Ideas for Adapting Spelljammer for 5th Edition

Here’s a really neat way of making Spelljamming work for 5th Edition, combining elements of classic Spelljammer, Shadow of the Spider Moon, and Dragonstar.  Sounds great!  Thanks, Cosmonomicon!

Legendary Planet: A Fantasy Space Kickstarter!

Legendary Games brings you an epic sword & planet adventure saga for Pathfinder and 5th Edition that takes you across the multiverse!

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Specialty Priests of Dukagsh

Between 1996 and 2000, TSR (and later WOTC) published an additional volume of Dragon Magazine, the Annuals. The very first one of these issues contained a brilliant article on the Scro by Roger Moore, covering the history of the race and ideas for using them in terrestrial campaigns. Included in the article was a full write-up for Dukagsh in the Faiths & Avatars format, and included details for Dukagsh’s specialty priest class, the Warpriest. Unfortunately, in my view, it was too constrained by some specific game details that I felt made little sense, like a level limit of 5, while standard orcs had a level limit of 9. In the article below, I present a modified version of the Warpriest more in line with other specialty priests, as well as a new specialty priest class of my own creation. Finally, I included some new spells for use by Dukagsh’s priests, regardless of class. Continue reading


New Spelljammer Tactical System

Spelljammer Tactical System by Aleksandar Vjestica. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.


A photo of Aleksander’s new tactical system in action on our traditional Spelljammer hex board.  Downloadable by clicking on the pic and checking the link.  Detailed sheet with explanations for the tokens and system is included.  Includes critical hit markers, fires, repairs, spellcasting, crew, morale, weapons, and more!