Homefront: Toy Soldier Saga Livestreamed Readings!

Livestreamed reading of Chapter 1 of Homefront, my Toy Soldier Saga novella, which appeared in the limited edition On the Horizon book bundle! The Toy Soldier Saga is derived from Spelljammer, though it removes all proprietary content and has now become its own thing.

Want the rest of the story? You can get it here or here, or you could sign up for my Patreon at the $2 a month plus level, which will give you the rest of the livestreams (and the archives.)  And it gives you access to my other livestreams and audiobooks as well!

I’ll be reading one chapter a day until they’re done.

Posting to Patreon: The Eye of the Storm (Toy Soldier Saga)

Hi all, Sable here!  This is my heads up that tomorrow I will be posting the completed and edited story, “The Eye of the Storm,” as a charged post for my Patrons at Patreon.  This is my Shaundar and Y’Anid elf-orc love story, for my Toy Soldier fans!  This is your one and only chance to get it if you want it without buying the Chasing Fireflies anthology!  Note that there may be some small changes in the story between now and the time it appears in the anthology.  Chasing Fireflies will be released July 1, 2017.  (Rated R for graphic sex.)

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Breaking News: Toy Soldier Saga Mapping Project

The Toy Soldier Saga

Thanks to a talented artist at the Cartographer’s Guild, the worlds of the Toy Soldier Saga are finally getting mapped out!  vtsimz02 has kindly agreed to take on the massive project of mapping relevant crystal spheres, flowcharts, and sub-sections (for instance, he is working on a map of Selune’s Tears.)  He is already almost completed the first flowchart and information will be revealed as it is finalized, and included in links from the Chart Room page (as well as the novels where appropriate).  I can’t wait to share this with you so that you can get a clearer visual of the worlds featured in the novels!

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Captain Sable’s Logbook: Twelfth-Month, 2014 SD

Ahoy there, me hearties!  The stormy winter is limiting travel in the sphere; but fortunately, we have a lot to keep us busy as we wait for spring.

This Month’s Theme: Worlds of Spelljammer

Share your starcharts!  Your maps!  Your ideas!  A spelljammer needs places to sail to.  If you want to give us yours, see our Submission Guidelines.

Jennell Jacquays

We are delighted to announce that Jennell Jacquays, iconic Spelljammer artist, has begun releasing digital reworkings of her art on her Facebook page, and has given us permission to share them!

Toy Soldier Saga

The Toy Soldier Saga is back online!  With NaNoWriMo behind me for 2014, I am back at work on Brothers in Arms. I’ll be adding things gradually to the new website over the course of the month as well.  There’s been a few updates at my blog; check it out!

Silverblade the Enchanter

Silverblade’s character profiles continue; along with some new art!

From the Vaults of Beyond the Moons

In the interests of the theme, we’ll be digging some stuff out of the vaults of the Beyond the Moons website.

The Voyages of Deryn Naythas

Deryn continues to create his vast and involved spheres for our French-speaking Spelljammer fans!  We will occasionally post links to his vastly creative blog and he’ll be posting stuff for us as well.

Spelljammer PDFs

Many of the classic Spelljammer books are being released on PDF; also, there are some blasts from the past that we will be sharing.

Cartographer’s Guild

There’s been some great work produced by the Cartographer’s Guild for Spelljammer charting and we’ll be sharing some of that with you as well!

Quite a lot going on this month!  Join us in our voyage through the stars!

By Sable Aradia, Managing Editor

Escape from Borka (Book Excerpt)

It was over.  The Champion of Clan Bloodfist looked over the flotsam and jetsam that had once been the greatest fleet in the history of the Scro Empire, shattered and broken like so many forgotten toys.  At least, they would be if the blood and body parts weren’t floating serenely between them.  His blood brother Corin, the clan leader, was no longer pouring blood from the wound in his throat where a stray shard of broken metal from their shattered rail had pierced it, but he was still unconscious and whether or not he would live or die remained very much anybody’s guess, especially since the healer was only Sarga’s acolyte.  Sarga was dead, killed when their primary helm was crushed by rough-hewn accelerator shot.  They were adrift in the Void, and all around them the noose tightened as the butterfly-shaped vessels of the Imperial Elven Navy Fleet, easily three times the numbers they had any reason to suspect, swarmed the outer limits of the shattered remains of Borka, prepared to pick them off if they dared to navigate the dangerous, oddly floating rocks and escape their deadly trap.

“Helm’s down, sir!” Thorgir, their Artillery Commander, bellowed too loudly through his ringing ears.  “Shall I get some straws?”

