Crew of the Huntsman

Xinnix (dizantar): AL LE, HD 8, hp 65, AC -3, #AT 1, DMG 9-18, SA Spiked armor, SD Dimension door, MR 30%, SZ L
Possessions: Halberd +2, Rope of Entanglement, Beads of Force (3), Crown of the Stars
Xinnix appears as a typical dizantar. That is, a very tall humanoid completely encased in elaborate full plate armor. The only part where one can look into his armor is the eyeholes in his helmet, which only reveal a cold, empty void. Xinnix has only one goal: to slay Arcane. He rarely speaks to his crew; they are familiar enough with his orders that they can act without direction. He can communicate with them through silent telepathy, but when speaking to others, he speaks in a whispery voice. Unlike standard dizantar, Xinnix realized the value of a ship and crew, and entered into a bargain with a Pit Fiend to supply him with both. In exchange for treasure and magic items Xinnix would otherwise discard, the Pit Fiend provided a crew for Xinnix’s newly acquired ship, and keeps a squad of baatezu ready for Xinnix to call upon whenever necessary.

Xinnix is cold, calculating, and willing to kill, torture, and maim anyone that gets between him and his quarry. His actions are coldly and logical; should he discover the prisoner he captured does not have any useful information, he may set the prisoner loose. Or simply slay the prisoner so he cannot warn others to Xinnix’s presence. He does not kill for pleasure or reward, only if it brings him one step closer to sinking his halberd into the skull of an Arcane.
Xinnix’s Crown of the Stars appears to be a metal broach in the shape of a scorpion. It allows him to control the ship. It cannot be used with any other ship, and bestows upon the Huntsman a Ship’s Rating of 4. If defeated, the Broach may be taken and used by any character class, but the special enchantments that allow Xinnix unprecedented control over the ship and its weapons will be broken. It can only be used with the Huntsman and will lose all power if the two are separated by the Phlogiston.
Tiefling Crewmen
Due to the enchantments on the Huntsman that Xinnix has paid for, the ship requires no other crew than her captain. Xinnix does keep a handful of henchmen on hand to help him hunt down Arcane. All of his crewmen are tieflings, the descendants of Baatezu to whom Xinnix is aligned with. They act as his agents, sneaking into port to sniff out clues to the whereabouts of Arcane, and alter Xinnix of their findings.
Barougah (tiefling): AL LE, F6, hp 48, AC 3, #AT 3/2, DMG 2-11, STR 15. Were it not for his the pair of horns rising from his head and his slightly scaly skin, Barougah could pass as a large, strong human. Barougah is in charge of the catapult in battle. Although not strong by fiendish standards, he is a skilled marksman with the catapult. He wields a +1 bastard sword and wears chain armor +2. His father was a Cornugon.
Dru (tiefling): AL LE, T5, hp 21, AC 7, #AT 2/1, DMG 1-4/1-4, DEX 16, CHA 15. Dru is Khyri’s older sister, and is more mature. Her hair is comprised of snow white feathers. She is the ship’s navigator, possessing dozens of star charts. She is very skilled at her job. She possesses a magical bracer that, upon a flick of the wrist, creates a dagger that she can hurl at an opponent. The dagger will vanish after one round. While wearing the bracer she has a limitless supply of daggers to hurl. She wears leather armor.
Khyri (tiefling): AL LE, T4, hp 16, AC 4, #AT 1, DMG 1-6, DEX 17, CHA 17. Lithe and beautiful, Khyri can pass for a comely half-elf that would be equally at home in a fancy dinner or a brothel. She appears almost completely human, save for the shadow she casts has feathery wings. Khyri is skilled at information gathering, particularly through seduction and charms. She is a gifted linguist, able to speak and understand dozens of languages. Her mother was an Erinyes. Khyri wears leather armor and has a short sword for defense.
Phal (tiefling): AL LE, T6, hp 20, AC , #AT 1, DMG 1-6, DEX 18. At first glance, Phal is often mistaken for a halfling. However, his spiked tail (which he keeps hidden) betrays his fiendish ancestry. Phal is the most cowardly of Xinnix’s henchmen, always sulking in the shadows and refusing to fight unless he can easily put a knife in an opponent’s back and slip back into the shadows. Phal specializes in information gathering, particularly from the ‘bad’ parts of town.
Zark (tiefling): AL LE, W7, hp 15, AC 7, #AT 1, DMG 1-4, STR 15, INT 16, CHA 14. Zark is unmistakably fiendish, as he has a pair of leathery wings originating from his back. As a result, he rarely wears more than a vest to cover his muscular torso. He can hide his wings by folding them so that they appear to be a cloak upon his shoulders. Zark is Xinnix’s most experienced and reliable agent, charming his way into the halls of power on many worlds. He also doubles as Xinnix’s torturer, able to extract information from even the most loyal Arcane agent. Zark’s father was the Pit Fiend that sponsors Xinnix’s operation. Zark possesses a Ring of Possession +3. He has a bat familiar. Spellbook: Detect/Read Magic, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Shocking Grasp, Unseen Servant, Wizard Mark; Alter Self, Darkness 15’ Radius, ESP, Hypnotic Pattern, Locate Object, Pyrotechnics, Rope Trick; Clairvoyance, Dispel magic, Fireball, Monster Summoning I, Suggestion; Fear, Fire Charm, Fire Shield, Monster Summoning II, Polymorph Self.
Quist (Imp): AL LE, HD 2+2, #AT 1, DMG 1-4, SA poison, spells, SD invisibility, +1 or better or silver weapon to hit, regeneration, MR 25%, SZ T
Quist is an agent of the Nine Hells, assigned to Xinnix to ensure that his masters’ ‘investment’ is put to good use. Quist is Xinnix’s spy; he often sends Quist into port to see if he can learn of the whereabouts of Arcane. He is quite good at sniffing out any Arcane that might be visiting the port, and learning of their means of transportation. In addition to finding out about visiting Arcane, Quist knows a great deal about local dealings, such that he can blackmail key individuals into exposing Arcane for Xinnix to kill. When aboard ship, Quist makes use of several small gaps in the walls and floors to freely move about the ship.
Because of his extensive knowledge of the backdoor dealings in many ports, Quist has his own network of snitches, fences, and spies. Should Xinnix ever fail or fall in battle, Quist intends to set himself up a little smuggling operation. He would likely set up shop someplace like the Rock of Bral or another like port, living like a king while his henchmen do all of the work and he reaps the profit.
Baatezu (13 Barbazu): AL LE, HD 6+6, hp 42 each, AC 3, #AT 3 or 1, DMG 1-2/1-2/1-8 or 2-12 (weapon), SA Glaive, disease, battle frenzy, SD +1 weapon to hit, MR 30%, SZ M
Once per day, Xinnix can summon a squad of 13 barbazu to serve for 1 hour. They follow his orders without question or hesitation. They delight in engaging in combat and will mercilessly slaughter any they encounter. At the end of their time, they will vanish with a puff of smoke. They cannot be summoned while Xinnix and the Huntsman is in the phlogiston, so Xinnix will avoid battle until he reaches a crystal sphere.
Hell Hounds (2): AL LE, HD 7, hp 45 each, AC 4, #AT 1, DMG 1-10, SA breathe fire, SD surprised only 1-2 on d10, see invisible creatures 50% of the time, immune to fire
Xinnix has a pair of hell hounds as his personal hunting dogs. They are specially trained to not breathe fire while in the phlogiston. Xinnix uses them to detect and track Arcane that have used their invisibility ability.

Written by Adam “Night Druid” Miller


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