Book Review: Torch of Freedom by David Weber & Eric Flint

Diane Morrison

Torch of Freedom (Honorverse: Wages of Sin, #2)Torch of Freedom by David Weber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I chewed through the Honorverse Saga over the last little while because a housemate is also reading the series, and I’m trying to keep ahead of him so that we can talk about it. So expect a lot of Honorverse reviews from me in the near future.

I find myself wondering at what Weber’s process was when writing this and the remainder of the series. I suspect he said to himself:

“Okay, I’ve got this huge George R.R. Martin-style saga to tell, but if I did it that way, I’d have a book so thick you could use it as a brick with a little mortar. Welp; I’m really telling three different stories, aren’t I? So which events fit into the three different stories? Story one: Honor’s perspective. Story two: Cachat and Zilwicki. Story three: Michelle Henke and…

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