The Giff Sphere – The World of Rempart (I)

Hercolubus or Red Planet

Formerly known as Treel name of Gnŭhŏŏm-naac, the Crystal Sphere currently under the authority of the Glorious Giff empire is a relatively small orb. Its outer surface is dark brown covered by reddish representations of all the species that lived on the worlds it houses. Some of these creatures have not existed for a long time, and some are completely unknown to Giff scholars. Several fragments of ancient stories mention the existence of a legendary Portal named Vakk, but it seems it opens once all the centuries. The main passage is guarded by the II and VI fleets of the Glorious Empire, nearly two hundred vessels in charge of threatening the most adventurous travelers with some warlike intentions.

Astral phenomenon
Giffspace is surprisingly devoid of stray or unusual phenomena. Stars are large lakes with sparkling water on the inside of the crystal sphere. Elementals clouds drift between worlds, they are weakened stella conjunction remains, but nothing disturb the immensity of the Void. The sun of this sphere is named Fulminata his carmine radiation seems to have favored the emergence of valuable deposits of gunpowder on worlds orbiting around him. Silekh Ogres have learned to tap into the elemental energy of this star to give strength to their solar sails.

Giff worlds
The four worlds forming the Giff system have many similarities between them, they never seem to have suffered major upheavals and populations that have developed on their surface could thrive for long periods. Loxo Prime, the closest Fulminata world is a vast savanna populated many predators and herbivores herds. The Loxo somehow coexist with their neighbors invading Giff, and the planet is frequently the scene of skirmishes between the two peoples. Trebuchet is the homeworld Giff, the heart of the Glorious Empire and the headquarters of all the forces of the Grand Army. The three moons of the world form the inside network defense system lines up giant bomb vessels passing nearby and used particularly deterrent planetary shield. Garrison is a mountainous world where imperial Guilds were able to establish large zocalo, contradicting the usual criticizing that Giff people know only war. Again, the moons are used as intermediate network defense, but also serve as ports for the various navies of the Glorious Empire. The Iron Rempart is a desert world, sparsely populated, but all moons forms the outer defense system, a formidable wall of bullets, smoke and flames, able to stop any incursion approaching Giff system.

The Iron Rempart
World type: Spherical rocky
Size: D (equatorial diameter of 2 587km).
Breakaway: 3 rounds
Rotation: 96 hours.
Revolution: 960 days.
Moon: Great shield, Small shield, wall of fire, Pride of Gunap, Bombard.
Population: 254,821 Giff, 52413 Syndarhaan.
Magic weaving: Diffuse, divine magic dominant
Pantheon: Knappak

The Iron Rempart is the outside world of the Grand Giff empire. A sandy grey desert with hurling winds, it houses a dangerous and gigantic wildlife, resilient to the harsher incursions. The poles are very deep salty seas where terrible sea monsters live. Sandstorms regularly cover the desert oasis and devastate some struggling to resist the raging of this world forces.

Home Ports:
Climatic conditions of the Iron Rempart greatly limit the presence of host ports for the Imperial Fleet Spelljammer who is based on the string of moons. The Syndarhaan for their part based on Evaranaë, a small polar enclave away from a circus stone bordered by the sea salt. Considered as a basis for withdrawal of the Elven fleet, the city is mostly home barracks and a temple of the Seldarine led Shilanara White Blade [Syndarhaan / Priestess of the Spheres [Hanali Celanil] 12/CB], a native grey elf from Greela in the Sphere of Greyhawk, and shares his time traveling the desert areas to treat the wounded Giff and devotion to his goddess. Shilanara stellar’s gift can allow her to bring back to life violently killed creatures from this worl, and many Giff based on the Iron Rempart travel to her during their rest time , bringing presents to the priestess.

The Iron Rempart is an arid world offering little exploitable ressources for merchants of the Glorious Giff empire, it is still a major achievement because its external position and its string of moons provides a powerful defense against all enemies threatening the outer border . Several trading houses and major guilds have established tradingposts around polar cliffs, their activity is reduced to the minimum most of the time, but sometimes the Giff logistics officers will come to claim large amounts of weapons or equipment.

