Mystaran Skyships in Spelljammer, Part II: Geodesic Ship

This vessel, Azlum Swith’s Geodome Airship, is an enormous icosahedron (d20). Calculating the tonnage straightforward once I was able to determine the size of the faces, and it just happened to come out to just about 100 tons. Like the ship in Champions of Mystara, this is an ideal vessel for a wizard who desires isolation, and as such, I made it capable of being handled by just the helmsman.

Name: Geodesic Ship

Built By: Human wizards, Arcane
Used Primarily By: Human wizards
Cost: 300,000 gp
Tonnage: 100 tons
Hull Points: 100
Crew: 1/100
Maneuverability Class: E (Special)
Landing—Land: Yes
Landing—Water: No
Armor Rating: 3
Saves As: Metal
Power Type: Major helm
Ship’s Rating: As per helmsman
Standard Armament:
2 Piercing Rams (1-F, 1-A)
Cargo Capacity: 50 tons
Keel Length: 94′
Beam Width: 80′

Description: The Geodesic Ship is an unusual vessel built in the shape of an icosahedron. It is made of metal and mirrored glassteel panels, and capable of being piloted by a single individual. Due to the design and construction of the vessel, it has a special bi-directional feature that allows it to move forward or backward at its full SR. In effect, both fore and aft directions can be considered forward for the purposes of movement, although this can only be decided at the beginning of the round

Typically, the vessel is built unarmed. Optionally, or at a later date, various polyhedral faces can be designed to open and allow the mounting of up to four weapons of various sizes. As a favorite abode of wizards, it often has additional magical protections as well. It has considerable space for cargo, laboratories, libraries, or passengers, and cargo can be loaded through three hatches at the base of the vessel. In addition, hatches can be built in other locations as desired if cargo loading is preferred through other locations.

The Geodesic Ship was originally designed by an organization of geometer and artificer wizards some centuries ago. After initial construction, the plans and specifications were sold to the Arcane, who now build and sell these vessels.

Ship Cards:



The gravity plane runs through Level 5, so that level is doubled, and “Ground Level” (which would be the base should the ship set down on a planet) is the ceiling of the lowest level. On the map, Level 2 = Level 1, Level 3 = Level 2, Level 4 = Level 3, and Level 5 is both Level 4 and 5. Levels above that are normal. Internal walls will vary from ship to ship; levels below the gravity plane tend to hold cargo, libraries, unbreakable materials, and quarters for servants or crew, whereas above the gravity plane are the living quarters for the wizard who owns the ship and his laboratories, as well as the bridge. In essence, it is recommended to disregard any interior structures on the deck plan and make them truly unique when using this ship.

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