NPCs of Bral: Mordant the Lifter

Mordant is a near nine foot tall golem of burnished blued steel and bright phosphor bronze.  His helm has shimmering, reflective blue “eyes” and he weighs over 800 lbs. When he wishes, the helm can magically fold apart to reveal his human head inside, that of a huge, scarred, busted up looking warrior with a bald head. The truth is, he’s some strange blend of golem and man with no memory of how he came to be like this. He can do without air, food or water for up to two weeks, though he likes to eat and drink as much as any large man might, and he doesn’t produce any wastes.

He’s incredibly strong, tough and he’s not stupid though he plays up to being dumb for his own advantage. His D&D stats would be S22 D10 C23 I12 W16 Ch14 with abilities of a fighter; specialized in his fists that can do 1d10 bludgeoning damage; immune to electricity (electricity heals him 1 hp for every 3 it would do in damage;) and he’s fire resistant, ignoring the first 15 hp of any fire damage. He’s immune to poison and any form.of paralysis, petrification, polymorph, sleep and gets +4 save versus anything that could affect his mind or cause pain. He dislikes acid damage as he says it hurts so wears a ring of acid resistance. He keeps secret the fact he can spelljam as a minor helm with a 12th level caster.  This fact would suggest that he was created to be some kind of furnace golem or such. Since his head is actually surrounded by his golem shoulders, he can’t see behind himself without turning….or so he pretends; whoever made him knew this weakness and made him aware of what’s behind him within 60′ by echo location so he can see invisible or hidden enemies back there but has no.such advantage to the front, though he does have darkvision to 120′ when his helm is on. He does sleep a few hours at night, but needs less than normal folk.

On Bral he’s a well known celebrity of sorts. As part of a warning system to let folk know he’s coming through he has a few small bells fitted so their tones can be heard when he’s around.

Local kids are often found following him, enchanted by his size and kindess.  He often does shows of strength for them like squashing nails or lifting one up in his open hand.

Usually he’s with his friend and business partner, Nabb, a wizened little man of uncertain age, who has a crow on his shoulder named “Albert” that can do tricks, and often Nabb plays tunes, rather beautifully at that, on a squeeze box that produces unusually sweet sounds. Nabb was a bard but age and grief made him give up the life. Nabb’s wife, Molly is a baker and they treat Mordant like a (grown) son, and get on very well indeed. Nabb and Molley had son who.died in an accident on the docks some.years ago.

While Mordant is curious about his origins, he chose to let such be in case he stirs up who knows what troubles. His new nature doesnt seem to suffer from sexual desire, or so far, any romantic love needs, which is in ways comforting. He does like Friendships and platonic love very much. He and Nabb hawk his services around Bral, lifting heavy cargo on the docks, working like a trip-hammer for smiths and such like. The stevedores were worried he’d cut into their action but he works with whichever crew are on when he turns up and takes normal pay. Due to his resistant nature he’s helped out in fires and accidents, earning respect. He’s proven he’s no “berserk golem” to fear, though he did squash one scumbag he found running at him, covered in blood with a hatchet in his hand and a mob at his heels. Prince Andru remarked that it saved a trial for a rather sordid murder and it was certainly entertaining!

Mordant is quite happy to spend the rest of his days, which are many since he has a lifespan now of maybe 500 years as his body ages extremely slowly, here on Bral in simple work and life.Whether others will let him though may be another matter.

By Silverblade the Enchanter

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