The Huntsman

Scorpion Ship
Built By: See below
Used Primarily By: See below
Tonnage: 60 tons
Hull Points: 60
Crew: 7
Maneuver Class: C
Landing-Land: Yes
Landing-Water: No
Armor Rating: 5
Saves As: Metal
Power Type: Special
Ship’s Rating: 4
Standard Armament:
2 Ram Claws (Crew: None)
1 Heavy Ballista (Crew: None)
1 Heavy Catapult (Crew 5)
Cargo: 12 ton
Keel Length: 75’
Beam Length: 20’The Huntsman is a spelljammer built in a fashion similar to the scorpion ships favored by ancient orcs. The overall layout is unchanged, although it has many enchantments that make it unique from other scorpion ships. It was probably built twelve hundred years ago on a backwater orc world or moon, and saw action during the First Unhuman Wars. It was defeated in battle sometime after the Battle of Kule and left a drifting wreck until it was claimed five years ago by its current owner, the Dizantar Xinnix.

The Huntsman has one purpose: to seek out members of the elusive race known as the Arcane. It has no other purpose or function. To this end, the Huntsman has been somewhat successful, having claimed the lives of three Arcane. Their skulls now decorate Xinnix’s private cabin. The Huntsman has gained such a reputation that the Arcane have sponsored four separate expeditions to hunt down and slay Xinnix. Thus far, he has either eluded his pursuers or left them as so much flotsam in his wake.
Unlike standard Dizantar, Xinnix does not work alone. He has a loyal crew of tielflings, automations, and baatezu. How he secured the services of these devilish henchmen is not known, but they follow his orders without question or hesitation.
The atmosphere of the Huntsman is usually considered ‘fouled’, due to the presence of the hell hounds aboard. This does not affect the crew at all, and Xinnix finds it advantageous to keep his atmosphere in a state that hampers the humans and demi-humans the Arcane often hire as guards.
Due to enchantments put on the Huntsman (paid for by the sale of two helms Xinnix had captured), the ship maneuvers according to Xinnix’s will. Effectively, the ship has a crew requirement of 1. So long as Xinnix lives, the ship will respond to his command. However, as soon as he is slain, the enchantments that animate the ship and its weapons will be broken, and the Huntsman will revert back to a normal scorpion ship.
The details of the Huntsman are as follows.
Top Deck
1. Catapult: This heavy catapult +2 has been enchanted such that when a command word is spoken, a full crew of Unseen Servants will be summoned to operate the weapon. They will operate the catapult for 1 hour, loading and firing the weapon at the direction of the person who speaks the command word. The catapult can be used in this fashion three times per day. Behind the catapult is a pair of large, open crates with catapult stones within. Each crate has enough shot to fire the catapult 12 times, for a total of twenty-four shots.
2. Ratlines: These rope ladders allow access to the catapult on the scorpion’s tail. It takes 1 round to climb or descend the ratlines.
3. Ballista: The Huntsman carries a forward-firing heavy ballistae. This weapon is magically automated to reload itself. It is otherwise identical to a normal heavy ballistae. Next to the weapon is a large trunk with 30 large bolts; these feed into an automated system that reloads the weapon. On the other side of the weapon is a second trunk, locked by a Wizard Lock spell (cast at 14th level), which contains six special helmseeker bolts. Xinnix controls both the weapon and which ammunition it uses from his room in the bridge. During loading, Xinnix can choose which ammunition to use. He can also command the weapon to unload its bolt and return to a ‘rest’ state. Xinnix is the only creature that can open the Wizard Locked trunk.
Main Deck
4. Bridge: The head of the scorpion serves as the Huntsman’s bridge as well as Xinnix’s quarters. The room is bare, with only a simple, throne-like chair that Xinnix sits upon when commanding the ship and the skulls of three Arcane to decorate the walls. The throne might be mistaken for a spelljamming helm, but it is not. Xinnix uses a special Crown of the Stars to control the ship. The throne is simply a very uncomfortable chair made of black iron.
