Press Release: Starfinder – Pathfinder in Space!


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Legion Archon

On behalf of John Reyst of, we are pleased to announce the upcoming product, entitled “Starfinder”, brought to you by myself, and George “Loki” Williams.

“Starfinder” will be a primary guide to plan and play adventures in space. Travel between worlds, fight space pirates, or become one yourself! Discover new alien species and use amazing feats to help you become a great spacefaring vessel captain if you choose! Customize your vessel to create the perfect vehicle to suit your playstyle.

John will be releasing more details as they become available on, so visit the website or’s Facebook page for more information!

Of course, we welcome your questions! is the 2010 & 2011 recipient of a Silver ENnie award and publisher of several series of products that are on sale now at and DriveThruRPG.

Follow the link below for more information and to ask questions:


Legendary Planet: A Fantasy Space Kickstarter!

Legendary Games brings you an epic sword & planet adventure saga for Pathfinder and 5th Edition that takes you across the multiverse!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

Sea of Stars RPG Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter

Sea of Stars RPG Campaign Sourcebook

Welcome to the Sea of Stars

The gods were thrown down and the world shattered into floating islands. The dragons now reign unchallenged under their Empress. It is a place of high magic and high adventure; where ghosts dance and trees sing, ships fly and books read their stories out loud. There are lands of secrets and mysteries; lost cities and forbidden knowledge, bound demons and dark magics.

Prepare yourself to venture out on the Sea of Stars. Explore a world of adventure without end, magic without limits, and dragons without fear.

Visit the Sea of Stars with this Adventure

For those new to the setting there is an adventure for 1st level Pathfinder characters:

Rogue Island

It is a short exploration themed adventure and includes an introduction to the Sea of Stars setting.

This Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise a minimum of $1350 to print these books for the ORL or Pathfinder systems.  More money pledged will make for bigger and better projects involving original art and more material.  They’re well on their way to the minimum goal.

Thanks to Dale “Xoriel” Norman, moderator of the Spelljammer Google+ Community, for cluing me on to this project!


Rock of Bral: Pathfinder Settlement Stats

Rock of BralThe Pathfinder rule system has a great approach to cities and other settlements. (Rules Here). Their stat block for settlements makes it much easier to determine what magic is for sale, how easy guards are to bribe, and much more. Properly used they can add a lot of depth to a game by introducing true, rules based differences to the communities your PCs travel through.

This is the Rock as used in my ongoing campaign series. The levels are a bit amped up from the original, but that is due to the higher average power levels of both Pathfinder and my home game.

Enjoy! – Loki 

The Rock of Bral
N metropolis

Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy+6; Law – 2; Lore +8; Society +3
Qualities notorious, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, magically attuned, academic
Danger +10

Government Autocracy- Prince Andru
Population 55,000 (31,000 humans (5,000 Shou); 5,000 halflings; 8,000 elves; 2,000 half-elves; 1,000 gnomes; 1,000 giff, 1,000 dracon, 1,000 lizardfolk, 500 xixchil, 500 hadozee, 500 grommam, 500 thri-kreen, 3,000 other)

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