NPCs of Bral: Maracheno a.k.a. “Spiker”, Head Foreman of the Dog Watch Stevedores

Maracheno is one of the head stevedors of the docks of Bral, he’s the Evening Foreman, for the shift he works.
A huge man who’s very dark, black skin is covered with the numerous scars he picked up from bar fights and as a mate on ships, usually privateers, and has very considerable experience of ship combat. The bottom half of his right ear is missing and the cut that took it left a huge scar almost to the corner of his mouth.
Scars from an alchemist fire bomb that hit his ship years ago left him only with patches of hair on his head, which he cuts very short, likewise he keeps a short beard.
Gravelly voiced, he’s an imposing figure and one well known on Bral.
Usually he wears steel studded and banded leather guards and bracers on his arms, and his favourite weapons are kept in the bracers: sort of a cross between a gimlet and a punch dagger his “spikes” are like thick arrow heads fixed at the end of a large gimlet, thus letting him do fearful punches, though mostly he uses them for cutting rope and testing cargo or whatever as needed.

The big stevedore came to Bral as a young boy, via Calimshan where his parents lived for a time, after they escaped some kind of blood feud from their home in Chult. Chased by the same problems they came to Bral, being expert woodworkers they made a very good living in the shipyard and also, in fine carved work.

Two of his siblings still live, their parents passed away two years ago one after the other, their father dying first. Maracheno’s eldest sister, Rechane, is a priestess of Lathander, a bit stern but a noted healer, and the other, Juyane is a woodcarver and cabinet maker who’s quite fat as she’s almost addicted to pastries.
Both women have large households with many children and the sisters are very noisy, nosey but have good hearted natures. They and his wife are about the only things Maracheno is scared of!

Taking to the sailor and then warriors trade with eager and very skilled heart, Maracheno went from cabin boy to the First Mate on well known and respected trade then warships, usually privateers, armed convoy protection and the like. A few adventures on shore put him off that for life, so he leaves tombs and dragons to those crazy enough to try that stuff!

A good bar fight and sweet grog are warm cheer, but nowadays, he stays on shore. A terrible battle cost him his leg, and while he finally scrapped up enough money to get it regenerated, his wife demanded he stay on shore, and he did. While reluctant in the extreme, his missing leg and injuries initially beached him, and he soon realized that, well, yes a man with a nagging, scared wife he loved very much, three children to worry about, and finding more and more grey hairs in his beard, it was time to settle down…a bit…just a bit.
He still kicks the ass of folk who piss him off, or treat his crew badly.

The true love of his life is a diminutive little lady called Kherren, though he calls her “Mouse”. A lady of mixed races she seems part halfling and has coppery skin, she was an orphan found on a pirated tradeship who was brought up in Bral, her origins seem to be from Greyhawk but she’s never really bothered with such as she was an infant when found and considers herself a native of Bral.
The Temple of Ilmater fostered her and she’s got an extremely kind heart, but she’s nobody’s fool and strong willed as iron. Making a living at fine embroidery, she fell for her roguish husband and they have been very happy together.

They have three children:
Bedrenn (boy aged 14, small, tough, thinker, always taking notes, works on docks with his dad, very smart about business may become a trader, secretly he’s already pretty well off by standards of his contemporaries from trading. He’s honest though with honest people, scumbags he reckons deserve to be robbed in as legal a way as possible. HIs father is looking to apprentice him to a reputable trader.)
Neliaa (girl aged 11, she already shows sorcerous powers particularly of Earth magic, her mother thus wonders if her family has earth genasi blood. Very self reliant girl, very sure of herself)
Resbarik (boy aged 7, seems to be taking after his father and will probably be a huge man when he’s grown, he is preternaturally tough, often found playing a squeezebox beside his dad and his men as they work which they appreciate.)

Many Captains know Maracheno and he is very well liked and respected, his own hand picked crew of stevedors are often asked for and paid bonuses for their good, swift work, as care and honesty are assured, since Maracheno would break the arm of any who stole, and idiots who broke too much would be kicked spacewards!
A good person to ask about gossip and comings and goings regarding ships and merchandise, and of the various captains especially of the privateers and adventurers.
However, he is a canny, hard, and honest man, and wise to the usual rogues and space scum and their tricks, so deals with such with his fists or, to keep in with the law, a careful word to friends in the city watch. While to many he seems the typical retired big tough sailor turned navvy, he’s a damn sight more wised up than he seems and isn’t above playing dumb when he has reason.
With his family living on Bral he will not allow any threat to his home.

By Silverblade the Enchanter

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