Spelljammer on THAC0’s Hammer Podcast

The 2nd Edition podcast THAC0’s Hammer has a new episode covering Spelljammer, featuring me, AuldDragon, as a cohost. Give it a listen!


Mystaran Skyships in Spelljammer, Part VIII: Striking Hawk

This ship, the Light Heldanic Warbird, fits the best out of all the Mystaran Skyships into a Spelljammer campaign. It has a very evocative appearance, combining both elements of a seagoing vessel and a natural animal. Of all the ships that were in Champions of Mystara, this one (and the Schooner) are the ones I’d most likely add to the list of relatively common ships in wildspace. Continue reading

Wyrdon’s Wards

As the melting-pot of the Known Spheres, the Rock of Bral is an ideal place for unusual characters PCs might not ordinarily encounter in groundling campaigns. Presented here is a giant wizard who can be an antagonist or ally for a party of adventurers, and can easily slide between the two roles. Note that familiarity with the 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms product Giantcraft is helpful, but not necessary to use this character.

Continue reading

The Voidboars of Kurtulmak

During the Second Unhuman War, a variety of goblinoid groups joined the scro in their attacks on the elves and their allies. One such group was a military order of kobolds affiliated with the priesthood of Kurtulmak, an extension of one of the most common found on groundling worlds such as Oerth and Toril, called the Order of the Crushed Limb. Continue reading

The Languages of Wildspace, Part I

With the diversity of life throughout the spheres, it should not be surprising that there are a wide variety of languages spoken at the various ports of call. Of course, in any situation where communication is necessary for trade and diplomacy, specific languages quickly rise above others, and Known Space is no different. Continue reading

Mystaran Skyships in Spelljammer, Part IV: Gnomish Dirigible

The Oostdock Airship offered a number of challenges. As an airship, it is quite large, but with very limited usable space, and relatively fragile. This required some unusual statistics and features on the ship, although that should make this vessel a very interesting addition to a game. Continue reading