Scrospace (Dukagshspace)

The following is a brief description of Scrospace, called Dukagshspace by its inhabitants, from my Toy Soldier Saga website:

Home sphere of the Scro Empire; burial site of Dukagsh, founder of the scro race, for whom the principle world of the sphere is named.  Our campaign had free license to do whatever we liked with this sphere, since the canon sources have limited themselves to describing Dukagsh as “a harsh world,” and explaining that the tomb of legendary hero Dukagsh is fixed in a stationary orbit around the planet Dukagsh’s North Pole.  Even fan material rarely mentions it; only a novel series called “The Bri’kerzz Sweep” touches on it at all, describing the destruction of Dukagsh’s Tomb by the protagonist’s ship, and there is nothing on the sphere’s statistics itself.  Hence, we were free to engage in full-fledged flights of fancy.  This sphere is the primary location of the events of “Brothers in Arms.”

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Voidjammer: Citadel Ships

Citadels are asteroids (celestial bodies) that have been converted into voidships. The process of conversion is a long one, requiring the installation of a massive helm of one kind or another, and the hollowing out of tunnels, living spaces and other features. Several races construct Citadel Ships, each with a slightly different look to the overall design. But the end result is much like a mobile, mini-world that is as much home as vessel.

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Practical Planetology


So you’ve made a world and you want it to be believable!  Here’s some handy tips to add a little science to your science-fiction, and make your Spelljammer worlds live and breathe and feel very real.

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The following is a description of Caer’Thun space from the Toy Soldier Saga website.  It was created by Erin McRoy:

Caer’Thunspace is an ancient sphere which connects to Greyspace in a two-way flow, leads to Realmspace in a one-way flow, and is accessible from Spiralspace and Dragonspace.  It is the home to ancient elven cultures that may predate the Crown Wars of Toril and a variety of magically and technologically adept species and cultures.

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