5. Crew Room: This room is typically empty. When Xinnix meets with the crew, he does so in this room. Adorning the walls next to the two doors are trophies the crew has collected over the years: the jaws of a void scavver, the claws of an umber hulk, the stuffed head of a human (once a famed privateer known as One-Eye Rogers, missing for three years), the banner of the Herald (a squidship that disappeared a year ago, carrying an Arcane dignitary), and Fyndbiter (an intelligent bastard sword +1, +3 vs evil creatures, INT 14, EGO , Detect Evil 3/day). Quist likes to hang out here and taunt Fyndbiter.
6. Crew Quarters: Due to the small size of the crew, their quarters aboard the Huntsman are unusually spacious for a scorpion ship. There are six berths, stacked three high, along the hull. In the middle of the room is a table bolted to the deck, with six chairs or stools around it. Each crewman has a bass-bound sea chest, stuffed with personal possessions (clothes, odd weapons, knick-knacks, torture devices, and the like). Each chest has 5-20 gp worth of personal possessions.
7. Locker: This small area has been converted into a torture chamber. In the back there is an iron maiden, and there are manacles on the wall to restrain any creature up to 10’ tall. There is a small cast iron oven to heat metal branding irons, and a number of other torture devices hang from the ceiling. Even when empty, this room faintly echoes with the screams of formers prisoners, begging for their lives or to be put out of their misery.
8. Claw Mechanics: The machines that control the Claw Rams are normally controlled from these switches and leavers. The Claw Rams of the Huntsman, however, have been animated to operate without crew, attacking by Xinnix’s silent will. They are otherwise normal Claw Rams.
Cargo Hold
9. Cargo Hold: The Huntsman has a small, cramped cargo hold. Since the ship transports no cargo for trade, the cargo hold is used instead to store provisions for the crew. There are several barrels with salted and preserved meat stored within, as well as a magical Barrel of Endless Salted Pork. The aft portion of the cargo hold has a pen for piglets and chickens, for when the crew hungers for fresher fare than salted meats. A barrel contains corn and seed used to feed the animals.
10. Ammunition/Bilges: These small rooms are used to store additional ammunition and treasure the Huntsman happens to carry. There are no doors to these rooms; if Xinnix needs to access these rooms, he simply uses his Dimension Door ability.
Port: Although Xinnix care not for gold or other treasure, he does keep some treasure on-hand to aid in his pursuit of Arcane. He also rewards his tiefling henchmen whenever they successfully locate and bring down an Arcane. This room contains two coffers and one trunk. None are locked. The first coffer contains 1,200 pp and 2,500 gp in various mints. The second coffer holds 50 various gemstones (value: 100 gp each). The trunk holds some magic items (<insert items here>). There is also a barrel with 30 bolts for the ballista, and large crates holding 10 catapult stones each.
Starboard: A single, elaborate-looking chest dominates the center of the room. This chest has a large lock on it, and glows with abjuration magic. This is all, of course, a ruse, as the chest is really a mimic, which Xinnix feeds on a monthly basis. Typically he feeds the mimic prisoners he wishes to dispose of, but on occasion he’ll feed the mimic the decapitated body of an Arcane, which the mimic finds especially delicious. Inside the mimic’s stomach is a Ring of Protection, +1. This magic item gives the mimic its aura of abjuration magic.
Mimic: AL N, HD 8, hp 50, AC 7, #AT 1, DMG 3-12, SA Glue, SD Camouflage, SZ L
11. Cargo Doors: The cargo doors of the Huntsman are locked from the inside by a stout metal bar. They are also Wizard Locked (14th level), with only Xinnix knowing the passphrase. The doors are rarely opened, and the hinges need oiling. Thus, the doors will be quite noisy when opened, alerting anyone aboard.

Written by Adam “Night Druid” Miller 

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