The Voidboars of Kurtulmak

During the Second Unhuman War, a variety of goblinoid groups joined the scro in their attacks on the elves and their allies. One such group was a military order of kobolds affiliated with the priesthood of Kurtulmak, an extension of one of the most common found on groundling worlds such as Oerth and Toril, called the Order of the Crushed Limb.

A number of decades before the outbreak of the war, kobolds from the sphere Alrûnspace encountered a dohwar trader transporting a large herd of space swine. When they raided the ship and defeated the crew, they found the large breeding stock of, to their eyes, flying boars. They took them back to their homeworld and presented them in triumph to branch of Kurtulmak’s priesthood, a militant order of boar-cavalry warriors and priests. Through extensive breeding, experimentation, and training, they managed to turn the ordinarily good-natured swine into cruel and vicious beasts, more suited to the kobold style of warfare. It took considerable time to develop and train enough space swine, which they’ve taken to calling voidboars, to field in attacks outside their sphere. Appearing only late in the Second Unhuman War, a total of two ships were sighted and no record of their destruction exists, so it is believed that both are still out there. One was last seen in Greyspace, while the other one was last seen in Pathspace. While most of their attacks have been focused on gnomes, they have made raids on small elvish outposts and ships, and they’re quite happy to raid just about anyone else when in need of supplies.

Each ship is a fairly standard Angelship, modified slightly to have pens for their voidboars, and painted dark grey with orange highlights. The aft of the ship contains large doors for the boar cavalry to leave and return to the ship, and the top deck and cargo deck ceiling cargo doors are modified to open into ramps for ingress and egress. The majority of the cargo deck, with the exception of the wings, is reserved for the boar pens, as well as feed storage and other general stores. The medium ballistae are usually replaced with light catapults for added range and quicker shots, although the standard tactic is to close to within one hex of the enemy for the boar cavalry to launch and attack the ship’s crew directly. Each ship has at least a dozen mature boars (although they may have up to 20), and at least 30 kobolds. Of the crew, at least 12 are the captain and crew, and 15 are the warrior-priests who ride the boars. The rest are either priests or normal crew in varying numbers. If the ship has a death helm or a lifejammer, it will have a number of captives to power the helm as well.

Voidboars are an aggressive breed of space swine. This breeding has made them stronger, meaner, and more aggressive than standard space swine. Their coloration is a dull grey through black; any born in lighter tones are killed and eaten by the kobolds. They have the same attacks as normal space swine, including the charge, but like wild boars they continue to attack down to −7 hit points. If their rider is dismounted, the boars will defend their riders to the death. Voidboars are also intensely xenophobic, and are likely to attack any non-kobolds who approach them, making capture of survivng voidboars after a battle difficult.

Voidboars: INT semi; AL NE; AC 5; MV 9, Fl 12 (C); HD 4+4; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; SA Charging dive for 2d10 + 1d10 from horn; SD Continue fighting until down to −7 hp; SZ S; ML 11; XP 420; MC9 (modified).

Order of the Crushed Limb
The Order of the Crushed limb consists primarily of crusaders (Player’s Option: Spells & Magic or Faiths & Avatars), fighter/specialty priests (Described here), or fighter/clerics, with the captain of the ship being the highest level priest, usually around 7th. All members of the cavalry, including those on standby, will be priests of up to 5th level; some may double as helmsmen if the ship is powered by a minor or major helm. Most of the crew are standard kobolds or kobold fighters of up to 2nd level; all are sworn to the service of the order and Kurtulmak and are just as zealous as the priests.


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