Captain Sable’s Logbook: Eleventh-Month, 2014 SD

sablepiratequeenAhoy there, me hearties!  I’m back in port now after my long journey, and I guess I’ll rest here for the stormy winter months.  There’s quite a lot going on in the spheres that are worthy of sharing.

This Month’s Theme: War in Space

In Canada, we call it Remembrance Day.  In Britain, it’s Armistice Day.  In the US, it’s Veteran’s Day.  Warfare is a part of our experience and we are honouring that this month.  If you want to submit your tales of great space battles, weapons of warfare, or battle ships, see our Submission Guidelines.

Ships of Mystara

AuldDragon continues his series on the ships of Mystara, adapted for the Spelljammer setting.

Toy Soldier Saga

The Toy Soldier Saga is still taking a hiatus during November due to another writing project which has demanded my immediate attention.  Sorry about that folks!

Silverblade the Enchanter

Most of us know him as a brilliantly talented artist and we use his work extensively throughout the fanzine, but he’s also applying his creative mind to character profiles, which we will be including.  We also have some new art of his to show you!

From the Vaults of Beyond the Moons

In the interests of the theme, we’ll be digging some stuff out of the vaults of the Beyond the Moons website, especially the work of Paul (GM) Westermeyer!

The Voyages of Deryn Naythas

Deryn continues to create his vast and involved spheres for our French-speaking Spelljammer fans!  We will occasionally post links to his vastly creative blog and he’ll be posting stuff for us as well.

Join us in our voyage through the stars!

By Sable Aradia, Managing Editor


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