Rielun Revised

This world map shows the primary campaign world, Rielun, within my Spelljammer Gone Wild steampunk cosmology for D&D v.3.5. The map was created using the free version of a program called Hexographer.

You can read about the world’s prehistory here.

Spelljammer Gone Wild

While I had completed this map in Hexographer some time ago, I never got around to sharing it on here. This is now the official Time of Ages campaign setting map from which all others will be created.

Direct link to map.

World of Rielun The primary world for my Time of Ages 3E campaign setting set in my Steampunk Spelljammer cosmology.

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Kuaj-Pyoroon, les mines okilonn

Les voyages de Deryn Naythas

Planets & Asteroids wallpaper

Type de monde : Planétoïdes rocheux

Taille : Un de Taille C, dix-sept de Taille B

Echappée : 3 rounds

Rotation : Aucune

Révolution : 1 122 jours

Lunes : Aucune

Population : 96 487 Syndarheem, 69 547 Okilonn

Trame magique : Vacuu resserrée, magie divine dominante

Si la région est bien une ceinture d’astéroïdes s’étirant sur une large ellipse autour du Vortex, Kuaj-Pyoroon est plus communément le nom donné au plus gros planétoïde connu dans le système de Dreyk. Monde aux dimensions modestes, il n’en reste pas moins un domaine convoité, où une certaine gravité assure le développement des peuples séjournant à sa surface.

L’influence du Vortex est atténuée par la distance, mais une flore singulière s’est néanmoins développée dans les entrailles de Kuaj-Pyoroon, offrant des lieux propices à la Vie. Certaines variétés coralliennes natives de Magim-Lahsaan ont pu s’adapter aux conditions souterraines et entretiennent une enveloppe d’air, cependant limité à cette…

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Sea of Stars RPG Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter

Sea of Stars RPG Campaign Sourcebook

Welcome to the Sea of Stars

The gods were thrown down and the world shattered into floating islands. The dragons now reign unchallenged under their Empress. It is a place of high magic and high adventure; where ghosts dance and trees sing, ships fly and books read their stories out loud. There are lands of secrets and mysteries; lost cities and forbidden knowledge, bound demons and dark magics.

Prepare yourself to venture out on the Sea of Stars. Explore a world of adventure without end, magic without limits, and dragons without fear.

Visit the Sea of Stars with this Adventure

For those new to the setting there is an adventure for 1st level Pathfinder characters:

Rogue Island

It is a short exploration themed adventure and includes an introduction to the Sea of Stars setting.

This Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise a minimum of $1350 to print these books for the ORL or Pathfinder systems.  More money pledged will make for bigger and better projects involving original art and more material.  They’re well on their way to the minimum goal.

Thanks to Dale “Xoriel” Norman, moderator of the Spelljammer Google+ Community, for cluing me on to this project!


Mecha in Time of Ages

Spelljammer Gone Wild

This image by deviantART artist Ignacio Bazán Lazcano would be how I would depict the steam mechs of the core worlds of SJGW’s Steampunk Spelljammer universe.

The steam mechs of the core are a little more mech and a little less magic. Such mechs are well taken care of by their handlers, although ages of warfare makes most steam mechs look less shiny. There is a darkness to how steam mechs are viewed in the core worlds. The constructs are seen as dangerous, dirty, and frightening even though they are required for the security of the Empire of Monarchs.

Steam mechs in the far reaches of the Aether (like those seen in Rielunspace) wouldn’t be as advanced as those near the core worlds. Such mechs are more magical than mechanic, and they are built for their aesthetics, especially by the Elven Flotillas. (imagine a Elven Warbird spelljammer morphed into…

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Spelljammer Wiki

If you would like to contribute to the Spelljammer Wiki, we would welcome your input!  Here is the link: http://spelljammer.wikia.com/wiki/Spelljammer_Wiki.  Please only include canon material, and site your sources.  Items without sources cited will just be removed.  Thanks for contributing to a great project!

Les Gnomes lunaires

Les voyages de Deryn Naythas

Gnome lunaire by derynnaythas

Le Gnome Lunaire se révèle être bien plus sédentaire que son cousin Ingénieur et comme son nom l’indique, il favorise l’établissement de petites communautés à la surface de lunes protégées par des mondes pleins de vie. Préférant les astres boisés, il est cependant possible de trouver des Gnomes Lunaires sur des lunes aquatiques ou glacées, ce peuple étant magique de nature et pouvant donc vivre en harmonie avec n’importe quel environnement.

Souvent harcelés par des peuples belliqueux, les Gnomes Lunaires ont apprit à s’attirer les faveurs de peuples comme les Giff ou les Syndarhaan, ils partagent ainsi leurs nombreuses ressources avec ces alliés et créent des liens durables avec eux. Ils ne voyagent guère au-delà de leur Sphère natale et favorisent plutôt les portails planaires et les Plans élémentaires d’où ils ramènent fréquemment d’incroyables connaissances bénéficiant à toute leur communauté.

Traits raciaux:

  • Caractéristiques: Un Lunaire possède un bonus…

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Voidjammer: Blueskins!

The Blueskins of Wildspace are a widespread and varied race. They all possess blue or bluish colored skin, vivid eye-color, and features that are usually considered attractive to humans, elves and halflings. All blueskins share a natural skill with magic and arcane sciences, and so are amongst the most renowned magic-users and scientists in the Known Spheres. Blueskin ears naturally come to a point and continue to grow over their entire lives, potentially becoming quite large (and even bat-like in some cases). Most Blueskins trim their ears regularly, some allowing only a moderate point while others keep them rounded like human ears.

Blueskins  are graceful and slim, and stand about 5 to 6 feet tall. They count as medium-sized creatures and have a base movement rate of 40 feet per round. They have darkvision to a range of 120 feet and have a knack for picking pockets and trickery.
Blueskin’s lithe form gives it a bonus of one point to its starting dexterity score. Their silver tongues also give them a one point bonus to their starting charisma score. Unfortunately, they lack in muscle mass and must deduct one point from their starting strength score. These ability modifications cannot increase a score above 18 or reduce it below 3.

Blueskins enjoy a +3 save vs. cold and cold spells. They have a +2 bonus to save vs. magic, and can see magical auras (per the detect magic spell). They enjoy a +1 bonus to hit with daggers and darts.

Blueskins speak Common and Drule (see below). They might also speak Celestial, Infernal, Elvish, Orc, Sylvan and Dragon.
Blueskins can multi-class as assassin/magic-users, cleric/scientists, cleric/sorcerers, leech/sorcerers, sorcerer/thieves or sorcerer/fighters.
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The Giff Sphere – The World of Garrison (II)

World type: Spherical rocky
Size: E (equatorial diameter of 12 844km)
Breakaway: 3 rounds
Rotation: 96 hours
Revolution: 1284 days
Moon: Barracks
Population: 8,458,227 Giff, 420,114 Silekh
Magic weaving: Cramped, divine magic dominant
Pantheon: Knappak
Garrison is a gigantic mountainous range extending from one pole to the other, and whose highest peaks rising to several thousand meters. Icy winds blow through deep gorges which develops a primitive fauna of giant reptiles. Number of mountains have huge cave systems through which flow rivers to raging currents, Garrison landscapes are breathtaking and never seem to be altered by the industrious Giff.
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