Sneak Peak: World of Calidar Map

Posted by Thorfinn Tait Cartography; copyright to him and to Bruce Heard for the World of Calidar.  This is a sneak peak and will likely be tweaked for the finished product, but we’re giving you a special look at the kind of things to expect!

Tall Ships and a Star To Steer By

Just in!  New release PDF netbook by Adam “Night Druid” Miller, HackJammer designer!

Tall Ships and a Star To Steer By

Featuring several spelljammer ships of his creation.  Enjoy!


The Sol System

Pluto needs to be updated, but!  Imagine the Spelljamming orrery!  Or the Celestial Astrolabe!


Dance of the Underworld: the Pluto Flyby

Dance of the Underworld: the Pluto Flyby.


The Latest on Pluto: Flyby Tomorrow!


Githyanki Pirate Ship!

Mike Schley originally shared:
A #DnD   #RPG  battle map showing Githyanki pirate ships locked in desperate battle? Yeah, we’ve got that now. Check it out and download the DM & player versions here.

Silverblade’s New Man-o-War


This Month’s Poll: Diesel LaForce, Spelljammer Cartographer

The following conversations was started in the Spelljammer Image Group:

You have done some excellent cartography over the years. The way that you have made each setting feel that it was mapped by different cartographers is especially clever. It is almost as if you make maps “in character”. smile emoticon

Thanks for everything that you did for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting. Do you remember what sort of things you thought about, when you created the style for them?

And, do you ever sell prints of any of your maps at conventions?

To which he replied recently:

Thanks so much for the praise. When creating different styles I look at other maps and illustrations as Well that might fit the feel of the product. Sometimes the writer or editor would ask for a specific look or feel and give me examples of what they are looking for. So there are a few different ways to come up with a map style.

I have not made prints of any maps. Not sure which ones of the thousands I have done would be desirable for gamers. I do sign a lot of maps at cons though.

Again thanks for the praise.

So the Spelljammer Image Group asked us: would we buy his maps if he made prints?  So I’m asking you in This Month’s Poll:


Epic Goodnight: Into the New World

Mix by Epic Music Vietnam (EpicMusicVN).

Artwork by RHADS.