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Weal or Woe (Book Excerpt)

Shaundar trained his glass on the approaching vessels; and then he saw something that froze his blood in his veins.  He uttered a curse that would have blistered paint.  “Bring ‘er about!  Get us out of here!   Max tactical!” he howled, limping over to the mainsail to begin tacking.  “Dammit, Trevan!  Grimmauld!  Help me!”

Trevan just stared at him for a few long moments.  “Have you gone completely insane?!” he exploded at last.  “How are we going to get rescued if we run away?”

“That’s no rescuer,” he moaned.  “They’re flying the flag of the illithid.  Mind flayers!” Continue reading

Book Excerpt: Haunted

Shaundar and Yathar stood with Sylria on Queenie’s Castle Deck, smoking cigars together.  They’d stopped smoking pipes because it was just too time consuming to load and light, and a waste of perfectly good tobacco if they were suddenly called into action, which happened more and more frequently.  The cigars were cheap and slightly sour – the best they could generally do on their Lieutenant’s pay – but Shaundar was becoming almost affectionately attached to them.

Supply lines were becoming more strained, too.  Occasionally, the alu’quesst ration was being supplemented with the human creation of grog.  Shaundar was not fond of it and generally chose not to have his allotted taut when that was what was available.  But he didn’t complain.  Nobody did.  That was just what there was.

They were in orbit around the Karpri space station, along with the burnt-out hulks of a Scorpion and an Ogre Mammoth, and a Hammership that was technically a prize but would likely be pressed into Navy service, depriving them of their shares.  The prisoners – survivors, is more like it, Shaundar thought privately – were few enough to be kept comfortably in the Hammership’s hold.  They had been exceptionally meek.  This was making the Matey jumpy, but Shaundar had no doubt that it was no act.

The Karpri station showed recent signs of battle to go with its ancient scars from when the illithid had destroyed it just after the First Unhuman War.  Shaundar felt badly for it.  The starfly plants that comprised it seemed deeply saddened.  Or maybe he was just being maudlin.  He was not sure what had possessed the scro to decide to take it.  Surely they must have guessed that there would be a reason that the elves had not used it themselves, now that war had returned to Realmspace?

The Queen’s Dirk had been sent to stop them, and stop them they had, but by the time they had arrived, the enemy had already landed and all hands not actively manning the helm were forced to become a boarding party.  Shaundar shook his head to banish yesterday’s images of screaming and blood from his mind.  Ship battles could be brutal but they were rarely so personal.  He wondered how Yathar managed it, being a marine. Continue reading

Captain Sable’s Logbook: Tenth-Month, 2014 SD

sablepiratequeenAhoy there, me hearties!  I’m mid-voyage as I write this missive, and it’s difficult to send news home, so you may expect that my writings will be somewhat sparse this month.  However, I will do my best to keep you up to date on the going-ons in the Universe!

This Month’s Theme: Horrors of Spelljammer

What better way to celebrate All Hallows’ month than by writing about the creepiness of Spelljammer?  If you want to submit something to us, see our Submission Guidelines.

World of Calidar

Bruce Heard, with the aid of Thorfinn Tait Cartography, is almost ready to release his Spelljammer-inspired World of Calidar, which uses the Dungeon World system.  We will be posting updates throughout the month.


Aaron Siddall, master illustrator, continues his work on the Blood and Treasure system adaptation of Spelljammer, which he calls Voidjammer.  We’ll be posting updates from him throughout the month as well.

Ships of Mystara

AuldDragon continues his series on the ships of Mystara, adapted for the Spelljammer setting.

Toy Soldier Saga

The Toy Soldier Saga readings and likely writing updates is still taking a hiatus during my book tour for my non-fiction book, The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power.  When I return from that in October I will be heading right into National Novel Writing Month, which I may use to begin the fourth book in the series, Sweet Water & Light Laughter.  I’ll be posting more updates closer to the time!

Silverblade the Enchanter

Most of us know him as a brilliantly talented artist and we use his work extensively throughout the fanzine, but did you know that he’s also a fiction-writer?  He’ll be posting updates about his Spelljammer novella, “The Dark Heart of Shar,” and we’ll be keeping you informed!  He’s also been releasing some new art, which we will be featuring.


Sometime while I wasn’t looking this summer, DriveThruRPGs listed a couple old-new Spelljammer products on pdf!  We’ll be providing links to those so that you can get your own copies.

The Voyages of Deryn Naythas

Deryn continues to create his vast and involved spheres for our French-speaking Spelljammer fans!  We will occasionally post links to his vastly creative blog and he’ll be posting stuff for us as well!

Lots going on in the Wilds of Space this month!  Hope you’ll join us for the voyage!

