Les Aventures éthériques – Navires en bouteilles!

Les voyages de Deryn Naythas

Kite city 4 par Artbytheo

Les anciens Reigar manipulaient les forces magiques de manière intuitive, leurs prodiges sont bien connus, mais les fléaux qu’ils déchaînèrent à travers les Sphères également. Une très ancienne légende mentionne l’existence d’un lieu étrange, connu sous le nom ancien de Nagamarra’tolanhra, l’Univers scellé dans le verre.

Etienne incarnera le Redoutable, un Valorien Enchanteur, Timonier-à-louer, en quête de connaissances mystiques à travers les Sphères Connues.

Valérie incarnera Mebd, une Halfeline Barde de la Sphère de Toralikis en quête de chants épiques à composer.

Mélissa incarnera Driga, une Runath Druidesse Vacuu cherchant à rétablir un certain équilibre à l’échelle cosmique.

Arnaud incarnera Amneth Kapumis, un Goshène Prêtre de Ptah en quête des mythiques Pyramides perdues entre les Sphères.

Les pjs viennent de faire escale sur les rives d’une mer aux eaux dorées, emplissant un profond cratère sur la face intérieure de la…

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Press Release: Starfinder – Pathfinder in Space!


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Legion Archon

On behalf of John Reyst of d20pfsrd.com, we are pleased to announce the upcoming product, entitled “Starfinder”, brought to you by myself, and George “Loki” Williams.

“Starfinder” will be a primary guide to plan and play adventures in space. Travel between worlds, fight space pirates, or become one yourself! Discover new alien species and use amazing feats to help you become a great spacefaring vessel captain if you choose! Customize your vessel to create the perfect vehicle to suit your playstyle.

John will be releasing more details as they become available on d20pfsrd.com, so visit the website or d20pfsrd.com’s Facebook page for more information!

Of course, we welcome your questions!

d20pfsrd.com is the 2010 & 2011 recipient of a Silver ENnie award and publisher of several series of products that are on sale now at Paizo.com and DriveThruRPG.

Follow the link below for more information and to ask questions:


A Complete History of the Elven Imperial Navy: Part 2 – Discovery of Krynnspace to Arcane Age

Elven Man-O-War Transparency by Silverblade the EnchanterBy Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Note – Adam has created a very detailed campaign setting. Much of this is based on canon material but much is his own creation. For those who follow the Toy Soldier Saga, I will be using some of this information among my “fanon” but by no means all of it. In particular, my thoughts on the early history of the origins and creation of the Navy are different.

Krynnspace Discovered

In -3,948 OC, world scouts discovered a mid-sized sphere that formed a rough triangle with Realmspace and Greyspace. It quickly became known as Krynnspace, after the primary inhabited planet of the sphere. The term “Radiant Triangle”, a reference to the Phlogiston Rivers that connect the spheres of Greyspace, Krynnspace, and Realmspace, start to come into use at this time.

Investigations revealed Krynnspace to be relatively young, with only two major civilizations. The native elves were busy building their civilization in the forests of Krynn and Zivilyn. Oddly, they worshipped their own deities and not those of the Seldarine. The native elves were soon welcomed into the Council of Elven Worlds. The other major civilization, the Ogres, would soon plague the Elven Fleet, not only in Krynnspace, but across the entire Radiant Triangle, and beyond.

Rise of the Ogres

The Ogres of Krynnspace were a tall, powerful race blessed with intelligence, beauty, and magical abilities. They built mighty kingdoms in the mountains of Krynn and Zivilyn, dominating much of those worlds. The ogres of Zivilyn were particularly skilled with magic, and by -3,901 OC, they had discovered Spelljamming and were already building ships to explore wildspace. They quickly established colonies on every major world of the sphere. Within a century, they dominated the wildspace of much of the Radiant Triangle much like the Elven Fleet does today.

Unlike the Elven Fleet, the ogres were avid slavers. Much of the glory of their empire was built upon the backs of slave labor. Although humans and demi-humans were the ogres’ favored slaves, they were happy to enslave every race they felt they could easily control.

The Elven Fleet skirmished frequently with the ogres, but never engaged them in outright war. For the next thousand years, both sides made use of Letters of Marque and privateers to wage a proxy war against each other’s merchant vessels. Neither desired a true war, as the risks far outweighed any potential gains.

