Nightcrawlers of Wildspace: Orc Scorpionships


Scorpionship by Deryn Naythas. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.

~ From “Goblin Gear” by Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Though hardly the first of the so-called goblin-kin races to enter wildspace, orcs quickly became one of the most influential.  Larger and stronger than goblins and nearly as numerous, the orcs aggressively expanded their sphere of influence.  Before the Unhuman Wars, the orc scorpionship was an all-too common menace.  The elves destroyed nearly half of the orc fleets, and drove the remaining ships from the Known Spheres.

Orcs traveled in small fleets known as wolf packs, although a lone ship was not unheard of.  A wolf pack ranged from two to twelve ships and quite often was lead by the largest and craftiest orc in the fleet.  Loyalty came through fear and intimidation.  Orcs were notorious for going rogue due to infighting.

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