By Sable Aradia, Managing Editor

In the Hands of the Enemy (Book Excerpt) * Trigger Warning

The following book excerpt contains scenes of graphic violence and torture.  Discretion is advised.

A door opened.  Shaundar tried to get a grip on himself at once; the last thing their captors needed to see was weakness.  His eyes blinked against the sudden brightness of the lantern in the corridor, but it was quickly blocked by an enormous silhouette.  Its owner was a scro; gray-skinned and huge, with arms like tree trunks.

“Ah, good, you’re awake,” the scro rumbled in a voice that sounded almost like a lion purring.  His unconscious echo of Yathar’s earlier remark was a little disturbing.  It was odd to hear the Espruar tongue in such a rough baritone voice.  “Maybe you’ll be more forthcoming than your friends.”  He grabbed Shaundar’s shirt and with one hand lifted him to his feet.  Shaundar was too weak to stand, however, and his leg startled him with the blinding jolt of pain it reported when his weight was put on it.  He made a noise that sounded to his own ears like the bleat of a goat.

Yathar was on his feet as well.  “He just came to a minute ago,” he was saying.  “He’s still not quite aware.  You should give him some time.”

The scro backhanded Yathar in the face as casually as one might swat an insect.  He crumpled backwards against the wall.  Shaundar noticed now a purple bruise all the way around Sylria’s left eye.  He imagined this scro punching her in the face the way he had just punched Yathar and his fists involuntarily tightened.

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A Star to Steer Her By


Well, I’m a fan of the genre, so I decided to try my hand at it. My first epic music mix, inspired by pirates, buccaneers, and the Spelljammer (r) setting for Dungeons & Dragons ™, which is probably my favourite all-time fantasy setting.

Track List:

00:00 West One Music – Galleons of Glory
00:32 Audiomachine – Lost Raiders
02:15 Mark Petrie – Jolly Rogers
03:23 Hans Zimmer – Skull and Crossbones
04:01 Ms. Cinematic – Pirate War
06:27 Two Steps from Hell – Wrath of the Sea
07:39 Veigar Margeirsson – Galleons Approaching
08:00 Veigar Margeirsson – Pirates
08:53 Veigar Margeirsson – Galleons Approaching
09:41 Two Steps from Hell – 1000 Ships of the Underworld
11:02 Immediate Music – All Hands on Deck
13:16 Two Steps from Hell – Armada
15:35 Two Steps from Hell – Sky Titans
16:54 Hans Zimmer – Bootstrap’s Bootstraps
17:53 Hans Zimmer – Blood Ritual
18:26 Auracle Music – High Seas
19:01 Brunuhville – Pirates of the Underworld
22:30 Immediate Music – The Black Pearl
23:25 Epic Score – Unfurled Sails
25:53 Two Steps from Hell – Ghost Brigades
27:25 Two Steps from Hell – Norwegian Pirate
30:08 Hans Zimmer – He’s a Pirate
31:16 Ms. Cinematic – Super Mega Pirate Action
32:17 Veigar Margeirsson – Pirates
33:00 Two Steps from Hell – Merchant Prince

Audiomachine’s Official Channel
Brunuhville’s Official Channel
Immediate Music’s Official Channel
Ms. Cinematic’s Official Channel
Two Steps from Hell’s Official Channel

Running Time: 34:25

Featuring the art of Silverblade the Enchanter and John “Paladine” Baxter.

Silverblade’s Images: 03:23, 04:15, 05:35, 05:55, 06:43, 08:12, 08:30, 09:06, 09:25, 09:57, 11:35, 13:31, 16:01, 16:20, 16:38, 17:15, 17:39, 18:42, 19:43, 20:02, 20:20, 20:57, 21:14, 21:33, 21:52, 22:11, 23:03, 24:40, 25:15, 26:05, 26:41, 27:00, 27:53, 29:01, 29:19, 30:18, 30:38, 30:56.

“Paladine’s” Images: 03:43, 07:53, 10:15, 10:33, 11:16, 11:54, 12:11, 18:00, 19:06, 19:27, 24:01, 24:20, 25:00, 25:55, 26:23, 28:42.

Other Images: Sable Aradia & “Paladine” 12:03 & 28:12, Robin Wood 04:34, xxelfrockgurlxx 13:49, unknown 06:12, 15:10, 23:43, 24:11, 24:28, (please email me if you know the artists so I can credit them appropriately.)

Animations/Cinematics Used:

Alunablue (channel at
Assassin’s Creed III
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Black Prophecy
Dungeons & Dragons
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EVE Online
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Hubble Space Telescope
Lineage II
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
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