Comet Song

If you’re a space science (and fantasy) nut like me, you’re sitting on the edge of your seat right now, reading everything coming out of the Philae and Rosetta spacecraft project.  This is what a comet sounds like; or at least, what this comet sounds like.  Do you think the starhands hear noises like this sailing in the cosmos?  I sure do!


3 comments on “Comet Song

  1. There are comets in the Spelljammer universe, but not much is written about them, at least not in Spelljammer products.

    I know that Forgotten Realms has a comet, called the King-Killer Star, which causes dragons to go mad on Toril, whenever it is seen in the skies.

    • I had forgotten about that, but I remember it now. Though they don’t really cover it in the Realmspace supplement, do they? I think there could be a lot more room for that. I made one for my conception of Dukagshspace called “Harbinger of War.”

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