Spelljammer 5E Conversion Project

Tim at the Wizards Community is looking for help in his Spelljammer 5E conversion project.  Check it out at the Wizards Forum: http://community.wizards.com/content/forum-topic/3743146.


2 comments on “Spelljammer 5E Conversion Project

  1. Wizards just let go of their forum, and I just found this after that.

    Does anyone have any current links to this conversion project? I want to help.

    • I don’t! But, if you go to this page on the Piazza gaming forums, you will find at least two threads related to SJ 5E: http://www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewforum.php?f=2&start=50. At the very least you’re guaranteed to find a whole bunch of other Spelljammer nerds (and yes, I have an account there too of course). 😉 Also, I will suggest to Big Mac and Night Druid (who moderate that board) that we start a new pinned topic for the 5E conversion project, since you are by no means the first one to ask! Does that help?

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