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A Complete History of the Elven Imperial Navy: Part 1 – Foundation and Early History

Elven Man-O-War Transparency by Silverblade the EnchanterBy Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Note – Adam has created a very detailed campaign setting. Much of this is based on canon material but much is his own creation. For those who follow the Toy Soldier Saga, I will be using some of this information among my “fanon” but by no means all of it. In particular, my thoughts on the early history of the origins and creation of the Navy are different.

Origins of the Elves (As told by the Myth-Keepers of Lionheart)

In ages long forgotten, when the countless worlds of the Endless Spheres were new, the Seldarine set about shaping those worlds to their liking. They created the first sentient beings, spirits of nature bound by mortal vessels. They created the Minyaeldar, the First Elves. As they took their first steps on their now-mythical homeworld, they were taught the ways of magic by their creators. In time the Seldarine taught them much, and in gratitude the Minyaeldar dedicated their entire civilization to their divine creators.

The creation of the elves did not go unnoticed. Other gods came to know of the elves, and grew jealous. They rushed to create their own races to worship them. Yet none had the patience of the Seldarine. In their haste, their creations were flawed. Most flawed of all were the creations of Gruumsh the One Eye. He and the gods aligned with him created the Morionello Ash’hen, the Black Sons of the One Eye, the orcs. Where the elves were beautiful, the orcs were ugly. Where the elves devoted and loyal, orcs were treacherous, their loyalty bought by treasure or threats. Only in destruction and murder did the orcs excel. Shamed, Gruumsh angrily accused the Seldarine of tricking him, and vowed war upon them.

In the Heavenly realms, Gruumsh marched to the very gates of Arvandor. There he hurled insults upon the Seldarine, and invoked a challenge for one to meet him in a duel. The Seldarine were afraid, for in those days Gruumsh was unmatched in his strength and fighting ability. Only one of the Seldarine, the bravest and strongest of their number, took up his sword to meet Gruumsh on the battlefield. Corellon Larethian. Their battle became legendary, for the Godswar shook the planes with their battle. How long the war lasted, none could say. By the end, Corellon emerged as the leader of the Seldarine, his mate was cast into the Abyss for her treachery, and many deities had perished.

Most importantly, the Godswar scattered the Minyaeldar. Great portals opened before them with magic now forgotten. A Great Elven Diaspora scattered the elves to countless new worlds. On many worlds, they found waiting for them were the Eldar Serkearda, the Elves of the Blood and Earth. The Serkearda were born when the blood of Corellon had mixed with the tears of the Moon and the soil of the Earth. They had sprung up upon the many worlds the two gods had battled. On some worlds, they greeted their Minyaeldar as brothers, and upon others they were greeted as enemies.

As the elves rebuilt their shattered civilization, many Minyaeldar withdrew into remote mountain fortresses and enclaves. They came to be solemn and wise, and became the Gray Elves. Likewise, many Serkearda decided to forsake civilization and withdrew into their forest homes, and became Sylvan Elves, or Wood Elves. But many Minyaeldar and Serkearda did not withdraw, instead choosing to rebuild and intermarry. These became the High Elves.

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Living Ships of Spelljammer

Man-O-War Transparency by Silverblade the Enchanter. Used by permission.

The living ship is nothing new in science fiction.  Also known as bioships, we’ve been exposed to many of them in recent years.  From appearances in the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, to Babylon 5, to Farscape, LEXX, Dr. Who, Robotech, and Stargate, as well as a plethora of science fiction games and literature (shades of Starcraft, anyone?) we’ve seen quite a few, and they vary from cybernetic organisms, to animals, to plants, to insects. The first known appearance of a living ship in modern sci-fi literature was in a short story called “Specialist” by Robert Sheckley, which was published in 1953 in Galaxy Magazine.  In this story, different species in different parts of the Universe were supposed to function as different parts of a ship, and humans were intended to function as faster-than-light drives “Pushers.” Perhaps the idea spawned from the human tendency to assign personalities to inanimate objects.  Most of us name our cars or our computers and ascribe certain personality traits to them.  The living ship model fits nicely with the Spelljammer milieu since every ship in the Age of Sail had a name and a personality.  This article will explore some of the living ships particular to the Spelljammer setting and make suggestions to maximize enjoyment of these unique creatures in fantasy space.
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