The Wartusker (Part 2)

Crew of the Wartusker

CAPTAIN – ‘Manmauler’ Olarf is an ogre chieftain with these characteristics: AC 4 (chain armor & shield); HD 7+1; hp ; #ATT 1; DMG 1d10+9; AL CE; EXP 1,400; STR 19, INT 6, CHA 5. Wears chain mail and carries a shield. Olarf is armed with a bastard sword +2. He wears a gold ring set with four small amethysts (500 gp) which is a Ring of Fire Resistance. He has a pouch with 25 pp, 33 gp, 75 sp, and 6 uncut topazes (value: 120 gp each). Olarf is the largest (and strongest!) ogre aboard the Wartusker, whose wide girth cannot be fully contained by his filthy red sash. Olarf is also quite stupid, boorish, and cruel. Ironically, he believes himself to be a great captain, a brilliant tactician, and the gods’ gift to women. Woe be any woman who falls into Olarf’s clutches; many have died due to his ‘affection’.

CHIEF SPELLJAMMER – Chotaka is an ogre magi with these characteristics: AC 4 (no armor); 9th level Wu Jen; hp 60; #ATT 1; DMG 7-14 or 7-12; AL LE; EXP 8,000; STR 18/00, INT 17; WIS 12; CHA 16. Chotaka wears no armor; he is a 9th level Wu Jen. He carries a massive bo stick and a belt pouch with 20 large star shuriken. Chotaka is quite tall at 11’, with a light blue complexion and dark green hair. He possessed the following magical items: Ring of the Gargoyle, Robe of Holding, 5 potions of Extra-Healing, Wand of Fear, and a Pearl of Power (4th level).
Chotaka is the true power aboard the Wartusker. He is an ogre magi from Steelspace, with the mission to use the chaos created by those useful idiots, the scro, to gather information about the current condition of the spheres that once comprised the empire of Zivilyn. He found Olarf on Toril, and has charmed him into thinking he’s the captain. Olarf and his family of ogres are convenient patsies for Chotaka’s activities, which is to gather intelligence and secure new slaves for the ogres of Steelspace.
Chotaka has the following spell-like abilities: fly (for 12 turns), invisibility, darkness 10’ radius, polymorph to humanoid or similar form (4’ to 12’ tall), and regenerates 1 hp/round. Once per day he can charm person, sleep, assume gaseous form, and cone of cold (60’ long, base 20’ diameter, 8d8 damage save for half). Additionally, he has memorized the following spells (7/3/3/2/1): Hypnotism, Magic Missile x4, Shield, Unseen Servant; ESP; Fire Shuriken, Knock; Dispel Magic, Enhance Rating, Suggestion; Confusion, Quell; Conjure Elemental (Air).

MATE – Meatsack is a half-ogre (Olarf’s oldest son, in fact) with these characteristics: AC 5 (chain armor); F6; hp 54; #ATT 1; DMG 4-13; AL CE; EXP 650; STR 18/47, CON 17, INT 7; WIS 5; CHA 6. Wears chain mail armor but has no shield. Meatsack is armed with a two-handed sword +1. He wears gold earrings set with small rubies (value: 50 gp) and a golden armband (value: 125 gp). He has a pouch with 15 gp, 197 sp, and 4 pearls (value: 110 gp each). Meatsack is Olarf’s oldest son from a human female who died in childbirth. He is Olarf’s favorite, and as such, quite spoiled. He is grossly fat, unattractive, and quite stupid, inheriting all of his father’s bad traits and almost nothing from his poor mother. Like Olarf, he fancies himself a ladies’ man and regularly abuses any women the ship captures.

