Some new spells

Fire geode (Evocation)

3rd level wizard spell

Components: SM

Casting time: 5

Range: 0

Area of effect: One geode

Duration: 1 round/ 3 levels

Saving roll: Half damage

Magical resistance: yes

Sensory effetcs: Visual +6

The principle of the amplifying geodes embedded offensive spells on a Spelljammer back to the dark ages. No one remembers what ancient people helped to develop this powerful tactical asset but for many species of the Pretendants age, it was the elves from the Sehonid system who spread the use of this kind of spells.
The Fire Geode is a variation among others using different primordial energies. It allows the mage to harmonize its essence with the structure of an embedded geode on a Spelljammer which grants metamagic effect on a fire spell. Most commonly, it is the range of the spell is affected, with a bonus of 150% in order to accomodate space distance.
For example, a 8th level mage invoking a Fireball (W3) after Geode Fire spell casts will benefit from an increased range allowing it to hit a target at 540m (216m x 150%).

Millenae transmigration

8th level wizard spell

Components: VSM

Casting time: 9

Range: Touch

Area of effect: One creature

Duration: Special

Saving roll: Annule

Magical resistance: Yes

Sensory effetcs: Earing +8

Powerful ancient spell, the millenae transmigration allow the mage to place a creature in stasis for a period of (mage level) x1d100 years. The body normally turn to dust but is reconstituted under the effect of certain astronomical conjunctions previously defined. The creature thus regenerated suffers a penalty of -6 Constitution and recovers this loss by 1d6 weeks.
But the most interesting about this is that the soul normaly transit via the Astral plane and appear in a ghostly form in the Outer Planes. His ways of interacting are limited but after a few years, he can communicate and manipulate objects. The risks are great to evolve and in this form, but many sorcerers during the Dark ages wore out the process in order to escape rivals, study with planar entities then go back generations later rule over their people. Note that divination magic can not perceive the presence of the disembodied entity under the effect of the Millenae transmigration.

Sluk great net (Summoning)

4th level wizard spell

Components: VSM

Casting time: 6

Range: 60m

Area of effect: 9m radius

Duration: 1d4 rounds/ level

Saving roll: no

Magical resistance: no

Sensory effetcs: Visual +6

Spatial algae known as Sluk have the ability to stop a Spelljammer run by developing into a highly resistant plant trap, immune to magic, except for cryomancie.
The mage can conjure a Sluk algae clumps of 1d10 x 10m², knowing that for every 1.5m², the trap can stop 5 ton of ship. Spelljammer in a space velocity suddenly goes into tactical speed, it must take 1d6 + 3 rounds to clear the hull of a vessel Sluk net, unlike natural varieties, summoned species does not reproduce.

Antropomorphic orbus (Necromancy)

4th level wizard spell

Components: VSM

Casting time: 8

Range: Touch

Area of effect: Une humanoid creature

Duration: Permanent

Saving roll: Negate

Magical resistance: Yes

Sensory effetcs: Visual +8

It is assumed that the Vodoni breeders were at the origin of this spell, at least to its rediscovery. The Anthropomorphic orbus spell transforms an ordinary humanoid in a nightmarish and pathetic creature. If his members can atrophy slightly, his skull was soon let hatch a pale and sticky enormous eye, tears his face now useless. The creature continues to live but in a vegetative state.
The interest of that spell lies in the fact that the victim is now a living Timon, identical to an Orbus beholder. It can provide 1 point of travel and move 5 tons of ship.
The life expectancy of such a creature is, fortunately for her particularly short, barely exceeding 1d4 weeks.


Out with it then!

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