which can reach 21 with an exceptionally (ie magic given) ability score. This is not carved in stone, but I think it’ll work (shows the absolute limit of human(oid) potential).

This method, I believe, will work for me. I find 20+ level characters annoying for some reason (probably because they’re mostly human mages). So, all characters but one are below 20th level. I have one rules breaking character but she is not exactly alive…


Out with it then!

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