Scrospace (Dukagshspace)

The following is a brief description of Scrospace, called Dukagshspace by its inhabitants, from my Toy Soldier Saga website:

Home sphere of the Scro Empire; burial site of Dukagsh, founder of the scro race, for whom the principle world of the sphere is named.  Our campaign had free license to do whatever we liked with this sphere, since the canon sources have limited themselves to describing Dukagsh as “a harsh world,” and explaining that the tomb of legendary hero Dukagsh is fixed in a stationary orbit around the planet Dukagsh’s North Pole.  Even fan material rarely mentions it; only a novel series called “The Bri’kerzz Sweep” touches on it at all, describing the destruction of Dukagsh’s Tomb by the protagonist’s ship, and there is nothing on the sphere’s statistics itself.  Hence, we were free to engage in full-fledged flights of fancy.  This sphere is the primary location of the events of “Brothers in Arms.”

Gruumsh’s Eye (The Sun) – Type J Planet Icon Flatworld Fire; the planets in this sphere orbit this coin-shaped flatworld, creating an effect like a slowly closing and opening eye.  The “bright side” of the sun causes summer, while the “dark side” causes winter, with the Eye appearing as a half-closed eyeslit during spring and fall.  The natives refer to this process as “Gruumsh’s Wink” and use it to tell time: “My son has seen Gruumsh wink six times as of today!”  Also, extradimentional travel is not possible on the dark side of the Eye, so one cannot teleport or gate etc. to or from Dukagsh in the winter months.

Dukagsh – Type F Planet Icon Spherical Earth, Planet Icon Spherical Moon (Luthic) Planet Icon Cubic Moon (Tomb of Dukagsh); periodic dangerous space storms of mist and solar winds often make approach by spelljamming ship difficult.  This planet is mostly ocean, with a huge continent and high surrounding mountain ranges.  The tropical jungle that forms the edges of the continent and therefore, most of the habitable terrain, is teeming with an overabundance of life, much of which is predatory.  Dukagsh has one natural moon, Luthic, which is the site of the largest temple to the Den Mother in the Known Spheres.  Its artificial moon, the Tomb of Dukagsh, is a giant black marble mausoleum constructed both to house the remains of scro founder and cultural hero Dukagsh, and to serve as a parliamentary building for the High Council of the Twenty-Four Tribes of the Scro Empire.  This world and its moons are the primary location of most of the events of “Brothers in Arms”.

Tarrak Gar – Type B Planet Icon Amorphous Air/Fire; “harbinger of war” this comet loops in a rapid elliptical orbit between Gruumsh’s Eye and Bahgtru’s Teeth, throwing off solar winds, mist, and electromagnetic interference that it gathers from Gruumsh’s Eye as it goes.  It creates solar weather that varies from rapid winds to dangerous tempests throughout the sphere, especially around planetary bodies.

Yurtrus – Type C Planet Icon Irregular Earth; this white rock was inhabited mostly by small humanoids (goblins and kobolds) when the scro arrived in the sphere.  They named it for their fearsome god of death for a few reasons.  The first is that it is plagued with ancient undead (mummies, ghosts, ghasts, ghouls, etc.) due to some ancient pact with dark powers gone horribly wrong; the details are lost to time.  The second is for its ghostly colouration at a distance.  The third is because the first immigrants were ravaged by a variety of poxes and other diseases.  To this day, no one who is not a native goes there without strong clerical power at their disposal, and the Scro Empire mostly uses it for mining, manufacturing and other labourious tasks, usually carried out by condemned criminals.

Shargaas – Type F Planet Icon Spherical Water (Rings); this very dark world water world is almost invisible from Dukagsh; hence its name, inspired by the orcish god of thieves and darkness.  Since it is abundant with aquatic life that would be at home in the deepest depths of most oceans or Underdark seas, passing spelljamming ships often land in the rings, which are a belt of obsidian asteroids, to resupply.  Occasionally kua-toa tribes attack fishing spelljammers, and every once in a while, an aboleth is inspired to take slaves.

Bahgtru’s Teeth – Type A Planet Icon Belt Earth; these asteroids are a favourite site for scro prison camps, goblin and kobold mining colonies, and pirates.

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