Janardûn: The Psionic Lands

Kulan World Journal

Here is complete rework of the map for Janardûn. For those familiar with the CC2 version of this map, there are immediate differences. The river systems have been completely reworked and the island-continent’s terrain has been diversified.

It took me a long time to finalize the names of icons for this map. Note that there aren’t any names for Janardûn’s terrain, yet. At most, I’ve added new names for the most important islands and island groups. The islands names Welinmar and Zaladmaraul are new additions to the world, as are a few of the Utaran Isles.

The capital city of the Republic is the great city known as Alarân. The Republic controls most of the central and western lands of Janardûn. The eastern lands are wilder and more independent. The mountain ranges are generally out of the Republic’s control; the ogre mages and their thralls control most of the mountain…

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