The Seldarine in Space

Spacefaring elves maintain much the same religious traditions as their terrestrial brethren, and priesthood structure and appearance varies little amongst those spheres nominally under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Navy. Priests can be found serving in high numbers on virtually all Armadas, and most Men-o-War will have at least one amongst their initial crew. Armadas generally have a small shrine dedicated to the whole elven pantheon, while IEN outposts and crown stations have at least one small temple with multiple shrines. Numerous holy orders and priestly sects operate within the umbrella of the IEN, while even more operate independently to further the goals of their deity.

Aerdrie Faenya
(Intermediate Power of air, weather, avians, rain, fertility, avariel)
Aerdrie is seen as the goddess of air worlds in general, and is said to help maintain good air on long voyages. Quick prayers are also made to her during landing and take-off of most larger worlds in hopes of getting good weather. Aerdrie’s priesthood is not commonly found on IEN vessels, but are somewhat more common on outposts and colonies, especially those on or near air worlds. Her worship is particularly common on the world of Alabeth, for example.
Some outposts, and a very small number of Armadas, include contingents of her military order, the Wing of Plumed Kingfishers. These aerial knights ride pegasi, giant eagles, and other sorts of intelligent flying creatures (including very rarely, dragons) in defense of their outposts, usually focusing on anti-personnel attacks on enemy vessels that have closed within 500 yards. These rangers and crusaders are not particularly common due to the added expense of housing their mounts, but they are quite effective warriors.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Alathrien Druanna
(Demipower of conjurations, rune magic, geometric magic)
Alathrien is only slightly more well-known to wildspace elves than their groundling cousins (which is to say, some have actually heard of her!). She is rarely prayed to, except by wizards focusing on the arts of conjurations, runic magic, geometry magic, and those dealing with ancient texts, codes, cyphers, and word puzzles. She has a small group of priests and wizards, known as the Circle Seekers, that search for ancient elven ruins throughout the spheres in order to recover ancient manuscripts and written magics.
Sources: Dragon #251

(Greater Power of spring, fertility, planting, birth, defense, wisdom)
Angharradh’s worship is very rare in wildspace, typically only found amongst high elves raised on worlds with her faith. Most of the IEN follows the more traditional view that the Three (Aerdrie, Hanali, and Sehanine) are indeed fully individual deities. As such, she is not seen as having any special dominion over any aspects of wildspace life.
Sources: Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Araleth Letheranil
(Lesser Power of light, starlight, twilight)
Araleth, Labelas, and Sehanine form a triumvirate of deities who are the most important deities to spacefaring elves after Corellon himself. Together they represent space itself, and prayers are made to these three deities on a regular basis. Araleth holds sway over light, particularly the light of fire bodies, stars, and magically-created light, and as such he is seen as integral to celestial navigation, both in wildspace and the phlogiston. He is also something of a war god, and his followers see the IEN as his light, fighting against the darkness of the fleets of goblinoids, drow, undead, slavers, and the myriad other threats elves face. Finally, Araleth’s priesthood is responsible for the creation of the Radiant vessels that have appeared recently amongst elven fleets, and they say it was due to his direct inspiration.
Araleth’s wildspace church sponsors an order of crusaders and specialty priests known as the Order of Shimmering Stars. This order has a number of its own vessels, some of which are affiliated with the IEN. They are often the first to be deployed against drow and undead due to their powers and their zealous combat against such beings.
Sources: Dragon #155, Dragon #236

Corellon Larethian
(Greater Power of magic and elven magic, music, arts, crafts, war, the elven race, poets, poetry, bards, warriors)
Corellon is by far the most important deity amongst the elven fleets, as befits his status as creator of the elven race and head of the Seldarine. His priests are by far the most common found within and outside the IEN. Due to his overview of elven magic, he is seen as the god of spelljamming itself, encompassing the magic of the helms and the act of actually traversing space. The first elven vessels are said to have been created by Corellon himself (sometimes with Hanali’s help), and their continuing beauty and artistry is attributed to his hand in their continuing development.
A great number of holy orders operate under the auspices of Corellon’s patronage, most with a high proportion of wizards (including fighter/mages). The most prominent order are the Swords of the Seldarine, who are the elite of the elite amongst elven holy orders. Each branch is named for their home world, city, or outpost (one of the most famous being the Swords of Lionheart).
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Darahl Firecloak
(Demipower of earth and flame phenomena, earth/fire magic)

