Weal or Woe (Book Excerpt)

Shaundar trained his glass on the approaching vessels; and then he saw something that froze his blood in his veins.  He uttered a curse that would have blistered paint.  “Bring ‘er about!  Get us out of here!   Max tactical!” he howled, limping over to the mainsail to begin tacking.  “Dammit, Trevan!  Grimmauld!  Help me!”

Trevan just stared at him for a few long moments.  “Have you gone completely insane?!” he exploded at last.  “How are we going to get rescued if we run away?”

“That’s no rescuer,” he moaned.  “They’re flying the flag of the illithid.  Mind flayers!” Continue reading

L’Empire Lointain

Les voyages de Deryn Naythas

Alien ship with tentacles wallpaper

Les trois Sphères de cristal rassemblées sous la dénomination d’Empire Lointain sont des orbes difficiles d’accès, éloignés des grands courants éthériques et au sein desquels s’amassent de terribles et effroyables forces anormales, en mesure de distordre la réalité.

Liées au Royaume Lointain, une dimension où règnent d’épouvantables entités cosmiques, ce fameux empire est un grouillement de vie en perpétuelle expansion, mais les entités qui prolifères en ces lieux n’a aucun lien avec la Vie comme elle est connue au sein du Plan Matériel Primaire.

La désignation même d’Empire Lointain est source de contradictions, elle place en effet le Cilice sur un trône fait de corps hurlants, tandis que de nombreux sages estiment que ce sont les Seigneurs de l’Horizon qui règnent sans partage en ces lieux maudits. Tous ont tort, tous ont raison. Celui qui était autrefois connu sous le nom d’Archidiacre Theopharilius VIII règne bien sur ce qui…

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Voidjammer: The Thulid Nations

The Thulid Nations comprise a number of types of creatures that are somehow part of a greater species. These creatures do not share the particulars concerning their species beyond reassurances that they are of one race, and allied in a greater nation. The differing types of Thulid include Mind Eaters, Neothelids, Neh‐thalggus, Half-Thulids and related subspecies.
The Thulids are a major race in space. They have their own navies and colonies, and engage in brisk trade with everyone, including the neogi. Their success in space gives cause for concern, since on the ground they are mostly creatures of the deep underdark, light-hating and rarely seen by men. The nautiloid is the most common mind flayer craft in operation, though they use a variety of human-built ships modified to their needs. With the introduction of the pool helms, larger mind flayer craft may be on the way.
Thulids in space may be neutral (non-evil) in alignment, though tales of a lawful good mind eater are just so much space dust. Thulids engaging in deals with other thinking creatures make a point of eating only the brains of criminals and brain mold. In those rare areas where there is a thulid enclave near a human settlement, there is usually a brisk brain-trade business.
Thulid colonies are often found in asteroids, in the underdark or on worlds relatively far from a spheres sun(s). Planets and moons in the Cool Orbital Zone of a Crystal Sphere (solar system) are attractive to Thulid colonists, who use their grasp of strange technologies and planar gates to make otherwise uninhabitable worlds livable. Such colonies are often dark, wet and cool, but liveable. A sizeable slave population is always present on Thulid colonies.

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The Voidboars of Kurtulmak

During the Second Unhuman War, a variety of goblinoid groups joined the scro in their attacks on the elves and their allies. One such group was a military order of kobolds affiliated with the priesthood of Kurtulmak, an extension of one of the most common found on groundling worlds such as Oerth and Toril, called the Order of the Crushed Limb. Continue reading

Voidjammer: Blueskins!

The Blueskins of Wildspace are a widespread and varied race. They all possess blue or bluish colored skin, vivid eye-color, and features that are usually considered attractive to humans, elves and halflings. All blueskins share a natural skill with magic and arcane sciences, and so are amongst the most renowned magic-users and scientists in the Known Spheres. Blueskin ears naturally come to a point and continue to grow over their entire lives, potentially becoming quite large (and even bat-like in some cases). Most Blueskins trim their ears regularly, some allowing only a moderate point while others keep them rounded like human ears.

Blueskins  are graceful and slim, and stand about 5 to 6 feet tall. They count as medium-sized creatures and have a base movement rate of 40 feet per round. They have darkvision to a range of 120 feet and have a knack for picking pockets and trickery.
Blueskin’s lithe form gives it a bonus of one point to its starting dexterity score. Their silver tongues also give them a one point bonus to their starting charisma score. Unfortunately, they lack in muscle mass and must deduct one point from their starting strength score. These ability modifications cannot increase a score above 18 or reduce it below 3.

Blueskins enjoy a +3 save vs. cold and cold spells. They have a +2 bonus to save vs. magic, and can see magical auras (per the detect magic spell). They enjoy a +1 bonus to hit with daggers and darts.

Blueskins speak Common and Drule (see below). They might also speak Celestial, Infernal, Elvish, Orc, Sylvan and Dragon.
Blueskins can multi-class as assassin/magic-users, cleric/scientists, cleric/sorcerers, leech/sorcerers, sorcerer/thieves or sorcerer/fighters.
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Scrospace (Dukagshspace)

The following is a brief description of Scrospace, called Dukagshspace by its inhabitants, from my Toy Soldier Saga website:

Home sphere of the Scro Empire; burial site of Dukagsh, founder of the scro race, for whom the principle world of the sphere is named.  Our campaign had free license to do whatever we liked with this sphere, since the canon sources have limited themselves to describing Dukagsh as “a harsh world,” and explaining that the tomb of legendary hero Dukagsh is fixed in a stationary orbit around the planet Dukagsh’s North Pole.  Even fan material rarely mentions it; only a novel series called “The Bri’kerzz Sweep” touches on it at all, describing the destruction of Dukagsh’s Tomb by the protagonist’s ship, and there is nothing on the sphere’s statistics itself.  Hence, we were free to engage in full-fledged flights of fancy.  This sphere is the primary location of the events of “Brothers in Arms.”

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