Built Primarily By: Humans?
Used Primarily By: Humans, mind flayers?
Cost: 25,000 gp
Tonnage: 25
Hull Points: 25
Crew: 6/25
Maneuverability Class: D
Air Worthiness: 50%
Sea Worthiness: 50%
Landing: Water only
Armor Rating: 6
Saves As: Thick Wood
Standard Armament:
1 medium ballista (F)
1 medium catapult (A)
Cargo: 13 tons
Keel: 50’
Beam: 25’

Description: The Cephalocog is a design drafted by the stellar druid Raken. Currently, the ship exists only on a set of blueprints in Raken’s possession. The stellar druid hopes to sell the blueprints to the Shipwrights Guild of the Rock of Bral, but until he can prove the design with a fully operational vessel, he does not anticipate much interest. Until the Sinking problem is resolved, it is unlikely Raken will have a chance to work on a prototype vessel.

The Cephalocog is an octopus-shaped ship. The ship is fifty feet long and twenty-five feet across, with four decks. The Crow’s Deck is an open deck, where the ship’s weapons are located. The captain’s quarters, helmsman’s quarters, officers’ quarters, galley, and the ship’s mess hall are located on the Main Deck. Below the Main Deck is the spacious cargo hold and tentacle control room is located. At the bottom of the ship is steerage, which is devoted to crew quarters.

Crew: The Cephalocog can be flown by a crew of six, consisting of a captain, a master engineer, and four engineers. The ship’s tentacles are enchanted to operate in a similar manner to Splendid Sails of Spelljamming, which can be fully controlled from within the ship. Thus, the crewmen will not be exposed on deck. The disadvantage is that an engineer with specialized skills is necessary. A furnace helm or a Type I Minor Helm could be equipped for improved performance. The maximum capacity of the Cephalocog is one hundred and twelve people under extremely crowded conditions. The air envelope lasts just over three weeks in these circumstances.

Ship Uses

Trade: The Cephalocog is designed for trade. A trade ship will be an unmodified Cephalocog with only minor changes. Crew will consist of 9-24 (3d6+6) crewmen, which will be a mix of humans and demi-humans. Trade ships will have a wizard of 2nd to 5th level.
Escort: A fully-crewed and Argonauta will be useful as an escort craft for convoys of tradesmen. Such ships should have four officers, all of 5th level or higher. The captain will be the highest level fighter.
Yacht: Once Cephalocogs begin to be constructed, it will garner interest from more neutrally-aligned mind flayers who would want to use such a craft as a private yacht. A flayer-run ship will carry 1-2 mind flayers and the remainder of the crew being humans and demi-humans. Such ships would not be as threatening nor draw the attention of the more well-known nautaloid.

Other Configurations

Argonauta: The Argonauta variant of the Cephalocog is a warship. The hull is thickened, and two additional medium ballistae are added topside for the loss of six tons of cargo space. Argonauta will carry eight engineers, and up to twenty marines and weapon loaders. The ship is designed to act as an escort for convoys of tradesmen. It will always carry a Type I Minor Helm.

By Adam “Night Druid” Miller


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