SHIP’S DOCTOR – Shitai no Hana is the ship’s resident priestess. She worships the Dark Empress, an aspect of Takhisis worshipped in Steelspace. She has these characteristics: AC 4 (no armor); P8; hp 49; #ATT 1; DMG 6-13; AL LE; EXP ; STR 18/01, INT 16, WIS 18, CHA 14. Wears elaborate robes decorated with images of pain and suffering, intermixed with beautiful cherry blossoms. She is armed with a tetsubo +2. She wears a pearl necklace worth 600 gp. Shitai no Hana, in her true form, is a darkly beautiful ogre mage, with green skin and deep blue hair. However, she typically disguises herself as a rather ugly ogre male, to avoid conflict with jealous female ogres (in particular, Madame Babu). She has the following magical items: Ring of Human Influence, Potion of Fire Breath, and a bag of 4 pinches of Dust of Illusion. She has memorized the following spells (6/5/3/2): Bless, Cause Light Wounds x2, Command, Deflection, Protection from Good; Enthrall, Hold Person, Silence 15’ Radius, Spiritual Hammer, Withdraw; Dispel Magic, Protection from Fire, Possess Animal; Animal Summoning I (used to summon scavvers), Cure Serious Wounds. She often uses the softwood spell to preserve prisoners to be sold as slaves in Steelspace.

BOSUN – Shitoa Hasbia is an ogre mage with the following characteristics: AC 4 (no armor); W5; hp 40; #AT 1; DMG 6-10; AL LE; EXP ; STR 18/78, INT 18, W12, CHA 12. Shitoa wears no armor and is armed with a sai +1. He has the abilities of a 5th level Wu Jen, and is Chotaka’s apprentice. He acts as backup helmsman to Chotaka and usually takes the helm when the Wartusker is not in battle. He has the following spells memorized when not on helm duty: (5/2/1): Hypnotism, Magic Missile x2, Shield, Unseen Servant; Fire Shuriken, Knock, Whip; Lightning Bolt.

HELMSMAN – Tetsu no Choa is a female ogre mage with statistics identical to Shitoa Hasbia above. She shares helm duty with Shitoa and is considered the junior of the two Wu Jen. She usually uses her polymorph ability to appear as a small male ogre mage; like Shitai, she wishes to avoid trouble with Madame Babu. Tetsu has a wicked since of humor and tends to play practical jokes; Madame Babu is most often the butt of her jokes (although quite often Madame Babu is completely unaware of the joke!).

SHIP’S COOK – Madame Bubu is the ship’s cook and Olarf’s ‘mate’. Like her husband, she is not faithful; none of her twelve children were fathered by Olarf. She is ugly, grossly fat, and overall a very disgusting creature. She has the following characteristics: AC ; HD 4+1; hp 20; #ATT 1; DMG 1-10 (club); AL CE; EXP 420; STR 18/50; INT 8; WIS 7; CHA 4. She wields a large club and has no magical treasure. She does wear several pieces of jewelry: two sets of earrings (value: 35 gp and 115 gp), a pearl necklace (500 gp), a gold armband (75 gp), and four gold rings (100 gp, 200 gp, 220 gp, and 130 gp). Her ‘pretty boy’, the orc Gimmertusk, is never far from her side. He is her latest ‘plaything’; she gets a new one every year or so. Gimmertusk is easily identifiable by the collar around his neck, connected to a chain Madame Bubu holds. And that Madame Bubu refuses to allow him to wear more than a loincloth. In combat, Gimmertusk would gladly accept the sweet release of death.

OGRE CREWMEN – There are 39 regular ogres aboard the Wartusker. All are considered normal ogres, with no outstanding abilities. Twenty are males and 23 hit points each. Twelve are females and have 16 hit points each. The rest are children with 9 hit points each. Each wears smelly hides and furs (AC X) and is armed with a large axe. All are of CE alignment. They were recruited from Thar on Toril; Olarf is their chieftain. They are completely obedient to his commands. Each has 1-2 pieces of jewelry worth 10-40 gp each, and each possess 4-40 coins of mixed denominations.

OROG CREWMEN – Six Orogs, the children of Madame Bubu, are aboard the Wartusker. They have these characteristics: AC 5; HD 3; hp 15 each; #ATT 1; DMG 2-9 (cutlass); AL LE; EXP 65; STR 17. Each has a suit of chain armor, medium shield, and is armed with a cutlass and heavy crossbow. They each have money or jewelry that amounts to 5-20 gp in value. Despite their questionable parentage, ‘The Brothers’ (as they are commonly called) are probably some of the most competent crewmen aboard the Wartusker. They command the weapon crews and each is considered an expert in either the heavy ballista or heavy catapult. The orcs view the Brothers as leaders; Chotaka has plans for them, assuming they survive the Wartusker’s current mission.

