Jamal Carlson made his own Giff

Spelljammer fan, Jamal Calrson, contacted Wildspace to show us this awesome Giff miniature he made:

Giff by Jamal Carlson

The Giff is a modified a “02597: Mzima, Stone Golem” minature, designed by Jason Wiebe for Reaper Miniatures.

Here is  how the mini looked before Jamal started on it:

Reaper Miniatures: Mzima, Stone Golem

Have you built any Spelljammer miniatures? If you have, we would love to hear from you…and see your pictures.

3D artist Steven “Silverblade” James releases test Man-O-War mini

Spelljammer fan artist, Silverblade (Steven James), who was interviewed by Wildspace back in April this year, is known for his 3D spelljamming ship models, that he turns into the beautiful Spelljammer art that you can see on his website: Silverblade’s Suitcase.

Now Steven, has started on a totally different type of 3D model. Instead of a high quality model used to render amazing art, this is a solid 3D model designed to be taken to your local Print on Demand printshop, so that you can use it in your tabletop games.

Man-O-War Print on Demand model by Silverblade

Man-O-War Print on Demand model by Silverblade

The test model is an Elven Man-O-War. This is an artists impression of what the model will look like, with a coin shown for scale. The model has only just been created, and has not been printed yet. Now Silverblade is looking to get someone to do a test print for him, so he can see if the model prints as expected.

To find out more, and to download the files needed for 3D printing, see his Man-O-War 3D print 🙂 topic over at the Spelljammer forum at The Piazza.

And if you do print out your own Man-O-War mini, we would love to see pictures of what it looks like.

Silverblade also has high quality artwork for the same ship, which you can see on the Man-O-War page on Silverblade’s Suitcase. You might want to refer to those pictures when painting the mini.