Primitive cave paintings under the desert indicate that once, forests existed in this world. Grommam tribes  evolved in this environment, but their hunter-gatherer culture disappeared with the advance of the desert, which eventually engulf their territory.
The Giff came from their homeworld of Trebuchet, their sages had already concluded that there was no progress on this planet culture, and garrisons were installed to maintain a military force to the surface as the Fleet stood on the moons. This is the Governor Degrup Miletil [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 18 – Officer of the Grand Army 16 / LN] which controls the forces of the Grand Army of the Iron Rempart. Member of the War Office appreciated by his soldiers, the Governor is a living legend for all infantrymen who dream to serve under his command. Although the desert world is like a reprimand for such an officer, he is nothing, as the Governor in charge of defending the Empire against all external threats, his authority extending also to the officers of the Imperial Fleet if the enemy turns out to be a danger to all worlds Giff, and its hundreds of thousands of loyal fighters Degrup Miletil knows that command the most powerful army of the Sphere.

The Grand Army is stationed in fortresses housing two to five thousand individuals. Designed to withstand wind and sand, these strongholds are interconnected by wide reinforced trenches where logistic companies work against the sand. They are vital to the delivery of food and especially water, drawn to some groundwater sources still available on this world. Rations come from heavily armored deposits buried under sand, and more rarely from spelljammers who must avoid the frequent deadly storms. Soldiers of the Iron Rempart regularly perform maneuvers in the desert and are considered the best regiments of the Grand Empire, with their survival in extreme conditions skills, they maintain the discipline of the legendary Grande army while fighting with the fury of their ancestors . Some companies have learned to domesticate huge reptile mounts, forming a terrifying cavalry fame through all Known Spheres.

Although the majority of planetary defenses are collected on the moons, the Iron Rempart has a line of giant bomb that can pound a Spelljammer landing on the surface of the world. Several watchtowers maintain a constant vigilance and can quickly transmit an alarm signal through a system of semaphores and horns. Buried silos contain substantial stocks of gunpowder and piles of giant bombs form black mountains aroud the garrisons.

Specific sites:
The Iron Rempart is hostile to life even the ones who can manages to survive in extreme desertic conditions. The polar seas are home to dangerous wildlife consists of unique species in the world. Rumors speak of powerful entities living in the deep sea and having terrible destructive powers.
The Keporu island is a rock emerging at the center of the northern sea and where a monolith made ​​of gray stone unknown in this world stand, primitive patterns covering its surface, and the carved orb of an eye finishes construction. The few travelers who observed the monolith recognize all the same feeling of a hateful observance, spellcasters have received visions of a monstrous figure operating in a dark water where the corpses of unknown creatures float.
The Nuguma catapults form a set of impressive war machines, guarde by Alnondean mercenaries, because Giff become childs when they saw the great engines. The Catapults field form a forest of towering structures and planks surrounding the construction site where artisans develop new machines. Nuguma Miletil [Giff / 13 Scholar / LN] is the sister of the Governor and his best military engineer. She designs customed siege engines and rarely leaves his camp in the heart of the desert. Closely linked to several officers of the Imperial Fleet, she has armed all the orbiting warships of the Iron Rempart.
Fort Lost is one of the first imperial bastions to be built not far from the shores of the southern sea. A few weeks after the arrival of the regiment to settle there, the chain of command lost contact and sent sappers discovered an abandoned fort, as if the soldiers on duty had evaporated. Two other occupancy attempts led to the same result and the area was considered as under nefarious magical influence. Adventurers dare to defy the prohibition to approach the shores of the southern sea, some may return with stories of creatures capturing their minds and forcing them to drown, others speak of Fort lost as a where there would be a gateway to other Plans existence

Great shield
Largest moon of the Iron Rempart, Great shield is a size C, with an equatorial diameter of 842 km, it was long considered a twin world for the planet around which it orbits. Great shield is surrounded by two rows of giant bomb that can spit balls as large as carts tens of kilometers away into the Void. As with all other moons forming the core outer network defense, low gravity and huge stocks of gunpowder match to generate real deluge of rocks and flames in near space.

Fortress Galon houses the headquarters of the Grand Army Giff on this moon. General Auximop Miletil [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 10 – Officer of the Grand Army 5 / LN], is the younger brother of the Governor’s and a valuable officer for his soldiers. It maintains the imperial fortresses and willingly works with the officers of the fleet calling over Galon returning from their journeys outersphere. The fortress is also a port for travelers who are confined in a separate area and heavily guarded. A small zocalo allows some Giff merchants to conduct their business away from the heavy set of bureaucratic laws of the Glorious Giff empire.

