Giff Brawler

Here is another great image that was shared in the Spelljammer Facebook Group. The artist, Claudio Pozas, originally posted on Facebook and as a public post on his Patreon. He has graciously allowed me to share the image here on the Spelljammer Fanzine. Below is his description from his Facebook post.

“Here’s the Giff Brawler, fully painted because Stan! said I had to! You can also see it at (, and my patrons got to see a step-by-step process of how this painting came together!”

He wanted me to make sure people know that the image, Milton the Brawler, is available as a print from his INPRNT Shop.

Giff Brawler
Giff Brawler

Jamal Carlson made his own Giff

Spelljammer fan, Jamal Calrson, contacted Wildspace to show us this awesome Giff miniature he made:

Giff by Jamal Carlson

The Giff is a modified a “02597: Mzima, Stone Golem” minature, designed by Jason Wiebe for Reaper Miniatures.

Here is  how the mini looked before Jamal started on it:

Reaper Miniatures: Mzima, Stone Golem

Have you built any Spelljammer miniatures? If you have, we would love to hear from you…and see your pictures.

The Giff Sphere – The World of Rempart (I)

Hercolubus or Red Planet

Formerly known as Treel name of Gnŭhŏŏm-naac, the Crystal Sphere currently under the authority of the Glorious Giff empire is a relatively small orb. Its outer surface is dark brown covered by reddish representations of all the species that lived on the worlds it houses. Some of these creatures have not existed for a long time, and some are completely unknown to Giff scholars. Several fragments of ancient stories mention the existence of a legendary Portal named Vakk, but it seems it opens once all the centuries. The main passage is guarded by the II and VI fleets of the Glorious Empire, nearly two hundred vessels in charge of threatening the most adventurous travelers with some warlike intentions.

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Giff Warmup

“Giff Warmup” by Aaron Siddall. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.


Check out Aaron’s DeviantArt site by clicking on the pic!  Aaron is also beginning a new campaign called “Voidjammer,” which is based on the original Spelljammer setting but uses the Blood and Treasure system!  You’ll find a link to his page in our Blogroll.