The following is a description of Caer’Thun space from the Toy Soldier Saga website.  It was created by Erin McRoy:

Caer’Thunspace is an ancient sphere which connects to Greyspace in a two-way flow, leads to Realmspace in a one-way flow, and is accessible from Spiralspace and Dragonspace.  It is the home to ancient elven cultures that may predate the Crown Wars of Toril and a variety of magically and technologically adept species and cultures.

Jarak-Korath – Type H Planet Icon Irregular Fire – the sun at the center of the sphere is actually an immense glowing golden dragon, usually sleeping in an ouroboros shape.  “He” is believed by some to be the creator of the sphere.  His light is spiritual more than physical, as is his warmth.  Civilizations live on his body with no ill effects.  The metallic dragons of the sphere regard him as their creator, and worship him inasmuch as dragons can be said to worship anything.

Inkala – Type G Planet Icon Spherical Water – This enormous water body, like Karpri, has no land whatsoever, and it has an odd orbit that takes it around the sun in a winding spiral pattern rather than a circular path.  The primary race of the world is a species of lizardperson known for their magical abilities, and they consider any species without natural magical abilities to be developmentally challenged.  Their expressions sometimes confuse humanoid observers because they seem counter-intuitive.  Inkali lizardfolk are also known to eat elves as a delicacy.

Kord’dok – Type C Planet Icon Irregular Earth – This floating mountain in the Void was called “Dwarf-home” in Ancient Dwarvish and at the present it is inhabited almost entirely by dwarves and rock gnomes and svirfneblin.  However, unbeknownst to most of the rest of the world, there is a colony of dwarves who keep drow slaves in secret.

Caer’Thun – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Earth, Planet Icon Elliptical Moon (Sira-Korath) & Planet Icon Irregular Moon (Corellon’s Moon) – Caer’Thun is the primary world of the sphere and the location for part of “Sable’s Privateers”and “Sweet Water and Light Laughter”.  Significant  cultures include Veladin and Velmai’lain (high and green elven; home of Valrik and Kaymen); Tohvas’niras (grey elven); Inhidia (human Amazonian); the Tyrannen (human empire); Val’tarrak (scro); Dwarvenforge (dwarven); the City of Tornn (human) and Symerin (elven/mixed; city-state of mages.)  One of the most significant landmarks is a giant mountain range known as the Iron Hills; the largest of which is Mount Syriak, an enormous pointed rock that pierces the stratosphere.  Sira-Korath is actually the egg of Jarak-Korath, and she is the “goddess” of the chromatic dragons.  Though ovoid, it is her “top” face that is turned steadily towards Caer’Thun and therefore the moon appears round and waxes and wanes, just like any other moon.  Corellon’s Moon is actually in a crescent shape which neither waxes nor wanes, and naturally there is an IEN base on it; though the dark side is inhabited by drow.  The erratic orbit of Inkala causes a major eclipse on Caer’Thun about once every twelve years that lasts an entire day.

The Jewels – Type E Planet Icon Cluster Earth – This enormous reflective asteroid cluster is visible from Caer’Thun as a cluster of about a dozen large stars (planets) of varied colours in their night sky, harbinging dusk and dawn.  Spelljammers would find it much less romantic, in that it is mostly infested with merchants, free-traders and pirates who make a living through the Jewels being the only significant planetary body on the way to the primary after a great deal of empty Void.  Part of the body is inhabited by kindori riders, and another part by star selkies.  No one knows whether it used to be a whole planet once or was always in its current form.

Trinhea – Type H Planet Icon Cluster Earth (Liveworld) – Trinhea was a teeming green liveworld until it, and the goddess of nature in the sphere, was destroyed by defiler mages out of Athas (Dark Sun).  However tragic these events, the two enormous starfly plants which used to grow on the worlds poles survived the experience, though not without considerable damage.  This is the first major body of the sphere after a lot of empty Void and so the IEN permits almost anyone to land here, but under strict supervision that may involve random cargo hold searches for no reason.  Location of the Battle of Trinhea in “Brothers in Arms”.


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