Space Clouds Glitter Where Stars Are Born

Rainbow light and raw possibilities circulate outside of the crystal spheres.

The image was acquired as a part of Hi-GAL, a survey mapping the entire plane of the Milky Way in a wide range of infrared light that Herschel was specially designed to detect. The image above is just a small section of a larger version, which in itself is just 1/30th of the entire Hi-GAL survey.  For the science of how this was done, click on the image.

Here’s the rainbow river in full.  Click on the picture for the larger image.

Glowing Jewels in the Galactic Plane

Where is the Rock of Bral?

Written by Paul “GM” WestermeyerDocks of Bral by Silverblade the Enchanter

Reprinted from An “official” Spelljammer Guide to the Spheres by permission of the author.

The Rock of Bral presents a special problem for any Spelljammer sphere list that tries to focus on canon material, because the canon on Bral originally was that the DM could place it in any sphere. Bral was designed to be plugged into the DM’s home campaign with minimal fuss and bother. This is an admirable idea, and it worked very well for Spelljammer, SJR5 Rock of Bral is not only the very best of all the Spelljammer products, it is the only Spelljammer product which can stand with the very best AD&D products of all sorts. Bral doesn’t need to shirk from comparison with other top ranked city accessories such as Sargent’s The City of Greyhawk, Greenwood’s FR1 Waterdeep and the North, or even the hoary greats; Chaosium’s Thieves’ World boxed set or TSR’s Lankhmar: City of Adventure. If they did one thing right for Spelljammer, it was SJR5 Rock of Bral.

So, the canon answer to the question, “Where is the Rock of Bral?” is “Wherever the DM decides to place it.” But that’s not particularly helpful for this project, and it also ignores some later TSR work which does seem to place the Rock in specific spheres. The Rock appears directly in two fiction products. Roger E. Moore’s The Maelstrom’s Eye begins on the Rock of Bral, and in Spelljammer #9 ‘The Geas’ Jeff Grubb sets most of the action on the Rock of Bral. ‘The Geas’ has no sphere specific information, and has no impact on where the Rock is located. The Maelstrom’s Eye has a great deal of information on other worlds in the same sphere.

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