Captain Sable’s Logbook, Third-Month, 2015 SD

sablepiratequeenAhoy there, spacefarers!  Just a brief dispatch to tell you what’s been transpiring in the Known Spheres since my last.

You may have noticed a slowdown in the number of posts.  I have had a lot of personal events happen (fair and ill) and I have been dealing with matters of trade that have taken up much of my attention, so I just haven’t had as much time for this blog as I have in previous months.  Neither, I see, have any of the other staff members.  Perhaps it’s just a seasonal slowdown, but either way, I am afraid that I can no longer guarantee one post a day.

I have also surrendered the idea of a theme for the month.  The theme was intended to generate posts and ideas, but it never really caught fire.

I will still be passing along anything that crosses my path as I hear of it, but I have given up on maintaining the breakneck publication schedule that I was maintaining.  I hope you will forgive me and bear with us anyway.  We’re still the best all-in-one source for what’s happening in the World of Spelljammer!

A couple of things coming up:

Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Night Druid has created a handful of ship entries that I am overdue in posting; you’ll see those in the next couple of days or so.  He’s also working on a giant netbook of ship designs, having been spurred on by Paul “GM” Westermeyer, so when it’s done, you’ll have access!

Space News

There appears to be quite a lot going on in our real-world cosmos at the moment.  I get a lot of this sort of information and when I think it might have a bearing on your campaign worlds, I’ll pass it on to you.

Deryn Naythas

Unlike the rest of us, Deryn has been rather industrious and I’ll be sharing information from his blog with you as I receive it.

Keep looking to the stars!


Out with it then!

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