Spelljammer on Pintrest

Ahoy there, spacefarers!  I thought I would share a couple of fantastic Spelljammer-related Pintrest boards with you.

Spelljammer Settings on Pintrest by Bill Dodrill

Spelljammer Races by Bill Dodrill

Spelljammer Shared Board (Sable Aradia, Dale Norman, Silverblade the Enchanter, Deryn Naythas, Adam Miller, W Keith Baldwin IV)

NPCs of Bral: Mordant the Lifter

Mordant is a near nine foot tall golem of burnished blued steel and bright phosphor bronze.  His helm has shimmering, reflective blue “eyes” and he weighs over 800 lbs. When he wishes, the helm can magically fold apart to reveal his human head inside, that of a huge, scarred, busted up looking warrior with a bald head. The truth is, he’s some strange blend of golem and man with no memory of how he came to be like this. He can do without air, food or water for up to two weeks, though he likes to eat and drink as much as any large man might, and he doesn’t produce any wastes.

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NPCs of Bral: Maracheno a.k.a. “Spiker”, Head Foreman of the Dog Watch Stevedores

Maracheno is one of the head stevedors of the docks of Bral, he’s the Evening Foreman, for the shift he works.
A huge man who’s very dark, black skin is covered with the numerous scars he picked up from bar fights and as a mate on ships, usually privateers, and has very considerable experience of ship combat. The bottom half of his right ear is missing and the cut that took it left a huge scar almost to the corner of his mouth.
Scars from an alchemist fire bomb that hit his ship years ago left him only with patches of hair on his head, which he cuts very short, likewise he keeps a short beard.
Gravelly voiced, he’s an imposing figure and one well known on Bral.
Usually he wears steel studded and banded leather guards and bracers on his arms, and his favourite weapons are kept in the bracers: sort of a cross between a gimlet and a punch dagger his “spikes” are like thick arrow heads fixed at the end of a large gimlet, thus letting him do fearful punches, though mostly he uses them for cutting rope and testing cargo or whatever as needed.

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NPCs of Bral: Nan-Keto, Hired Killer and Troubleshooter

Nan-Keto’s name is well known on Bral, now, after setting up in the asteroid city as his base a few years ago.
Tall, wiry, very swarthy with short wavy glossy hair and a long drooping moustache, a scar that severed his left earlobe and curves down across his left cheek to the edge of his mouth, brilliant green eyes. He favours black leather jerkins over dark red silk shirts and dark trousers with black leather armoured thighs, knees and shins. Under his top clothes he wears a mithril chain shirt.  Usually he speaks with a slow, careful intensity and rarely if ever shouts, yet still can put the fear of death into men with quiet words and his absolute sincerity.

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NPCs of Bral: Captain Strekha, Pirate Hunter

Captain Strekha is a well known captain of a privateer ship who hunts pirates.

Originally from Greyhawk, her father fled with her to Realmspace when she was about 11, due to a vendetta with priests of Erythnul, who later managed to assassinate her father when she was about 15. Her father died about 18 years ago now.

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NPCs of Bral: Salehdour; Fence, Madam and Smuggler

Adult content warning – discretion advised.

Salehdour (Sah-leh-do-er) is seemingly, a dusky skinned woman of around 40, very voluptuous and sensually attractive. She runs an opulent brothel inside the Rock of Bral, in a salubrious area known well for it’s shady nature.
Some know her as a fence, dealing in items of neither high nor low value, and her minions dealing in cheaper items. her stable of ladies-of-the-night are pretty good looking, well cared for and do trade for better than average customers, such as shopkeepers, mates and senior hands on ships and the like.

Others, a very few, know she runs at a distant touch a lot of common types of smuggling, and her close associates deal with more prohibited and expensive cargoes from slaves to drugs.

But her truth is much darker….

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Wyrdon’s Wards

As the melting-pot of the Known Spheres, the Rock of Bral is an ideal place for unusual characters PCs might not ordinarily encounter in groundling campaigns. Presented here is a giant wizard who can be an antagonist or ally for a party of adventurers, and can easily slide between the two roles. Note that familiarity with the 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms product Giantcraft is helpful, but not necessary to use this character.

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