The Lady Red

Lady RedLamprey Ship
Built By: Humans
Used Primarily By: Humans
Tonnage: 25 tons
Hull Points: 25
Crew: 18
Maneuver Class: B
Landing-Land: No
Landing-Water: Yes
Armor Rating: 4
Saves As: Thick Wood
Power Type: Type I Minor Helm
Ship’s Rating: 2
Standard Armament:
4 medium ballista (Crew 2 each)
Cargo: 13 ton
Keel Length: 105’
Beam Length: 25′

The Lady Red is an ancient Lamprey vessel, with the front grapple ram replaced by an upswept bow. The ship has passed through many hands over its thousand-year existence. The current owner is Lady Vyxanna, a beautiful elven woman, and crewed by her admirers and suitors. They are fanatically loyal to her and would gladly give their lives to her. She is, of course, not what she appears.

The Lady Red operates as a smuggling vessel, typically dealing in spices, drugs, illegal magic, and even slaves. Lady Vyxanna has had dealings with the Chainmen, Tenth Pit, and several groundling organizations including the Zhentarim and Scarlet Brotherhood. She uses her wiles to slip her illicit wares through customs and amass a fortune.
The Lady Red may be an ancient vessel, but it is in excellent condition. The ship was built from red oak that has been polished and stained to have a glimmering red sheen. The decking is so well-oiled and maintained that the ship hardly ever creaks or groans. It has been enchanted such that when in space, the air envelope smells faintly of fragrant flowers and soft music is heard, the particular song dependent on Lady Vyxanna’s mood.

Key to the Lady Red

Top Deck
1. Portholes: The two ‘eyes’ of the lamprey are these large, round, stained glass windows. They are red, gold, and blue in color and are quite beautiful. They are specially treated to be very and nearly unbreakable, in addition to allowing viewers from inside to look out while outside observers cannot see what is behind the windows.
2. Ballista: The Lady Red carries four medium ballistae, which are rarely used. The ship avoids conflict whenever possible, and uses its weapon solely for defense. Next to each weapon is a large trunk with 30 large bolts wrapped in oiled rags to keep them shiny and free of rust.

Main Deck
3. Secret Compartment: At the forward part of the main deck hides a small compartment behind a carefully concealed door. The door is wizard locked (as per a 4th level wizard), keyed to only open for Lady Vyxanna. Inside can be found three chests and two coffers.
• Chest 1: 5,396 cp, 7,938 sp, 2,718 gp
• Chest 2: 1,217 pp
• Chest 3: 4 Potions (Healing, Oil of Timelessness, Philter of Love, Treasure Finding)
• Coffer 1: 15 Gemstones (11 Red Spinels, value: 500 gp each; 4 rubies, value: 5,000 gp each)
• Coffer 2: Lady Vyzanna’s real log book, which details her nefarious activities, and her spellbook.
4. Lady Vyxann’s Quarters: The quarters of the Lady Red’s owner are lavishly decorated. A round, comfortable bed with silk sheets and covered by a thick, warm blanket of Shou style decorated with a fox. Furniture includes a fainting couch, a wardrobe filled with expensive dresses, a vanity with over 1,200 gp worth of cosmetics, a porcelain bathtub, and a full-length mirror. Four paintings of the Lady Vyxanna hang on the wall, including a 4’x6’ portrait. The floors are covered by luxurious Bakluni rugs.
5. Bridge: The ship’s Minor Helm is located here, along with a navigation table and star charts for ten spheres. There are also several planetary maps showing the ports where the Lady Red frequents. A ship’s log is located on the table, meticulously detailing the Lady Red’s cargo manifesto and legitimate business operations. This, of course, is a cover for the ship’s true operations, although the facts in the log are accurate to a degree.
6. Suitors’ Quarters: Lady Vyxanna’s suitors share this room. There are two sets of berths stacked three high along the forward and aft walls. There are five brass-bound sea chests here as well, which contain the personal possessions of the suitors. Each chest holds roughly 4-24 gp worth of clothes, knickknacks, books, and other manner of items.
7. Kitchen: The Lady Red sports one of the finest kitchens found aboard ship in the Known Spheres. Lady Vyxanna always has a gourmet chef in her crew. There is a magical oven that can heat food without using fire or flame, thus useable in the phlogiston. The kitchen has a multitude of pots, pans, skillets, knives, ladles, and the like, the quality of which would be the envy of the best taverns on the Rock of Bral.
8. Dining Hall: Adjacent to the kitchen is an exquisite dining hall. A cut-glass chandler hangs over a long decorative dining table that can seat twelve. At the head of the table is an elaborate and comfortable, throne-like chair. Only Lady Vyxanna is allowed to sit here. Anyone else who tries to sit in the chair will be violently set up by her loyal crewmen. The remaining eleven chairs, while well-made and comfortable, are not as elaborate or comfortable. A locked chest in the corner holds twelve sets of fine Shou dishes and silverware, enough for twelve people. Another chest holds twelve fine wine goblets. All are carefully packed in straw and the chests bolted to the floor to prevent any jostling that might damage the fine ware.
9. Crew Quarters: The crewmen of the Lady Red share this room. There are four sets of berths stacked three high along the walls, with twelve small cubbies squeezed in the spaces not used for berths. In the center of the room is a small table with four small stools around it. The only thing of value here are the personal effects of the crew (2d6 gp worth of coins, knickknacks, and other personal possessions per crewman).
10. Upper Cargo Hold: The upper cargo hold is relatively small, only able to handle perhaps six tons of cargo. The cargo kept here is mostly the ship’s provisions. Aside from a typical assortment of food (which, generally speaking, is of higher quality than typical for a spelljamming crew) is a crate of fine wines, with more than a dozen vintages from across the sphere (100-400 gp per bottle, nineteen bottles total).

