As’kaan, la Croisée multiverselle

Type de monde : Sphérique rocheux

Taille : G (diamètre équatorial de 138 547km)

Rotation : 89 heures

Révolution : 890 jours

Lunes : Jelessia, Plemissos, Ar’Komay, Sav’l’, Oorohn, Piel’k, Jorn’U’kaan

Population : 78 542 381 Askaari, 14 736 521 Sokaari

Trame magique : Tellur renforcée, magie divine dominante

As’kaan est un monde tellurique géant sur lequel s’exerce des forces planaires nombreuses et excessivement puissantes. Faunes et flores en ont depuis longtemps été altérées, et les peuples vivant à sa surface sont imprégnés par des énergies étranges.

Une unique masse continentale domine As’kaan, avec seulement quelques chaînes de grands lacs autour desquelles se sont développées de gigantesques métropoles. Quelques hautes montagnes résument les reliefs les plus marquants, mais dans son ensemble, la surface planétaire est une lande rocailleuse agrémentée de forêts et de plaines herbeuses.

Un très grand nombre de portails planaires ont altérés en profondeur les forces régnant sur As’kaan, et de nombreux phénomènes…

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Review of SJA1 Wildspace

Here is a reprint of a review I wrote about SJA1 Wildspace.


Before I start with the review, a word of warning: SJA1 Wildspace, like many (but not all) TSR adventure modules, was sold with a poster. Once this module comes out of its original srinkwrap, it is very easy for it to get separated from the poster. Not all sellers are D&D experts, so some of them don’t even realise they are selling incomplete D&D products. Check the seller’s description to make sure they have the poster that came with this adventure. If a seller does not specifically mention the poster, I suggest you contact them before handing over any cash.

The poster is numbered 9273XXXX0701 and has the text “The Skyrunner” and “The Hive” on it.


SJA1 Wildspace is an adventure module for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting using 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rules. You will need Spelljammer AD&D Adventures in Space (the boxed set containing the Spelljammer Campaign Setting) to tell you how wildspace and spelljamming is supposed to work in the game. Other Spelljammer products may also be helpful, especially if you want to continue the adventures in space after the end of this story.

To understand the 2nd edition AD&D rules you need the 2nd Edition Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide. (TSR produced a revised version of the 2nd edition rules, and you could use the revised versions of the Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide instead.)

If you don’t have all of these books, you may be able to get some limited use out of SJA1 Wildspace. The adventure starts on a normal “groundling” world, so it would be possible to use it as a one-shot trip into space, and bring the adventure back to the ground at the end of the story. This would allow you to work the adventure into any other D&D campaign setting…or any non-D&D campaign setting.

The same applies to the rules. While designed for 2nd edition D&D, it could be converted to other versions of D&D or even different fantasy RPG systems. 1st edition AD&D is fairly similar to 2nd edition, so that should be fairly easy to use. 3rd edition D&D is less similar, but fans have made conversions of some of the older D&D material and if you hunt around the Interwebs, you will find that much of the work is done for you.


When you get SJA1 Wildspace out of the shrinkwrap it actually splits into three parts:

  • The cover,
  • The poster and
  • The 64 page adventure book.

The cover has a fold out section at the back, with monster stats and has three pages of information about The Hive’s Mural’s.

The poster has deck plans for The Skyrunner and maps of The Hive.

The adventure booklet has everything else.

SJA1 Wildspace is designed to work for four to six players of levels 6 to 8. Continue reading