The Queen’s Dirk by Sable


A filk of “The Royal Oak” (traditional) inspired by “The Toy Soldier Saga.” Available on Sable’s Bandcamp Page.


As we were sailing along the star sea,
We hadn’t been gone months, not two nor three,
When we saw ten sail, ten sail of orc
All men-o’-war full as big as we.

“Haul down your colours, you Elvish dogs!
Haul down your colours, do not refuse.
Haul down your colours, you Elvish dogs
Or your precious lives you will lose!”

Our captain being a valiant elf,
And a well bespoken an elf was he:
“Let it never be said we died like dogs,
For we shall fight most valiantly!”

“Go up aloft, you cabin boys,
And mount the mainmast, a topsail high,
For to spread the news to King Zaor’s fleet
That we’ll run the risk or else we’ll die!”

Well, the fight began about six in the morn,
And unto the orbit of the sun.
And at the rise of the next dawn,
Where we saw ten ships we couldn’t see but one.

For three we sank and three we burned,
And three we caused to run away,
And one we towed to Dragon Harbour,
For to let them know we’d won the day.

If anyone then should inquire
As to our gallant captain’s name,
Well, Captain Yvoleth was our commander
And the Queen’s Dirk was our ship by name.


from Pyrates & Pagans, released 20 March 2013
Vocals & guitar: Sable. Featuring Chad McLeary on lead guitar. Filk of “The Royal Oak” (traditional); lyrics by Sable, arrangement by Sable & Chad McLeary. Copyright (c) 2013.


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