Rielun Revised

This world map shows the primary campaign world, Rielun, within my Spelljammer Gone Wild steampunk cosmology for D&D v.3.5. The map was created using the free version of a program called Hexographer.

You can read about the world’s prehistory here.

Spelljammer Gone Wild

While I had completed this map in Hexographer some time ago, I never got around to sharing it on here. This is now the official Time of Ages campaign setting map from which all others will be created.

Direct link to map.

World of Rielun The primary world for my Time of Ages 3E campaign setting set in my Steampunk Spelljammer cosmology.

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Mecha in Time of Ages

Spelljammer Gone Wild

This image by deviantART artist Ignacio Bazán Lazcano would be how I would depict the steam mechs of the core worlds of SJGW’s Steampunk Spelljammer universe.

The steam mechs of the core are a little more mech and a little less magic. Such mechs are well taken care of by their handlers, although ages of warfare makes most steam mechs look less shiny. There is a darkness to how steam mechs are viewed in the core worlds. The constructs are seen as dangerous, dirty, and frightening even though they are required for the security of the Empire of Monarchs.

Steam mechs in the far reaches of the Aether (like those seen in Rielunspace) wouldn’t be as advanced as those near the core worlds. Such mechs are more magical than mechanic, and they are built for their aesthetics, especially by the Elven Flotillas. (imagine a Elven Warbird spelljammer morphed into…

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What *Will* Those Gnomes Think of Next?

Flying minature giant space hamsters!

Copyright (c) 2014 by SkyPirate Creations. All rights reserved. Click on the picture for the Etsy site where you can get your own!

In all seriousness, these cool moving steampunk wings for your guinea pig are available from SkyPirate Creations for $82.24 Cnd.  You can get your own by clicking on the link!  Cool, huh?


Voidjammer Teaser

Sir Cogsly by Aaron Siddall. Copyright (c) 2014. Used by permission.


Aaron Siddall offers us a teaser of what to expect in the next little while on his Voidjammer campaign.  Click on Sir Cogsly to check out his article!