Sanders, First Mate of the “Mindful Cutlass”

Sanders by Silverblade the Enchanter. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.

Sanders is a huge man, 6′ 6″, and his eerie,glowing sapphire eye and very observant presence make him a very intimidating person.
The magical eye was the result of a dreadful accident many years ago that could have taken his head off when a rope napped under heavy load, it still mashed his face and eye into pulp though.
He was lucky that a Xixichil surgeon was on board and saved his life, and gave him sight back. Those strange insect-beings have very peculiar ideas of aesthetics however, and always like to tinker…so the sapphire “eye” he grafted into Sander’s head not only lets him see, he can also see in the dark, judge a man’s soul for good or evil and give insights into a person or spot things others may not notice, very useful when dealing with crew and potential recruits.
Rendered in Maxwell.

by Silverblade the Enchanter



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