A Culinary Guide to The Arcane Inner Flow


By George “Loki” Williams

The author would like to thank Smu Anonymous, Eric Collins, David Shepheard, and Dreamer from the Spelljammer Mailing List, who contributed some of the dishes and ideas in this article.


          Well my Lord Finn, what will it be this evening? Would you fancy a nice juicy scavver steak marinated in Anadian butter and served with alight starfruit glaze?No? In that case might I recommend a house specialty, the baby puffer in garlic sauce? It’s a favorite of Elrohir Amroth, Captain of the Hanali’s Sword. – Dunia, serving girl at The White Galleon, Rock of Bral

   “I’ll bet I know how Celestian began his travels. He went somewhere once and discovered how wonderfully different food could be. Everywhere you go cooking is different. That’s why you will find the finest gourmands and gourmets here in The Burrows. No one has a finer appreciation of food than the halfling race, and here on the Rock we get to indulge. Everyone in the Arcane Inner Flow comes through the Rock sooner or later bringing new spices, ingredients and recipes with them. Here, try this delightful caviar I just had shipped in from Chandos.“ – Meredyn Sandyfoot (Underbaron of Bral) to Kaolin Moly Mu (a founder of House Seven Stars and Priestess of The Wandering God) over fine ale and a good pipe.

Part of the joy, and sometimes the unease, of traveling is the food you encounter. In this first of a series of article providing atmospheric details for DM’s I will share some of the standard fare characters in my Spelljammer games have come to expect.

Come and dine with us. From Rat On a Stick and raw chattur with the Scro to the expensive and dangerous Baby Puffer in Garlic Sauce served at the White Galleon on Bral.  If you are lucky you might get some cooking tips as well!

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Rock of Bral: Pathfinder Settlement Stats

Rock of BralThe Pathfinder rule system has a great approach to cities and other settlements. (Rules Here). Their stat block for settlements makes it much easier to determine what magic is for sale, how easy guards are to bribe, and much more. Properly used they can add a lot of depth to a game by introducing true, rules based differences to the communities your PCs travel through.

This is the Rock as used in my ongoing campaign series. The levels are a bit amped up from the original, but that is due to the higher average power levels of both Pathfinder and my home game.

Enjoy! – Loki 

The Rock of Bral
N metropolis

Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy+6; Law – 2; Lore +8; Society +3
Qualities notorious, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, magically attuned, academic
Danger +10

Government Autocracy- Prince Andru
Population 55,000 (31,000 humans (5,000 Shou); 5,000 halflings; 8,000 elves; 2,000 half-elves; 1,000 gnomes; 1,000 giff, 1,000 dracon, 1,000 lizardfolk, 500 xixchil, 500 hadozee, 500 grommam, 500 thri-kreen, 3,000 other)

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