HALF-OGRE CREWMEN – Four half-ogres, children of various ogres, are part of the crew. They have the following characteristics: AC 3 (chain armor), HD 2+6; hp 18 each; # ATT 1; DMG 2-9 (cutlass); AL CE; EXP 270; STR 17, INT 9. Each has a suit of chain armor and is armed with a cutlass and spear. The half-orcs possess money that amounts to 4-32 gp in value. The half-ogres are crude, unruly, and bullies. They are smarter than the ogres and typically lead boarding actions. They bunk with the ogre crewmen.

ORC CREWMEN – The bulk of the Wartusker’s crew is comprised of sixty orcs from Borka. They were picked up shortly before the Scro began their war. All are considered to be standard orcs with no outstanding abilities. Each has 6 hit points, and has studded leather armor (AC 7). They are armed with cutlasses (1d6 damage) and light crossbows. Each has 1-10 gp in mix coins and jewelry. They are bright enough to realize Olarf is a patsy for Chotaka. They do not know Chotaka’s origins or his mission.

True History of the Wartusker

The Wartusker was constructed over a thousand years ago in the shipyards of Korryl, in Steelspace. It was built to resemble the mammoths favored by the ogres not native of Steelspace at the time, so as to not lead any who could capture the ship back to the ogre home sphere. It was commissioned at the time by then Iron Duke Yrotto Komu to take advantage of the chaos the other humanoids were causing to secure slaves that were in great demand in the sphere, and to cause the elves some trouble as well.

To fulfill its mission, the Wartusker was manned by charmed ogres from beyond Steelspace, with most of the officers being Steelspace ogres (effectively ogre magi). The ogres were drawn from tribes of the Thar region of Toril; the ship made regular visits to that region to recruit fresh blood to replace crew who died in battle. Orcs were brought aboard as well to man the weapons and do the grunt work that ogres deemed ‘beneath’ them.

For four centuries, the Wartusker fulfilled its mission with excellence, up until the First Unhuman Wars broke out. During those times, the Wartusker was reassigned to the Ministry of Shadows and Espionage, to provide intelligence to the Iron Duke. Largely, the ogres of the Wartusker observed elven strategies, tactics, and the efficiency at which they dispatched the disorganized humanoid armies. Near the Wars’ conclusion, the Iron Duke deemed the Wartusker’s mission complete, and ordered his agents to slay the crew, making it appear that the ship was all but destroyed in an intertribal feud. They then left the Wartusker’s ‘wreck’ near where an elven patrol would spot it. When the elves investigated, they found a ‘badly damaged wreck’ with nothing but dead ogres aboard. What they did not realize is that the ogre agents were still aboard, in gaseous form, observing them closely, and that the damage to the ship was superficial or illusionary. With pressing matters elsewhere, the elves were forced to abandon the wreck with the intent of returning one day to ensure its destruction. By the time they got around to it, the Wartusker was long gone.

With the recent resumption of war, the Iron Duke has decided to once again activate the Wartusker and begin her mission anew. He has tasked Chotaka and his underlings to observe the war between the scro and the elves, to discern the tactics and strength of both sides. Additionally, Chotaka is to secure fresh slaves for Steelspace, as well as any interesting magic items and spells, using the chaos of the Second Unhuman Wars to cover his activities.
Using ancient star charts, Chotaka set course for Thar, on Toril, where he found and easily duped Olarf into taking command. Using his subtle charms, Chotaka has Olarf completely under his thumb, all the while Olarf believes himself to be captain of the vessel.

The Wartusker’s mission actually began years before the Scro began their War of Revenge (known to the rest of wildspace as the Second Unhuman Wars). Well-placed spies within the Scro high command informed the Iron Duke of the impending war, so he began preparations long before the first scro ship attacked the Elven Navy. Once the scro began their war, the Wartusker (and several ships like her) began their operations. Olarf has been in command for almost two decades, although his recollection of past events is quite hazy. He only remembers what Chotaka wishes him to remember.


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 By Adam “Night Druid” Miller


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