Darahl is a little-worshipped deity as he is said to hold sway over fireworlds and inhospitable earthworlds. He is sometimes called upon to ward off or end fires (especially during combat or in the phlogiston). In ancient locations and texts, as well as very old communities that lack members of his clergy, he is still referred to by his original name, Tilvenar. Affiliated with his church are the Pyrogean Wizards, a group of wizards that have developed dual-specialization in earth and fire magic. This rare and secretive order focuses on searching for new magic of an elemental nature and combatting drow and illithids.
Sources: Dragon #251

Deep Sashelas
(Intermediate Power of oceans, sea elves, creation, knowledge, underwater and sea elven beauty, water magic)
One might not expect Deep Sashelas to be called upon often by spacefaring elves, but as the deity of oceans, he is seen as the patron of sailing, including sailing in wildspace. He is also patron of waterworlds, especially those inhabited or inhabitable by aquatic elves. While he is often called upon when elves are in need of drinking water, increasingly this role is falling to Sarula Iliene.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Erevan Ilesere
(Intermediate Power of mischief, change, rogues)
Erevan, as a deity of individualism and mischief, is rarely called upon by members of the IEN or other organized elven groups. He is often called upon for protection by scouts and spies, but otherwise he is typically only venerated by adventuring rogues and those interested in fun rather than responsibility. Barring wanderers and adventurers, Erevan’s priests are typically only found in the largest of elven stellar settlements.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Fenmarel Mestarine
(Lesser Power of feral elves, outcasts, scapegoats, isolation and isolationists)
Fenmarel is typically only called upon by elven loners and hermits, as well as the rare sylvan elf. He is also called upon by those who feel they’ve been persecuted or wrongly accused of a crime. His priests are virtually never found in wildspace, except as loners.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Holy Symbol of Hanali Celanil by Dennis Crabapple McClain

Hanali Celanil
(Intermediate Power of love, romance, beauty, fine art and artists)
Hanali’s priests are relatively common within elven civilian settlements, but are virtually unheard of amongst the IEN. She is said to hold dominion over beautiful vistas, but otherwise is not often called upon by spelljammers except when interested in romantic interludes. She is sometimes said to have assisted Corellon with the creation of the first elven spelljamming vessels.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Kirith Sotheril
(Lesser Power of divination magic, enchantment magic)
Kirith, like some of the other deities of specialty magic, is not frequently venerated or worshipped except by those elves with interests in her magical specialties. She is occasionally called upon when elves are searching for something, be it a lost possession or an enemy fleet. Her followers are usually confined to large settlements, particularly those with an interest in magical research.
Sources: Dragon #155, Dragon #236

Labelas Enoreth
(Intermediate Power of time, longevity, the moment of choice, history)
As the god of time, Labelas is held to have control over the regular movements of celestial objects, especially planets, as well as celestial mechanics in general. As such, he plays an especially important role to spacefaring elves, who call upon him during navigation to ensure accuracy, and elven navigators are often his followers, if not members of his priesthood. His priests are otherwise typically only found amongst civilian settlements, although the Knights Paradoxical can be fund in almost every sphere with significant elven populations in order to protect against abuses of chronomancy and alteration of the time stream.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Melira Taralen
(Lesser Power of half-elven bards, elven minstrels, songwriting)
Melira’s followers can be found traveling on civilian vessels surprisingly often, sharing their music to lighten long journeys as well as teaching musical skill and learning new songs. They often form the backbone of musicians’ guilds and bardic colleges in elven settlements, but her priests are virtually never found amongst the IEN.
Sources: Dragon #155, Dragon #236