Cargo Hold
11. Lower Cargo Hold: The lower cargo hold is accessible by a hatch in the upper cargo hold. Usually, this hatch is covered by crates and therefore the lower cargo hold is inaccessible when the ship is in flight. The ceiling of the lower cargo hold is low, no more than eight feet at its tallest point and usually about six feet high. Cargo stored here is cargo the Lady Red is paid to transport. Often, most of this cargo is legitimate wares, used to conceal contraband in false bottoms, behind illusions, and other tricks. The lower cargo hold has a capacity of seven tons.


Lady Vyxanna (werefox)
AL CE, HD 8+1, hp 33, AC 2/4/6, #AT 1, DMG 1-2, 2-12, or by weapon, SA Charms, Spells, SD Silver or +1 weapons to hit, MR 90% immune to charm & sleep, SZ M
Spellbook (as per 4th level wizard):  Alarm, Armor, Color Spray, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Unseen Servant; Blur, Continual Light, ESP, Forget, Mirror Image, Wizard Lock.
Notable Possessions: Short Sword +2, Ring of Sustenance, Wand of Fire (45 charges), Scroll (7 spells),5 pieces of jewelry (1,200 gp necklace, 11 gp earring, 80 gp earring, 1,300 ring, 1,800 gp ring)
Lady Vyxanna appears to be an extremely beautiful elven woman, perhaps a Torilian sun elf with long red hair and green eyes. She dresses in fine Shou-silk dresses decorated with fine forest patterns, always with one slender leg showing through and her bosom displayed proudly. She is extremely vain, self-centered, and desires nothing less than to be the center of attention at all times. Never seen without fine makeup and a fortune’s worth of jewelry, she looks the part of a pampered princess. She keeps her short sword at her side in a decorative scabbard designed to make the weapon look like a prop, and uses her Wand of Fire as a decoration in her hair (it appears as a simple black stick).
The truth of Lady Vyxanna is that she is a lycanthrope, a werefox. Her age and true origins are anybody’s guess; she came into possession of the Lady Red about fifty years ago on Toril and took to the stars on a whim. She quickly found life in wildspace suited her, and she has remained ever since. The Known Spheres simply fascinates her; she is constantly seeking out new experiences, handsome men to seduce, and treasures to add to her collection.
As a villain, Lady Vyxanna has no ambitions beyond pampering herself and indulging in pleasure. She has gathered a crew of suitors and worshippers, all utterly devoted to her. She takes on new suitors and discards the old ones regularly. She is very good at manipulating gullible men and uses her wiles to get her way. She has left a trail of broken hearts across the Known Spheres, a fact that bothers her not in the least. In fact, she hardly even remembers the names of her current suitors, and instead gives them pet names that are easier for her to remember.
Kittatta (werefox, Non-combatant): Kittatta appears to be an elven child, about the equivalent age of a nine-year-old human child. She is Lady Vyxanna’s “daughter”, stolen at a young age and has been turned into a foxwoman. Kittatta has no memories of her former life and is devoted to her adoptive mother. She is both insufferably cute and a spoiled brat, and is already a master of manipulating adults through either appealing to their affections or throwing tantrums to get her way.