Small shield
The Small shield moon has a line of giant bombards enabling it to contribute to the external network of imperial defense, but the planetoid remains known for its large port spelljamming exclusively military, and home to the V Fleet armada, a hundred heavy vessels under the command of Admiral Goniface Exmurac [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 15 – Officer of the Imperial Fleet Giff 10 / LN], a formidable defense force, bane of all smugglers who enter in the Giff system. Pilory military port is famous for its shipyards, where hundreds of Silhek working to assemble large barges capable of transporting troops across the system. Pilory is also a detention camp where the worst war enemies of the Empire can be watch. Prisoners are treated well after the war ended, they returned to their nation, often healthier, and with a bit of discipline Giff, the guards are responsible to teach them.

Wall of fire
The median string of defense moon is called Wall of fire since the War Council voted for the establishment of a triple line of bombards, supported by five other lines of giant catapults. At the heart of the system of external defense, the moon disappears under a thick cloud of smoke when all weapons opened fire simultaneously. Three thousand soldiers of the Grand Army are scattered in barracks buried along the lines of defense, the headquarter of that huge defense system is the polar fortress Inferno, the center of which stands the most enormous bomb ever forged by Giff artisans. A powerful monster who can send heavy payload to several kilometers in space. However, a shot of this lethal weapon so strongly undermines the foundations of the fortress that it is usually partially collapsed, making the defense more difficult places. General Eronup Marogal [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 10 – Officer of the Grand Army 11 / LN] is in charge of the imperial forces on Wall of fire for several years and still the more experienced officier. He want to coordinate the line of gunpowder supply, according to him a serious weakness that can be exploited by invaders breaking in large numbers and using vessels of low tonnage, difficult to reach. Patient and asked the General seeks to test his theories soon organizing large secret maneuvers involving Clans Hurwaët of this without reference to the War Council.

Pride of Gunap
Gunap Topupak was a great engineer of the Glorious Giff empire, a legend among those of his caste, frequently shown an example to younger recruits. Gunap invented monstrous bombards and catapults, which gave birth to the great outer defense line. The birth of his inventions, however, did not without difficulty, and nearly half of the moon surface is a chaos of shattered rocks. Bombards gathered on the equator are so powerful that a simultaneous burst of all parts would be able to switch the moon in its orbit. Pride of Gunap defenses are employed in the third wave of fire when the attackers think they routed through the worst of what the Glorious Empire Giff has to offer.
General Anotius Gorunap [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 10 – Officer of the Grand Army 10 / LN] maintain his strong staff of two thousand fighters in constant state of alert. Operations on the arid plains are daily, and many fighters come from outersphere to simulate enemy forces so that Giff can adapt to any form of attack imaginable. The Turret fortress is considered the greatest stronghold of the outer defense system, considered impregnable by the Council of War members,Turret is the Outer command center during war against invaders like Illithid or Beholders scourging parties. Giant deposits and grain silos are buried deep, accessible only to a body composed of people trust, Gunapian Guard.

The equator of that moon rock is surrounded by huge bombards pointing they terrifying mouth onto the sky. Deep silos house hold sufficient gunpowder reserves powder to feed the giant fire weapons during a full week, the lunar plains are dotted with stacks of titanic ball, able to break the strongest hull having the misfortune to go to reach. A thousand engineers and sappers maintain that instruments of death, they are scattered in groups of twenty to thirty, in bunkers carved into the lunar rock. Unlike the two thousand soldiers of the rank assigned to Bombard, these specialists receive preferential treatment and have their lives greatly improved. General Gnopius Hacronipi [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 12 – Officer of the Grand Army 8 / LN] directs its quota in ensuring that its never specialists and soldiers do not cross more than necessary. Living conditions of the latter being often difficult in moons of the Iron Rempart.

The south pole of Bombard houses Treel ruins, inaccessible and protected by psionic defensive seals. The Council of War was never interested in the possible exploration of the site, but allowed some adventurers to plunge into the ruins. None came, and the absence of psionists among Giff comfortably the idea of officers to ban all the polar zone. The ruins shelter actually a powerful weapon from the OonShaneel era, an entity formed by the formidable Treel psionic energies, taking the form of a monstrous giant crystalline brain that would serve as living psijamming helm for a unique war vessel long forgotten. The brain crystal is dormant for millennia, it is awakening only for brief periods when huge bombards are used and their shots shake the lunar rock. Recently, lower minds are sufficiently approached for him to absorb their thoughts and discover the end of the Oon-Shaneel. Now, the aged mind gathers his psionic energy in order to appeal lower minds for integrated them in the warship components. At the heart of this forgotten psijammer, crystalline mind hope to browse Known Spheres to find traces of his dead master.


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