Mythrien Sarath
(Demipower of protection, abjuration magic, mythals)
Like a number of the other lesser deities of magic, Mythrien’s faith is close to forgotten by most elves. He was in the past a much stronger deity and had a hand in creating many of the mythals that protect ancient elvish cities, but the difficulty (and in many cases complete loss of the ability) to create modern mythals has led to his dwindling stature. Today he is generally only well known to elvish wizards who study abjuration magic, although there are still some elves who call on him for protection, be it battle, magic, weather, or just bad luck. His priests are most active in Realmspace, searching for a lost artifact Mythrien created, and fighting his foes. Outside of Realmspace, his priests operate primarily as guardians, especially of locations with mythals.
Sources: Dragon #251

Naralis Analor
(Lesser Power of healing, the easing of pain, death)
Being dedicated to healing and alleviating suffering, Naralis’s priests are rarely found on IEN vessels. However, they can virtually always be found stationed at outposts and bases, taking care of the severely injured and ill. His priests can be found in most elven settlements, and they are also sought by captains of the Sindiath Line and other civilian vessels to fill the post of ship’s surgeon. Approximately half of all elven Medicuses are clerics of Naralis (his specialty priests are not eligible for that kit).
Sources: Dragon #155, Dragon #236

Rellavar Danuvien
(Lesser Power of frost sprites, protection from the elements)
Rellavar has few worshipers amongst spacefaring elves, as he is primarily a deity of the reclusive snow elves and the Seelie Court. Those elves who know of him are likely to hail from elven lands near arctic or alpine lands or very cosmopolitan kingdoms. As a member of the Seelie Court who has transitioned to the wider elven pantheon, the haughtiest of elves who dislike anything they consider un-elven, such as many gold and grey elves, disdain his worship.
Sources: Dragon #236

Rillifane Rallathil
(Intermediate Power of woodlands, nature, wild elves, druids)
Rillifane is seen as the patron of liveworlds, and is said to have created the starfly plants from which elven vessels are grown. His priests are very rare amongst wildspace elves however, being almost exclusively terrestrial. Members of the clergy occasionally take passage on elven vessels in order to visit arboreal worlds, including those under the control of other races, but this is uncommon unless directed by their superiors or Rillifane himself.
Sources: Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Sarula Iliene
(Lesser Power of lakes, streams, nixies, water magic)
Sarula is another member of the Seelie Court who has joined the Seldarine, although her absorption into the elven pantheon has been more complete than that of Rellavar. For spacefaring elves, veneration of her is important, for she is the patron of fresh water, and she is said to keep water clean and lead elves to safe water when in need. Her priests dislike travelling in space, however, for they prefer terrestrial life near lakes and streams. Like Rillifane’s priests, they may take passage on a vessel if directed to do so by Sarula herself or their superiors; many captains see taking on a priest of Sarula as a sign of good luck due to their abilities to create water and keep it fresh.
Sources: Dragon #251

Sehanine Moonbow
(Intermediate Power of mysticism, dreams, death, far journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens)
Sehanine makes up the third member of the triumvirate of deities who hold sway over space as a whole. She holds dominance over the vast emptiness of space, as well as stars and moons (a somewhat nebulous concept to spaceborne elves, but generally includes whitish earth bodies that orbit other bodies). She is also the deity of long journeys, and as such she is called upon before the start of most spelljamming trips for protection from ill fortune.
Sehanine’s priesthood is the most commonly found amongst the IEN after Corellon’s own, although her clergy sponsors no holy orders attached to the Navy. Branches of the Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries can be found protecting elven homelands and colonies on many worlds, however, and any sphere with a longstanding and significant elven presence are likely to have members of the Veiled Choir sisterhood in unusual and hidden locations.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