Lady Vyxanna’s current ‘stable’ of suitors includes five charmed individuals with some character abilities. She keeps them quite happy, although she manipulates and keeps them at odds to encourage them to out-do one another impressing her to become her ‘favorite’. All are known by Lady Vyxanna’s pet names; some have completely forgotten their real names.
“Muscles” (human): AL CN, F5, hp 40, AC 4 (chain & shield), #AT 3/2, DMG 8-15, STR 18/80, INT 5. “Muscles” is a large, stupid brute of a suel-blooded human that Lady Vyxanna picked up in Greyspace a while back. He is a simpleton and knows only that he must make his lady happy. He owns a +1 longsword and is specialized in its use.
“Leo” (human): AL LN, F3, hp 22, AC 3 (chain armor +1, shield), #AT 3/2, DMG 6-12, STR 17, INT 12. “Leo” is a dusky-skinned man with a shaven head. He is the nominal ‘captain’ of the ship, barking orders at the crew and keeping the ship running. He carries a +1 morning star and is specialized in its use.
“Numbers” (human): AL NE, T2, hp 10, AC 5 (leather & dex), #AT 1, DMG 2-7, DEX 16, INT 12. “Numbers” is Lady Vyxanna’s contact with the black market on the Rock of Bral. A Bral native, he knows well the streets of the city. He works to find jobs that will pay his lady well and keep her in the finery to which she has become accustomed. He has a short sword +1.
“Dash” (half-elf): AL C(G), F2/W1, hp 12, AC 7 (Ring of Protection +2, Dex), #AT 1, DMG 1-6, DEX 15, CHA 16. “Dash” is probably the best looking of Lady Vyxanna’s suitors, the ‘pretty boy’ of the bunch. He is also the youngest and least experienced of the group. He is every bit of an effete swashbuckler, armed with a rapier and a quick wit.
“Books” (half-elf): AL N, W3, hp 9, AC 10, #AT 1, DMG 1-4, INT 15. “Books” is a shy young man who spends much of his day reading. He fumbles his words when around women and comes across as unsure of himself, but is in fact fairly handsome. He has a black cat familiar. Spellbook: Detect/Read Magic, Friends, Jump, Magic Missile; Improved Phantasmal Force, Locate Object, Ray of Enfeeblement.

Charmed Sailors (12 humans and half-elves): AL N, F1, hp 6 each, AC 7, #AT 1, DMG 1-8, SZ M. The crew of the Lady Red is made up of a dozen male humans and half-elves, all hopelessly in love with Lady Vyxanna. They worship the ground she walks upon and are more than willing to die for their lady. They are all clad in leather armor and carry cutlasses. All of these sailors are strong (avg. STR 15), handsome, and very gullible (WIS 12 or less). They are all well-groomed, and would be considered ‘eye-candy’.

Pet Foxes (2):
Normal Form: AL N, HD 1, hp 3 each, AC 7, #AT 1, DMG 1-3
Giant Form: AL N, MV 36, HD 5, hp 25 each, AC 4, #AT 1, DMG 2-12, SZ L, SD pass without trace, regenerate 1 hp/round
Unlike normal werefoxes, Lady Vyxanna keeps a pair of special foxes as guards/pets. If the Lady is threatened, they instantly assume a giant form to defend her from harm. They are fanatically loyal to her and will protect the Lady with their lives. In a pinch, they can act as mounts for the Lady, allowing her swift escape from danger when planet-side. They are exceptionally swift and difficult to catch.

By Adam “Night Druid” Miller

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