Adventures in Arcane Space back Saturday – catch up now

Earlier this week we ran a story called Adventures in Arcane Space Spelljammer show launches on Twitch TV and posted a link to the a YouTube video.

But there is a second YouTube video, as episode 1 of the show was split into two parts. So here are both parts so that you can catch up.

Spelljammer: Adventures in Arcane Space: Episode 1







Spelljammer: Adventures in Arcane Space: Episode 2









You can watch the next show live on Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm EST.

Adventures in Arcane Space Spelljammer show launches on Twitch TV

Adventures In Arcane Space - AD&D 2nd Edition Spelljammer Campaign - Part 1Auld Dragon is one of the regulars over at the Spelljammer forum at The Piazza. He also has a YouTube channel, where he has been uploading Lets Play videos of D&D games for some time.

Last Saturday, at 12.00 noon EST, he broadcast the first episode of a new a live-streamed 2nd Edition AD&D Spelljammer game on his Twitch TV channel.

Called, Adventures in Arcane Space, the show features some of the viewers of Auld Dragon’s channel testing out Roll 20 for the first time.

Catch up on You Tube

The game stars oSpelljammer: Adventures in Arcane Space: Episode 1ff on The Rock of Bral, with the player characters being summoned to a drinking establishment, called The Rampant Lion, to meet with a mysterious stranger who is looking for some people to help him carry out a mission for The Seekers.

Adventures In Arcane Space – AD&D 2nd Edition Spelljammer Campaign – Part 1

Here is Auld Dragon’s description from YouTube:


Published on 6 Mar 2017

Welcome to Adventures in Arcane Space campaign, an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition Spelljammer campaign played on Roll20 with viewers from my channel!

Session 1, streamed live at 12pm EST/5pm UTC on March 4th, 2017 over at

The Party consists of:
Cadet Higgimus, a giff fighter.
Braxon, a human fighter.
Yeldin, an elf ranger.
Lafdul, an elf mischiefmaker/thief.
Xanfyr, a half-elf invoker.
Levalithana, an elf wild mage.

See Episode 2 on Saturday

Don’t forget that Episode 2 will be broadcasting live this forthcoming Saturday, from 12.00 noon to 4pm EST, on Twitch TV.


Breaking News: Toy Soldier Saga Mapping Project

The Toy Soldier Saga

Thanks to a talented artist at the Cartographer’s Guild, the worlds of the Toy Soldier Saga are finally getting mapped out!  vtsimz02 has kindly agreed to take on the massive project of mapping relevant crystal spheres, flowcharts, and sub-sections (for instance, he is working on a map of Selune’s Tears.)  He is already almost completed the first flowchart and information will be revealed as it is finalized, and included in links from the Chart Room page (as well as the novels where appropriate).  I can’t wait to share this with you so that you can get a clearer visual of the worlds featured in the novels!

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U is for Underdark

Jeff Grubb mentioned the Underdark, including that of the Rock of Bral, in a recent blog entry:

U is for Underdark

The Loxoth of Wildspace, Part I

Introduced in the second Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium Appendix (MC11), the loxo is an eight foot tall humanoid elephant with two trunks. They were introduced as spelljamming immigrants to the southern plains of Faerûn, but never received mention in any of the Spelljammer materials. This series of articles endeavors to change that, starting with a small enclave of loxoth (plural of loxo) on Bral. Continue reading

Start Your Spelljammer Game on…The Rock of Bral

There are a number of places where you could start a Spelljammer campaign, but the most obvious options from the original AD&D Adventures in Space boxed set is to start with one of the three campaign worlds that the Adventures in Space boxed set was built around (Krynn, Oerth or Toril) or to start from The Rock of Bral.

There are pros and cons to starting on The Rock of Bral:

  • Advantages: Your player’s characters all start off as spacefarers and know a fair amount about how the SJ universe works. Plus you can get the players to build a theme which explains why they are together on The Rock.
  • Disadvantages: A lot of the adventure hooks suggested by various Spelljammer products are about getting the players up into space (and they are already there) so those hooks are less easy to use. A second issue is that official Spelljammer adventures are not designed for 1st Level characters.

I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, because starting your game on The Rock of Bral means that you can tie your PCs in with various NPCs on The Rock. (But if you don’t agree, wait a month or two and there may well be a follow-up article telling you how to Start Your Spelljammer Game on Krynn, Oerth, Toril or somewhere else.)

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Rumble on the Rock (Book Excerpt)

The elven wine came in three different varieties; a green elven summer wine, an Evereskan red, and a dry white that seemed to have come from somewhere in Greyspace.  Of the three, the summer wine was his personal favourite.  He brought those up first.  “I recommend this one,” he said to Luigi.  “We used to drink it back home.”  He coughed and cleared his throat.  Then he went back down and hauled up the ale.

