The Giff Sphere – The World of Garrison (II)

World type: Spherical rocky
Size: E (equatorial diameter of 12 844km)
Breakaway: 3 rounds
Rotation: 96 hours
Revolution: 1284 days
Moon: Barracks
Population: 8,458,227 Giff, 420,114 Silekh
Magic weaving: Cramped, divine magic dominant
Pantheon: Knappak
Garrison is a gigantic mountainous range extending from one pole to the other, and whose highest peaks rising to several thousand meters. Icy winds blow through deep gorges which develops a primitive fauna of giant reptiles. Number of mountains have huge cave systems through which flow rivers to raging currents, Garrison landscapes are breathtaking and never seem to be altered by the industrious Giff.
Home Ports :Garrison has several commercial ports on large plateaux forming an autonomous province under the control of the Giff imperial Guilds, the Merchant District, which together, not only members of the five major guilds of the Sphere, but also their business partners have isolated trading posts, mostly hidden to avoid search from the Imperial investigators. Nevertheless, many of these Outersphere traders maintain their concessions in this world, because they allow them to enjoy the prosperity of a thriving empire. The main port of District Merchant appoints Piastre it not derogates to the Giff urban model, with its straight quarters and barracks-like dwellings. The majority of traders are from Outersphere.  Syndarhaan mostly, architects Giff have conceded a few parks in their city, which remains however facing the optimal functionality. Piastre is built on the banks of a lake whose waters are often caught in the ice, significant additional taxes are levied to maintain the waves accessible to spelljammers. Large plazas are also reserved for vessels, they are connected to several major zocalo. Governor Numop Omupi [Giff / Sphere Traders 10 – Officer of the Grand Army 2 / LN] have the authority on the Merchant District and all guildian business, he maintain three regiments of the Grand Army in perfect condition, as to ensure the safety of merchant and respect of the Imperial Laws.Resources :
Garrison has prodigious mineral resources and sees his bowels exploited for centuries by Giff and their vassals. Huge areas formerly covered by colossal mountains are now virtually exhausted quarries, but the veins are so numerous and varied that generations of Giff may still draw blithely mineral wealth Garrison.Cultures:
Long before the Glorious Giff empire,the Treel carved huge caverns where armies of primitive slaves were parked. GnŭhŏŏmNaac was a minor conquest in the continued expansion of the Oon-Shaneel agregates, and despite the painful gravity for the Treel several psionic sanctuaries were established, where psionic glyph maintain near-void conditions. . For nearly a millennium, the slaves dug to extract gems for their masters, they eventually develop a culture based on wild talents and when the powerful Oon-Shaneel collapse, a nation of free slaves born in mountains. HoomSăătăăc developed around the ancient Treel sanctuaries and three powerful bloodlines who harness the more potent wild talents. But the inhabitants of this young nation proved unable to maneuver the large organic psijammers of their former masters, and many sections of this advanced culture definitely remained elusive. A century after his birth, HoomSăătăăc collapsed, victim of a psionic plague inadvertently released during the opening of a Treel sanctuary. The people found private chefs and scattered in small communities in the mountains, falling into savagery in a few generations.When Giff discover the nearby world of Trebuchet, numerous caves visible from the heavens push to name the planet name Garrison. The highlands are covered with tent camps, which are rapidly strengthened. Complex negotiations between the Council of War and the masters of imperial Guilds sees his latest get major concessions, and while the forces of the Grand Army gathered on the moon Barracks, the surface of the planet becomes a territory dedicated to trading.
Silekh Ogres are numerous on Garrison, where they found living conditions close to their polar environment of Trebuchet. They develop several imperial cities in the mountains and contribute greatly to strengthen the guildian influenceagreeing to found several shipyards dedicated to building barges for the Imperial Fleet. Garrison is rapidly becoming the world‘s best-known of Giffspace, Outersphere travelers being are directed towards the large zocalo of Piastre while being closely monitored by the imperial investigators. Nevertheless, the world is considered minor in the Glorious Giff empire. Governor Numop Omupi does not have a great influence in the Council of War, and its strong links with the masters of imperial Guilds make his government a facade for the actions of many powerful individuals, often linked to organizations based outersphere.Specific sites :
Garrison is not fully explored world, only Silekh Ogres venture into the mountains in search of dracogemmes and unique minerals. Giff are confined to the highlands and travel with the spelljammers imperial Guilds, never taking undeveloped land routes.
Silekh Ogres are aware of the past existence of a people handling the Ways of the Mind. Until now, none of the HoomSăătăăc sanctuaries has yet been discovered, but traces allow Silekh mages to determine a chronology for this vanished race. All information collected by the ogres indicate a large sanctuary hidden under the top of a lone high mountain, it would be named Hěměklŏrŏŏn and would house a geode to create psionic objects made by thought. The sanctuary is in the heart of a metropolis on several levels, which housed hundreds of individuals, protected by formidable crystalline golem.

The Garrison’s moon house the III Imperial Fleet, bringing three hundred small carriers and warships. A line of giant catapults, pointing towards the sky, can threaten spelljammers approaching dangerously. The large port of Breastplate, where Admiral Otoni Ornoph [Giff / Warrior of the Spheres 10 – Officer of the Imperial Fleet Giff 8 / LN], keep a proper lookout and regulates trade in Garrison orbit. The former House Ornoph has an extensive network of contacts within the military administration and Admiral Otoni use this asset to recruit the best crews for its defense barges.
Breastplate also has a small zocalo where the Garrison ores are melted in large and official forges, where many of the skilled Giff smith and Silekh mages produce excellent type of armors. Breastplate is a great and well known market, where strangers can receive derogation for trade with locals. 



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  1. Wow! That’s a beautiful starfield… Is it handmade? The render is pretty nice, too.

    It’s a real shame that the web site is squeezing the aspect ratio of the image, though. It should be easy to fix.

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