NPCs of Bral: Salehdour; Fence, Madam and Smuggler

Adult content warning – discretion advised.

Salehdour (Sah-leh-do-er) is seemingly, a dusky skinned woman of around 40, very voluptuous and sensually attractive. She runs an opulent brothel inside the Rock of Bral, in a salubrious area known well for it’s shady nature.
Some know her as a fence, dealing in items of neither high nor low value, and her minions dealing in cheaper items. her stable of ladies-of-the-night are pretty good looking, well cared for and do trade for better than average customers, such as shopkeepers, mates and senior hands on ships and the like.

Others, a very few, know she runs at a distant touch a lot of common types of smuggling, and her close associates deal with more prohibited and expensive cargoes from slaves to drugs.

But her truth is much darker….

While seemingly a very congenial woman with a lush body and great skill at talking with people into reasonable frames of mood and trade, she’s really ruled by darker passions. Her true physical form is a slim, very plain, mousy blond, pale skinned woman. Calling on some dark power, she was granted a beautiful body and skills as a warlock.
(It maybe Gra’azt, or fey with a sensual or procreative aspect possibly related to Chauntea that she venerates, for she has very lusty but slightly dark appetites, but the choice is up to the DM)

Emboldened by her new beauty, she likes to seduce certain straight-laced types, and begetting children from their unions as proof and means of blackmail, mostly to gain information and protection not merely money which she’s highly skilled at making. Whatever power she venerates also granted her magical fertility, and she is usually seen to be pregnant, but her normal gestation period cut in half which she explains away by saying she worships a fertility god, which in a way she does.

Her brood adore Salehdour, for all her evil in some ways, she fiercely protects and cares for her offspring, and they likewise stay very close to her, become almost indoctrinated to her. Some becoming prostitutes, guards, thieves or whatever, thus she has little fear of her inner circle betraying her as they are mostly her own kin.
Since she also likes coupling with rougher, or even evil types at times, she has a few half-orc, tiefling and other such children.

The truth is, she has a very powerful hold on a lot of the criminal activities on Bral, but few at all know this. With no ego to gloat on her power in ways many male crime lords might, she’s quite content to stay back and oversee a well run, careful shady business empire.

Some things she avoids or controls, not for morals but to prevent exposure, over the years she has tipped off the authorities to people and crimes that might badly effect her. Usually this is done anonymously, a few times she tells either her blackmailed victims, or a few folk she respects even if they are on opposite sides of the fence, again, gaining her respect which is something she craves but not desperately.

It’s wrong to assume she’s black hearted and totally evil, not at all, she’s quite complex.

Long ago she was mocked and spurned by a powerful person on Bral (again choice is the DM’s), she’d dared tell him of her love for him, her, a plain, almost ugly common servant? He’d had her whipped and driven from his house naked in shame.

That identity is long gone, and she plots and has long worked on a truly horrible revenge upon him, and possibly endangers Bral itself by doing so.

A priest of Ilmater found her, naked, bleeding and weeping, and cared for her, because of this, she has a soft spot for that god and his followers and is kind or helps them in ways.

A few times, Salehdour has had her tougher children beat the hell out of someone who assaulted or disrespected a priest or priestess of Ilmater.

If the PCs encounter her, she should be played as a bon vivant overseeing a highly skilled and luxurious little realm of her own, very good humoured, great company and very arousing, both sexually and with sheer pleasure of pleasant and intelligent conversation.

Though she may try to seduce or even have a child with a interesting PC (which could have ramifications if she and the party become enemies!), she’s also very happy just to talk to folk who are interesting, well travelled and full of good stories. Another fondness she has is for games of cards.

Those who disrespect her or think she’s less because of her sex, well…she won’t harm them unless she has to or they have been very rude or worse, in which case she’d use curses and sabotage by minions etc, preferring to make enemies’ lives miserable rather than merely kill them.

It’s also very possible she may befriend or aid the party. She’s neither stupid nor wantonly cruel except to those she thinks have deserved her displeasure and so, she could help against other enemies on Bral with information etc. Or merely because she likes the PCs.

The party should be quite safe in her establishment, it is very sell laid out and defended and is the last place she’d want to have any disruptions.

As an example of the severity of her piques:

One of her smugglers she found was raping some of his crew and the passengers they were supposed to be escorting to restrictive places. For punishment, she had the man’s entrails slowly pulled through his cored open backside, and keeping him alive with magic, had him fed his entrails a bit at a time, took him a week to die.

While no one knows she did it sometimes personally, others were allowed to see the punishment, thinking her two sons who are in charge of that group of smugglers were doing it all. So, no one messes with her smuggled passengers.

Most people assume it’s her allies or specific offspring running various things, not seeing the larger web she controls.

By Silverblade the Enchanter

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