“Set it in the empty spot,” Luigi instructed him.  In the meantime, the beholder had tossed some trash into the empty cask and he asked Shaundar to carry the full barrel that preceded it into the alley; which he did.

Shaundar saw the movement out of the corner of his eye at about the same time that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.  He put the stack of waste barrels between him and the intruders.  A small troupe of brightly-dressed street performers came into the alley; except that these so-called performers were armed with slings and belaying-pins.  There were two humans, a mustachioed man and a hatchet-faced woman; a gnome with a respectably tall red hat, a scowling halfling, and a half-elven youth with a pencil-thin mustache.  He resembled the human male somewhat.

“Good evening, Mr. Sunfall,” the man with the curly mustachios greeted him with a bow and a flourish.  “The Juggler, on behalf of her friend young Mr. Kullek, sends her regards.”  He grinned and they began to spread out, tapping their pins against their hands.

Kullek?  Who in the Demonweb was Kullek?  But the Juggler was a name he knew.  She was one of the four legendary Underbarons of Bral; a leader of a criminal syndicate that often included swindlers and con men, according to rumour.  He supposed that explained the performers’ outfits.  “Don’t do this to yourselves,” Shaundar sighed.  He had no urge to fight anyone; he was weary of death and bloodshed.  “If you’re here for the little punk I threw out of the bar last night, he’s not worth the effort.”

The mustachioed man’s grin widened.  “The Juggler takes the needs of her clients very seriously.”  Shaundar saw with an inward wince that he had mistaken Shaundar’s reluctance for fear.  They started moving towards him.

“To the Hells with this,” Shaundar said in disgust, waving a hand dismissively, and he turned to head out the other end of the alley.

“Please, one moment,” another voice chimed in, this one slightly accented.  Everyone was equally surprised to find the other way blocked by a pack of five Shou men with rolled-up shirt sleeves and tattoos completely coating the visible parts of their arms to the wrist.  Three were apparently unarmed and two had twin weapons that looked like some kind of billy clubs with handles so that they could be clutched against the long bones of the forearms.  One of the unarmed ones clasped his hands before him and made a perfunctory bow.  “Nai hao, konnichiwa, Mr. Sunfall.  We represent Mr. Ozamata, who offers protection services for the inhabitants of the Low City.  I understand you reneged on your agreement with your landlord?”  He was crisp and polite.

Shaundar groaned.  Mr. Ozamata was the head of the Shou Town criminal syndicate, the Yakuza.  They were a dangerous bunch.  The other guys probably just wanted to rough him up, but they might actually kill him.

“We were here first,” snapped the hatchet-faced woman to the tattooed Shous.

The Yakuza man smiled a bit more.  “I am sorry to disappoint the Juggler and to deprive you of your fee, but Mr. Ozamata has an image to uphold.  It would reflect very poorly on his business if he were to fail to provide the services he is paid for.”  Now the two groups began to keep watch on each other as well as Shaundar.

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Selection of Bral’s Taverns

by Paul Westermeyer

Low City
The Rockrat: One of the seediest and most dangerous dives on Bral. Theives and thugs frequent it, and it’s renowned for its ogre bouncer, Grinder.

Sign of the Black Bull: Known for mercenaries and assassins. It is a quiet place, few brawls here. The regulars are mostly retired veterans.

The Rampent Lion: Clean and cheap, but guests tend to disappear. Lots of new comers here, natives and sailors who dock often at Bral avoid it. Rumoured to sell guests to illithid slavers, but that’s never been proven.

The Crooked Square: Favored alehouse of the Shipwrights. A typical tavern, though weaponless brawls are common entertainment.

The Golden Brotherhood: A club that many Bralians consider simply a den of pirates. Members only allowed, and a member must sponsor you for membership (and then you must pass a brutal initiation). Rough, vicious sailors frequent this place for drink, sleep, and female company. Members of the Golden Brotherhood have a serpent twined dagger tatooed on their left forearm.

The Laughing Beholder: Run by Large Luigi, a beholder who sometimes sells information.

Middle City
The Raised Cup & The Broken Tankard: These taverns are relatively quiet, but each is known (by those who pay attention) to be favored by members of the Pragmatic Order of Thought.


The Edge: Known as the favored drinking hole of flamboyent space captains like Dirck of Wildspace, Pryessant, Elrohir Amroth, or even Lady Chaos herself (though she hasn’t been seen on Bral in quite a while). Because of this, the Edge is the fasionable place on Bral for the wealthy to come slumming (dangerous, colorful characters in a clean building with good wine 🙂 ). Con men, rogues, and professional duelists make their living here. It is perhaps the busiest tavern on Bral.

The White Galleon: Quiet, but has an Arcane who has rented the top floor for months and does his business here.

The Twisted Thumb: It is a dive that more properly belongs in the Low City.