(Demipower of hatred of the drow, vengeance, military crusades, loss, revenge)
Shevarash’s priesthood is uncommon and not well known, except amongst those elven communities that have suffered at the hands of spacefaring drow. However, the priesthood is gaining traction in the wake of the Second Unhuman War due to the devastating attacks of the scro. However, Shevarash’s followers are too fanatical in their hatred and too single-minded in their goals to accept the chain of command of the IEN, and so are virtually never found amongst them. Those members of the IEN who turn to his worship almost inevitably go rogue in their pursuit of vengeance.
Sources: Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Solonor Thelandira
(Intermediate Power of archery, hunting, wilderness survival)
Solonor is quite popular amongst the members of the IEN, especially scouts and heavy weapon crews. He is not typically venerated by elven marines however, who favor the skill at blades taught by Tethrin Veralde over the archery of Solonor. There is a friendly rivalry between the followers of both groups that rarely extends beyond good natured insults and ribbing. That said, Solonor’s priesthood is very rare amongst spacefaring elves, typically staying in terrestrial settings.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

Tarsellis Meunniduin
(Intermediate Power of mountains, rivers, snow elves, wilderness)
The cold, snow covered peaks are Tarsellis’s domain, and his chosen followers are the reclusive snow elves who live there. As with Rellavar, he is not often venerated by other elves, and as such, his following in wildspace is minimal. He is sometimes called upon when elves must enter snowy mountains and cold, rugged highlands; while he is called upon more often than Rellavar in such situations, it is still an uncommon event. The only members of the IEN to regularly call upon him are those who patrol the goblinoid prison world of Armistice, although none of his priests can be found on those vessels.
Sources: Dragon #155, Dragon #236

Tethrin Veraldé
(Demipower of bladesingers, swordsmanship)
Tethrin has become increasingly popular since the First Unhuman War, especially with elven marines. A significant number of fighters’ guilds have him as a patron, and many marine divisions in the IEN take their names from him (Tethrin’s Swords, Blades of the Shining One, etc.). His priests are relatively common amongst the IEN, often serving as officers and battle leaders. On civilian vessels, they’re likely to be leading a small group of warriors as mercenaries hired to defend passengers and cargo.
Sources: Dragon #236

Other Deities Worshipped by Elves
(Lesser Power of song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, moonlight)
Eilistraee’s worship in wildspace is rare, for the drow presence is fairly organized and quite firmly under the grip of Lolth’s priestesses. However, a number of small groups of her clergy ply the spacelanes, doing good deeds and searching for drow to convert. As Eilistraee accepts anyone who follows her ethos as a follower, these groups are rarely composed entirely of drow, although typically a third of the group will be of that race. Other members are typically younger elves, half-elves, and humans, with occasional members of other races as well. The drow are almost always looked upon with suspicion (if not open hostility) by elven communities; even when vouched for by the other members of the band, the drow are rarely truly welcome.
Sources: Demihuman Deities (TSR9585)

(Lesser Power of love, fidelity, the young, play)
Trishina is Deep Sashelas’s consort and is considered an honorary member of the Seldarine, at least by sea elves. Veneration of the Dolphin Queen is rare amongst wildspace elves, although as the goddess of cetaceans, she is also seen as the goddess of kindori, great dreamers, and delphinids, and encounters with these creatures are sometimes seen as good omens. Her worship can be found on any world with intelligent cetaceans, including Conatha in Greyspace and Karpri in Realmspace.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128), Trishina the Waverider on AuldDragon’s AD&D Blog

The Queen of Air and Darkness
(Intermediate Power of magic, illusions, darkness, murder)
The Queen of Air and Darkness is the closest thing elves have to a native evil deity, outside of the drow pantheon. Evil elves who venerate her do so in secret out of a desire for power or hatred of specific people. In large settlements, there are sometimes secret cults devoted to the Queen, but they are destroyed by the other elves whenever they are discovered. There are a small number of vessels crewed entirely by worshippers of the Queen of Air and Darkness, but they usually conceal their motives and activities.
Sources: DMGR4 Monster Mythology (TSR2128)

Image Credits: Fenmarel Mestarine and Rillifane Rallathil symbols from Forgotten Realms Wiki; Sehanine Moonbow from; Eilistraee (sword and moon ) from; all other images from Wizards of the Coast.


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