The Inner Workings of Bionoids

A great discussion on how Bionoids work is on the Piazza!  Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!


Sanders, First Mate of the “Mindful Cutlass”

Sanders by Silverblade the Enchanter. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.

Sanders is a huge man, 6′ 6″, and his eerie,glowing sapphire eye and very observant presence make him a very intimidating person.
The magical eye was the result of a dreadful accident many years ago that could have taken his head off when a rope napped under heavy load, it still mashed his face and eye into pulp though.
He was lucky that a Xixichil surgeon was on board and saved his life, and gave him sight back. Those strange insect-beings have very peculiar ideas of aesthetics however, and always like to tinker…so the sapphire “eye” he grafted into Sander’s head not only lets him see, he can also see in the dark, judge a man’s soul for good or evil and give insights into a person or spot things others may not notice, very useful when dealing with crew and potential recruits.
Rendered in Maxwell.

by Silverblade the Enchanter


Captain Sable’s Logbook: Eleventh-Month, 2014 SD

sablepiratequeenAhoy there, me hearties!  I’m back in port now after my long journey, and I guess I’ll rest here for the stormy winter months.  There’s quite a lot going on in the spheres that are worthy of sharing.

This Month’s Theme: War in Space

In Canada, we call it Remembrance Day.  In Britain, it’s Armistice Day.  In the US, it’s Veteran’s Day.  Warfare is a part of our experience and we are honouring that this month.  If you want to submit your tales of great space battles, weapons of warfare, or battle ships, see our Submission Guidelines.

Ships of Mystara

AuldDragon continues his series on the ships of Mystara, adapted for the Spelljammer setting.

Toy Soldier Saga

The Toy Soldier Saga is still taking a hiatus during November due to another writing project which has demanded my immediate attention.  Sorry about that folks!

Silverblade the Enchanter

Most of us know him as a brilliantly talented artist and we use his work extensively throughout the fanzine, but he’s also applying his creative mind to character profiles, which we will be including.  We also have some new art of his to show you!

From the Vaults of Beyond the Moons

In the interests of the theme, we’ll be digging some stuff out of the vaults of the Beyond the Moons website, especially the work of Paul (GM) Westermeyer!

The Voyages of Deryn Naythas

Deryn continues to create his vast and involved spheres for our French-speaking Spelljammer fans!  We will occasionally post links to his vastly creative blog and he’ll be posting stuff for us as well.

Join us in our voyage through the stars!

By Sable Aradia, Managing Editor

In the Hands of the Enemy (Book Excerpt) * Trigger Warning

The following book excerpt contains scenes of graphic violence and torture.  Discretion is advised.

A door opened.  Shaundar tried to get a grip on himself at once; the last thing their captors needed to see was weakness.  His eyes blinked against the sudden brightness of the lantern in the corridor, but it was quickly blocked by an enormous silhouette.  Its owner was a scro; gray-skinned and huge, with arms like tree trunks.

“Ah, good, you’re awake,” the scro rumbled in a voice that sounded almost like a lion purring.  His unconscious echo of Yathar’s earlier remark was a little disturbing.  It was odd to hear the Espruar tongue in such a rough baritone voice.  “Maybe you’ll be more forthcoming than your friends.”  He grabbed Shaundar’s shirt and with one hand lifted him to his feet.  Shaundar was too weak to stand, however, and his leg startled him with the blinding jolt of pain it reported when his weight was put on it.  He made a noise that sounded to his own ears like the bleat of a goat.

Yathar was on his feet as well.  “He just came to a minute ago,” he was saying.  “He’s still not quite aware.  You should give him some time.”

The scro backhanded Yathar in the face as casually as one might swat an insect.  He crumpled backwards against the wall.  Shaundar noticed now a purple bruise all the way around Sylria’s left eye.  He imagined this scro punching her in the face the way he had just punched Yathar and his fists involuntarily tightened.

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By Any Other Name (Goblin Name Generator)

When role-playing in an Orcish environment, it often behooves the game master to have names for their goblin allies.  Below is a table designed to generate names for any goblin or hobgoblin PC or NPC.  Designed in the fashion of Owen KC Stevens’ By Any Other Name articles (dragon magazine #251, 260, 261, 262, 267), it should allow you to generate a name for any goblins, or hobgoblins, in your game.  To use the tables, roll a D20 and consult table one, then roll the appropriate number of percentile dice.

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