The Spelljammer® Fanzine is open to submissions by fans that relate directly, or indirectly, to the Spelljammer® fantasy universe.  We cannot currently offer financial compensation, but we are adamant about proper credit and we will certainly link to your website!

Items of interest include:

  • Art, including ships, settings, characters, maps
  • Characters – this includes original characters, PC or NPC, from your own campaign setting.  We are also willing to accept conversions to different editions of canon characters, or descriptions and profiles of them.
  • Campaign ideas and setting elements, but please explain how they directly relate to Spelljammer®
  • Designs for new planets, spaceports, settings and crystal spheres
  • Creature designs, or conversions to other editions
  • Magic items, spells and artifacts (original or conversions)
  • Original fiction with Spelljammer® connections
  • Alternative systems or dissertations on existing Spelljammer® subjects (ie. alternate helm designs, an explanation of how spelljamming navigation might work, and so forth)

We welcome submissions from any and all editions of Dungeons & Dragons®, as well as Hackmaster® and Pathfinder® systems (which have all published Spelljammer® products.)  We are also delighted to accept submissions in the Blood & Treasure®, World of Calidar®, or Dragonstar® systems.  And we’re pleased to accept adaptations of Spelljammer concepts translated into other game systems (like Rifts® or World of Darkness® maybe.)  We’re also happy to accept items of inspiration for Spelljammer® fans, like steampunk airship designs, book reviews on space opera or nautical fiction, historical studies of the working of a cannon . . . you get the idea.

What we are not interested in:

  • Reprints of anything from any of the previously-published books; period.  That’s a violation of copyright.
  • Things that are not your original work.  I’m sure your buddy draws great illithids, but get him to submit his art.  Otherwise, that’s a violation of copyright too.
  • Things that are not in some way related to Spelljammer®.  I’m sure your story about Skullport is excellent, but unless the characters are planning to leave Skullport in a spelljamming ship and that is relevant to the story, it’s not for us.  Sorry.

Please send your submissions to: or use the form below.  We should respond within a week or two.  Subject line should include “Spelljammer Fanzine Submission” with the proposed title of your work.  If you’re submitting for a theme then please include that in the subject line or first paragraph of the email as well.  Also include a short bio for artistic or creatively-written works (three to five lines, plus author image if possible.)  We prefer .doc or .rtf documents, single-spaced, with titles and headers, author name etc.  No .pdfs and no paper submissions please; art must be scanned and sent as an email attachment as a .jpg, .gif or .png file.  Any standard manuscript format is acceptable.  Preferred fonts: Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.

If submitting mp3s or videos, they must also be directly related to Spelljammer® and must be your original work.  Please send these as URLs that we can link to instead of attachments (they take up less room on the site.)

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us here:

See you in the stars!


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